A Special Man

Timothy D. Armour serves as director, chairman and CEO of the unique investment company known as Capital Group. He has faithfully devoted both his time and efforts into making this great company the pillar that it is becoming today. He has worked for Capital Group for over 33 years and was elected chairman in 2015.

“The Board of Directors of Capital Group, the home of American Funds and one of the world’s leading investment management firms, today announced the election of Tim Armour as Chairman of Capital Group. Tim is currently Chairman of Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company.”

Rob Lovelace and Phil Toledo are the other two top tier executive members of Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group. They respectively serve as president for these two unified divisions of the organization at large. Jim Rothenberg has served as the previous Chairman of the Board but passed away shortly before Mr. Armour took over the position, and he has done so quite well ever since.

Tim Armour was respected as a great leader and innovator for his company. The entire organization mourned his loss as one corporate whole. He will definitely be missed in years to come, but hopefully Mr. Armour has what it takes to take the investment management capital company to greater heights than it has ever gone before.

With new challenges and innovations, not to mention infinite possibilities, in the current world of technology, anything at all is possible. This is the firm mindset and structured corporate belief of both Mr. Armour and of his fellow executives. With a mindset such as this one, anyone can reach the stars. As a matter of fact, 2016 has held to be one of Capital Group’s and Capital Research and Management Company’s best years on record. Whatever they are doing, they must be doing it correctly.

Capital Group’s corporate headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, where its executive members likewise currently reside. The overall collective nature of the company’s talents is what has made it great over the last few decades. Mr. Armour notes the power of the entire team coming together to do some amazing things as far superior to that of the individual alone, even if it is him or anyone else. There is always greater power in numbers, and that’s one of the company values.

Water Testing Proves A Success For Squaw Valley Ski Resort

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been reporting its upgraded water supply system for the Upper Mountain region of the slopes and its routine water supply testing schedule have combined to identify a water quality issue caused by a major rain event. The October 2016 rain event was unexpectedly high and resulted in a number of identified problems for well water users across the Placer County region of California; Squaw Valley officials are rating their testing schedule and upgrades as a success as traces of E.Coli and Coliform were identified as being limited to four wells in the Upper Mountain area of the resort.


A speedy response to the water quality issue is also being praised by officials at Squaw Valley as the bacteria was identified long before any visitor was offered contaminated water, which made sure no illness has been identified as being caused by the contaminated water supply. Liesl Kenney of Squaw Valley has released a statement explaining both the problems affecting the Squaw Valley water supply and the fast response of a number of experts who have come together to reverse the problems with E.Coli and Coliform.


The response from Squaw Valley to the discovery of the contaminated water supply was to immediately inform officials from both Placer County and Squaw Valley Public District of the water issue and seek their advice. Squaw Valley has always been concerned with maintaining the quality of the water supply to the resort and particularly to the Upper Mountain regions of High Camp and Gold Coast; the need for safety has resulted in Squaw Valley bringing in independent water experts to help eradicate the contaminated water issue and make every area of the resort safe for guests to enjoy. In order to maintain the reputation of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort all restaurants in the Upper Mountain area will remain closed until all water supplies are returned to safe levels. So far three of the four affected wells have seen E.Coli removed and lowered levels of Coliform recorded.

MB2 Dental offers entrepreneurial approach to dentistry

Running any kind of business used to be simpler. Running a medical or dental practice has never been easy, but the 21st century has brought an abundance of specialized knowledge needs in the areas of human resources, payroll, compliance, legal issues, and marketing. Founding a dentistry practice requires much more than dental knowledge. Enter MB2 Dental, a dental practice management network that provides the necessary nuts and bolts to its affiliate dentists so they can focus on patients, not problems.


MB2 Dental founder, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a practicing dentist, saw the need for a company that would fill the administrative and legal needs while fostering doctor to doctor relationships. As Villanueva explained to Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye, MB2 focuses on creating and maintaining a progressive culture for employees and affiliate dentists. He has worked both as a sole practitioner and in corporate dentistry, and drew on the best of both to develop his entrepreneurial vision for MB2. It goes beyond administrative aid to help dentists progress in their field by offering mentoring, continuing education, and career growth opportunities. It encourages friendship between affiliate dentists by hosting bi-yearly owner’s retreats featuring activities like white-water rafting.


Its entrepreneurial approach to growing a successful dentistry and its strong focus on patient care has meant quick growth for the company. Founded in 2009, it now has more than 70 affiliated practices in six states: Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. One of the most attractive things about MB2 Dental is, unlike most managed care situations, it lets affiliates retain control of patient care and their practice’s standards of care. Affiliates “maintain 100 percent clinical autonomy,” says the company.


Villanueva draws from his experience building his own dental practice. His company provides the things he wishes he’d had early on and solves problems before they arise by providing ready-made infrastructure.


“I would have built infrastructure earlier vs. later. This decision is always difficult, as you’re struggling with “when” to add the next level of infrastructure,” he said, discussing his own practice’s development with Idea Mensch. “Building infrastructure before you think you need it is always good advice.”


Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival is a music festival that happens on a total of two separate weekends during spring. The music festival is held on Fyre Cay in the Exumas. Fyre Cay in the Exumas is a bunch of islands in the tropical Bahamas. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

Imagine being a ticket holder! Having a private plan sweeping you away to a tropical island getaway to enjoy music, art, water activities, amazing cuisine, yoga, and much much more.

Find yourself a beautiful lady or a handsome beast and enjoy ton’s of fun in the sun listening to music. Maybe you could get in some treasure hunting while in Fyre Cay, treasure left by famous pirates like Blackbeard or Pablo Escobar when they called the islands home!

Not to mention eating amazing cuisine to keep you fueled for tons and tons of adventure, culture, fun, music, art, and water activities. Learn more about Fyre Festival: http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/Fyre-Festival-Bahamas-Alessandra-Ambrosio-Bella-Hadid-Hailey-Baldwin

Just thinking of a getaway to a private island filled with adventure, music, food, sand, sun, and treasure sends my pulse racing at the possibilities that could await everyone. The musical entertainment has yet to be told, however they do keep in mind the wide range of genres that people love.

According to Bustle, the Fyre Festival is a journey into the amazing hideaway islands full of a strong history of pirates, treasure, sun, sand, music, and food so take a huge leap out of your comfort zone and snag your tickets to an adventure of a lifetime. You will thank yourself in the end after all the fun you have.

Discover The Benefits Of Long Lasting Makeup With A Leading Cosmetic Line

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of a popular cosmetic brand that caused her to be recognized as female entrepreneur of the year. Her unconventional way of thinking has led her to create an amazing assortment of colors and the first time manufacturer of a particular brand of cosmetics. Indeed, her line of makeup is long lasting and admired by the top celebrities in the industry. Her makeup is cruelty free and hypoallergenic causing it to be safe on the skin. Her rich colors causes women to be bold about their makeup choices while being completely unapologetic.


How Doe Deere Got Her Start?


As a child, Doe Deere would try on her mothers clothing and makeup. She was never satisfied with the dull boring colors of the late 90’s. Later, as a teenager in Russia she aspired to sell novelty tattoos to her friends, but first making them popular by wearing them herself. It wasn’t long before her friends would be buying temporary tattoos and they became very popular among her friends. Ironically, Deere got her marketing start at the tender age of thirteen. Shortly after, she would relocate to New York City.


The Birth Of Lime Crime


After staying in NYC for a while, she decided to join a rock band. She recalls the people that would show up for her events and extends her gratitude. She admits that a lot of her confidence in marketing came from the support that she received from her fans. She understood the value of having something that people admired and truly wanted to be a part of. She later left the band and married a soloist. However, design school sparked her creative talent and shortly after, Lime Crime was born.


Lime Crime is a velvetine matte and superfoil based cosmetic line that is completely waterproof. They have an exclusive line of eye shadows and lipstick products. Their rich line of products is 100% organic and easy on the skin. You can get bold colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Her rich line f delectable cosmetics allows you to be creative and make a statement with your makeup. Deere was amazed at how thousands of women were craving her color choices for a brighter, fuller look with their makeup. Visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for more details and promotional offers.

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Lori Senecal Contributions in the Advertising Industry

Lori Senecal is one of the women role models observed in the global leadership of advertising industry on Twitter. By 2015, she was 50 years old and one of the highest earning chief executive officers in the world. Currently, Lori serves as the Global Chief Executive Officer for Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CB+B). Through her efforts, she has seen the coordination, development, and growth of the operations of all the nine head offices of the institution. From the time she joined the global agency in 2015, Lori Senecal has offered the best leadership qualities by exploiting talents of different individuals in the advertising agency. Her efforts have made Advertising Age recognize her as the Agency Executives to watch in 2016. Moreover, Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) was recognized with an award as among the Creative Innovators of the Year 2016.

Her career path has been so vibrant, and as a result, she has worked with several firms globally. Initially, Lori Senecal was the global chief innovation officer for McCann World Group before been appointed as the president of the flagship New York of McCann Erickson. Lori later joined the KBS+ as the Chairperson and also the chief executive officer of the organization. Her performance proved to be the best as she saw the firm establish itself from a local company to a global business. Having started with an agency of only 250 persons, KBS+ would sprout to have about 900 individuals worldwide. As a result, the firm was awarded for three consecutive years as among the Standout Agencies by the Advertising Age on Salary.com. After some time, Lori Senecal left KBS+ and joined the MDC Partner Network. Here, she became the president and the chief executive officer with the sole aim of ensuring growth and stability of the operations in its network chains. It was after this that she joined the Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) as the global chief executive officer of all of her global head offices.

Lori Senecal abilities and interests fueled her to participate at the 3% Conference in New York. In this meeting, they discussed their experience as women leaders. Together with Colleen DeCourcy and Carla Harris who are from other agencies, they vividly described their challenges to be a woman leader in a world dominated by the males. However, she emphasized on the overwhelming support of her leadership by the majority of the men. Indeed, some men colleagues would argue how leadership was unique. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/business/lori-senecal-on-coaching-when-the-bar-is-high.html?_r=0

How And Why You Should Invest Safely With Gold

Find A Reputable Precious Metal Distributor

The first thing any serious gold investor needs before investing is to find a reliable gold investor. You’ll want to buy your gold from a private distributor, but you’ll want to make sure that private distributor is supplied by the American government. A great example is U.S Money Reserves This ensures the gold you receive meets the highest standards. You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars and find out your gold is tainted with impurities.



Look At Market Indications And Unpredictability

Financial markets are inherently unstable and difficult to predict. Share values may rise one day only to bottom out the next day. If you want something you can invest in to keep yourself safe from turbulence, you’ll want to consider gold. Precious metals are always highly valued, but recent market trends suggest upward trajectory. The last decade and a half have produced so many disastrous events interest in gold continues to grow. With the recent political shockers this year has produced there is a chance something might bring everything crashing down. Now is the time to invest in your future.



Consider A Gold Based Retirement Account

Right now the U.S Money Reserves is offering investors a chance to protect their retirement with a gold backed retirement account. Generally, when most people are looking to invest in their future they typically rely on a 401k account and the stock markets. The problem with this investment path is that markets fail all too often.
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Investing In Gold Is Invest In America

The advantage you get when you decide to invest in gold is the satisfaction of investing in your own country. The gold the U.S Money Reserve, a privately owned distributor, distributes is actually inspected by the American government. This insures that the gold you receive is absolutely authentic and free from any impurities. Some precious metal dealers may try to rip you off with imitation gold or gold of an inferior quality. When you invest in the U.S Money Reserve you will know for certain your property is genuine. Every bullion and coin available is made from the finest precious metals.