Goettl Is Purchasing Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Conditioning Company recently announced their plan to have the ownership of a California based heating and air company called Walton’s. The family owned business has been going through an ownership transformation since 2015. Although the details of the transaction were withheld, it is clear that it was good business. The business deal allows the acquirer who is Goettl to fully control the business. This is instrumental to Walton’s growth as well as expansion given that Goettl is actively recognized in multiple regions like Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas as well as a big region in California. It therefore means that the transaction will play a huge role in expanding Walton’s territory. According to the owner of the firm Mr. Longbrake, Walton’s growth was an indication of the company’s legacy and commitment to serve the society.


In a speech to explain the nature of transfer of ownership, Longbrake stated that he had done his best in growing the company. He had grown the company business to a different level and that was the best he could do. When Goettl approached him for acquisition, he was reluctant hoping that he could grow the firm further. That was in early 2015 when the firm was doing exceptionally well. He however changed his mind after reading a lot of positive customer review from several clients. This was a clear sign that Goettl was committed to expanding its territory be extending its services. Ken Goodrich’s input also contributed to him changing his mind concerning the business. The business was virtually conducted in 2015 after ken Goodrich’s input.


Longbrake was recruited for an executive position at Goettl. This is because of his extensive experience in the field. Since he was also a leader at Walton, retaining him seemed like the best decision the company made. He took the positions of a sales manager in addition to being a field supervisor. As soon as he was appointed, Todd Longbrake became instrumental to the firm. He understands the managerial and sales activities of the company. In as much as the business deal was sealed two years ago, according to Biz Journals, there were loopholes that the management of Walton’s had to work on before the announcement.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning prides itself for being a market leader. Since it was founded in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has developed evaporative coolers as well as refrigerators to tackle issues that are related to severe desert temperatures. From then, the company has become a leading trusted name in the heating and Air Conditioning Company. Visit the company website at goettl.com.



Eric Lefkofsky and the Role of Tempus in Transforming Cancer Care Delivery

At some point in life, about 40% of adults in the United States face a cancer diagnosis. The National Cancer Institute shows that nearly 14.5 million adults in the U.S. lived with cancer in 2014 and the figure is anticipated to skyrocket to over 19 million by 2024. However, the prognosis is now looking better thanks to remarkable advances made by companies such as Tempus and read full article.

The development of electronic health records excited people and it appears like the healthcare sector is to some extent up to speed with the modern technology. Eric Lefkofsky never had slight experience with cancer until his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis. The gaping hole available in the field in terms of digital technology and data collection shocked him. Regardless of the numerous data amounts that are collected and generated about patients and treatments every day, there has never been a streamlined or effective way to corral that information and effectively use it.

This is where Tempus comes in. The company had an impressive and lofty goal to change cancer care delivery. It wanted to develop analysis software, but affordable and accessible medical and clinical data was a problem. It has now set up a platform that analyzes molecular and clinical data of a patient effectively and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Tempus also had to overcome the way important information about cancer patients is collected and stored. In most cases, this vital information is in physical notes commonly known as progress notes. Since these are free text fields, they are tricky to analyze and capture. Tempus came up with software that included optical character recognition capabilities and natural language processing. At long last, text fields with pertinent notes could be easily transformed into structured data and used in cancer treatment and care advancement and what Eric knows.


About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky doubles as the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. The company has developed an operating system to help battle cancer. Mr. Lefkofsky has also co-founded other successful companies including Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, and InnerWorkings among much more. He established a charitable private foundation in 2006 known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with the aim of advancing high-impact initiatives.

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Jose Henrique Borghi is Only Motivated by One Thing; Success

For many of us, all we know about advertising is that involves highly emotional campaigns. These campaigns are often funny or move us to tears. However, these cute campaigns need to deliver results. One advertising company that knows how to do both is Mullen Lowe Brazil. The company has over the past few years developed campaigns that are captivating but also win consumers over to their clients’’ brands.

Running a company as Mullen Lowe Brazil is not an easy task. Currently, the company is the third largest advertising agency in Brazil and has about 300 employees. One man has, however, been able to undertake this task seamlessly – Jose Henrique Borghi.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the Chief Executive Officers of Mullen Lowe Brazil. He is assisted in this capacity by fellow CEO Andre Gomes. During his stint at the helm of the company, Mr. Borghi has overseen a number of campaigns that have taken the Brazilian market by storm. Some of these campaigns include those for Fiat, the Brazilian Down Syndrome Foundation, Honda, and Sazon. While these campaigns have made Mullen Lowe Brazil look good, the most important consideration is the fact that they have won millions of consumers over to the involved clients and brands. Any prospective client in Brazil, therefore, now knows that Mullen Lowe Brazil is one of the few advertising agencies in the country and contact him.

When he is not plotting Mullen Lowe Brazil’s rise to the top of the Brazilian advertising industry, Mr. Borghi is often working out. Over the years, he has developed into a sports enthusiast and regularly goes for an exercise jog or swim before heading to work and learn more about Borghi.

With Jose Henrique Borghi at the helm and the disposable incomes of Brazilian residents growing considerably every year, Mullen Lowe Brazil will only continue to grow and read full article.

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Securus Technologies and Prison Drug Problems

When there are illegal drugs inside the prison, it puts each person behind these walls in a very bad spot. As a corrections officer, I get to see first hand what happens to an inmate when they take too much of a drug or experiment with something new. These inmates are not just a danger to themselves, they are a danger to visitors, prison employees, other inmates, and all corrections officers. This is just part of the reason we spend a considerable amount of time each day trying to keep the drugs out of this jail.


In an effort to make the jail safe, we will meet with all guests, inform them of the drug policy, and search them before they can see the inmates. We will search the inmates after these sessions to make sure nothing got from the outside to the inmates. Our team will do searches of the inmate’s cell for anything that should not be there. We will make use of the drug dogs if we feel that this situation is getting out of control.


One resource that has become a standard in our prison is the Securus Technologies telephone monitoring system, This technology allows us to listen to all the calls across all channels, while the LBS software alerts officers if there is chatter concerning drugs. The company has placed similar systems in thousands of jails, and it is an invaluable resource in the war on drugs.


If an inmate begs his family to bring prescription drugs to the jail, we can intercept. When an inmate talks about hiding drugs in the prison yard, we can find it. If an inmate talks about doing drugs at night, we can take the appropriate action. Since Securus Technologies installed the system, drug use in our facility has dropped.