Philanthropic Works of Betsy Devos

Apart from the extensive philanthropic activities that the DeVos family has been taking part in several decades back, Betsy DeVos has involved herself in various philanthropic activities. This includes co-chairing in Betsy’s Family Foundation located in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the couple resides. The foundation’s contribution comprises a strong record of support for various learning institutions in Michigan. For instance, the foundation supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter high school that offers aviation programs that are located in Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids.Dick DeVos established the aviation school in 2010. Also, the foundation supports two privately owned learning institutions operated by the Potter’s House. The foundation offers a substantial financial support to the Education Freedom Fund, an organization that offers a scholarship for less privileged children to attend private schools.

Betsy DeVos’ efforts in the recent years demonstrate the way to school contributors have combined philanthropic and political to present their agenda to the press. On top of that, DeVos is s board member at FEE, which is an educational think tank that was established by ex-Governor of Florida and Jeb Bush who was once a presidential candidate. FEE is also managed by other prominent persons such as Charles Schwab, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and ex-Chancellor of New York City public schools Joel Klein.The DeVos Family Foundation’s donation is not restricted to school choice giving. The funds also channeled to supports health care and the arts. The foundation has been a primary supporter of ArtPrize, an art competition that takes place every year. DeVos also offers financial support to pediatric oncology at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.Evidently, there is a lot for education reform, and advocates and donors must love about the Trump’s appointee for the secretary for education post. However, it is not clear on the impact she will have in the role, where she is given the ESSA’s move to return the educational decision making to the state. What is certain is that the non-profits and donors with the desire to continue the growth of charter schools and other types of financial learning institution choices will have a confederate in Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos become the 11th US secretary of education once the US Senate confirmed her in February 2017. She has been taking part in education policy for almost three decades serving as an advocate for kids and voice for parents. DeVos has a great passion in reforms that assist unprivileged children in getting access to a quality education.Her interest in education was triggered at a tender age by her mother who served as a public school teacher. The interested developed even further when she took her kids to school. This helped her realize that not every child in America is entailed with equal opportunity to get a quality education.

Becoming A Lawyer in Brazil : Tips from Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Lawyers are some of the most prominent people in Brazil. Even when the industry seems to be overcrowded with hundreds of thousands of these professionals, the best always manage to stand out. One of the best lawyer in this country is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Through his illustrious career life, we can learn something about the requirements of a lawyer in Brazil.

Becoming a lawyer is Brazil, you first have to graduate with a five-year degree course. Your law degree should be from a reputable university or college. Acquiring your law degree is just the first step. You will need to go through a series of other requirements before you can become an established lawyer and more information click here.

After graduating, you need to seat for the BAR exam and pass. This is the only gate pass to allowing you practice as a licensed lawyer in Brazil. The BAR Exam is to determine whether you will be able to adequately represent your clients. Out of the 80 questions included in the exam, lawyer has to score more than 40 in the test. Only then can you be registered with the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. From there, you can pretty much start practicing law.


About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto, one of the most prominent lawyer in Brazil was born in the year 1963. He holds a law degree from the UniversidadePresbiteriana Mackenzie and a Business Administration degree from FAAP. When he completed his law degree, he sat for the BAR examination the same year and earned himself an AOB membership. Today, he is a member of both the AOB and the International BAR Association.

Having been in employment for some time and holding some senior most positions in various law firms, Tosto decided to quit employment and use the knowledge and experience he had to start his own company. In the year 1991, he and other like-minded people started Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Today, this is Brazil’s most respected and influential law firm and behind Tosto’s leadership, its clients are always happy and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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Doe Deere, a Dream Come True

We as humans all have a similar gift, and that is to dream. Whereas most people sit on their ideas, others work hard to achieve them. Doe Deere is the perfect example of a woman who amidst all odds has found a way of realizing her childhood dreams. With much success, Doe is the proud owner of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that has helped many women gain confidence in life. Due to her achievements, Doe has been forced by circumstances to adapt to a schedule that maximizes her efficiency each day. Doe Deere not only loves working but also spares enough time for a good night’s rest. It is at 8:30 am that Doe’s day starts and she engages in a quick workout session. Deere treasures these sessions mainly because they help her stretch her tendons and muscles readying her for the challenges ahead. She then takes a glass of water to keep her body hydrated. Hydration also keeps her skin moist and tender.

Shortly after, Doe goes to prepare herself a scrumptious breakfast. Many a time she prefers to feed on grits, but from time to time might substitute her favorite dish with a glass of yogurt, fruit salad, or fresh juice. As Doe unwinds on her day’s activities, she takes the time to communicate with members of her team through a custom company platform as they help her plan for the day. It is at this point that meetings are scheduled. Doe also takes the time to go through her emails and even responds accordingly. As it approaches 10 am, Doe rushes to the shower and takes a quick bath. Although the session involves a quick body wash, it is in the evenings that Deere prides herself in taking full baths.

Although Doe Deere cleans up incredibly well, she has learned to take the time to apply makeup. With a profound sense of fashion, Deere has makeup for regular and extraordinary occasions. For office meetings, Doe dresses up lightly and puts on a little makeup. However, a party or late night dinner calls for much preparation. For special occasions, Doe Deere spends close to an hour preparing, with the outcome being magnificent in nature. By 12 pm, Doe is in her office barking out orders to staff. Thanks to her excellent managerial skills, Lime Crime has been able to thrive. After going through a long day of meetings, Doe Deere sees it fit to leave for home. 6 pm is the exact time that Deere leaves her office and rushes home so as to take a full body bath. She then dries her hair, makes dinner, and heads to sleep. She then wakes up at 8:30 am the following morning, and the cycle continues day after day. By sparing time for her two cats in the morning, Doe has created a bond with the pets that can never get broken. Hence, Doe has adopted a daily routine that has contributed largely to her successes. It is a template that we can emulate to achieve greatness.

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Lori Senecal- The Most Powerful Women in the Advertising Agency Business

The fourth daughter of a shop owner and school teacher, Lori Senecal grew in a highly competitive environment, thus learned to fight for attention at an early age. Though a rather shy child, she participated in competitive gymnastics that focused on individual achievement, which saw her become a coach. Still not sure of her career ambitions, Lori joined Montreal’s McGill University to pursue a business major and specialized in marketing. After graduating, she joined Vickers & Benson agency in Toronto. The eventful agency life certainly pushed her out of her comfort zone, obliging her to develop social and performing skills that she didn’t possess. The presumed competitive background explains Lori’s current role as the global CEO of CP+B where she oversees the agency’s global progress and expansion and coordinates the company’s nine international offices. Lori joined the organization in 2015 and has so far, made a tremendous impact on the CP+B’s operations and culture, offering consistency in both local and global spheres. Check out Forbes to know more.

Tremendous Performance

Lori’s leadership and firm belief on nurturing talent have propelled the agency’s development and growth in different disciplines and across boundaries. In 2016, CP+B agency led the Advertising Age contest, winning an award as the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” while naming Senecal among the four agency executives to watch out for. The agency also clinched the Titanium Grand Prix for its outstanding work at Dominos during the Cannes Lions Festival. The previous year saw the organization win coveted business contracts with companies like Hershey, American Airlines, and PayPal.

Prior Achievement

Before joining CP+B, Lori worked as the global chairman and CEO of MDC Partner Network. Here, she was in charge of driving the company’s strategic vision and working with MDC’s partners to propel growth throughout the network. Her tenure at KBS as the CEO saw the company grow from a 250-manned agency to more than 900 people with international recognition as the best place to work in NYC. It also featured on Advertising Age’s list of Standout Agencies. Senecal has also worked as the global Chief of Innovation Officer for McCan Worldgroup before becoming the president of the New York office. In 2014, AdAge named Lori as the year’s Women to watch while the previous year saw her obtain a Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards.

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The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority And Mike Heiligenstein Are Working To Decrease Congested Roads

Traffic in Austin is expected to increase and requires a technical solution. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the agency who must find the solution. They had a toll road built in Leander and Cedar Park to deal with the growth in the communities by tripling the capacity of the roads.


The Mobility Authority is about innovation and the use of new technology to manage traffic. Congestion will never be entirely eliminated but commutes can be realistic. Even when rush hours causes most lanes to crawl, the express lane should still be moving at a decent pace.


Smart roads of the future are one possible solution. Fiber lanes will allow vehicles to speak to the infrastructure of the roads. The actual road will be able to detect a car going up an exit ramp in the wrong direction.


The Mobility Authority is working with a carpooling app called Carma to encourage commuters to carpool and a partnership with the Metropia app for mobile traffic to monitor traffic and improve the routes of commuters. Residents are being encouraged to pedal or walk whenever possible. Dedicated paths have been provided for bicycles and pedestrians.


One of the main causes of congestion is the consistent starting and stopping on roadways caused by breakdowns. When drivers are able to move again in a short period of time it eases congestion. Roadside assistance is being offered by a program with the Highway Emergency Response Operator.


The Mobility Authority does not have solutions for everything but they do have some. They tackle traffic and are accountable for the commute times on the roads.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s position of Executive Director is filled by Mike Heiligenstein. The Mobility Authority is a multimodal transportation agency and has been served by Mr. Heiligenstein since 2003. He has been responsible for overseeing their growth since they were a small transportation agency and continues to do so now that they are a national leader in the operations of toll roads.


During the time Mike Heiligenstein has worked for the agency they have developed their first toll road used cutting edge technologies to maximize its efficiency. This includes the use of electronic tolling and video billing. Mr. Heiligenstein is an advocate for facilities for pedestrians and bicycles. The Mobility Authority is currently managing a project for $1 million to extend a major toll road and working to complete the Manor Expressway.


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