Lifetime Achievement Of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani moved from Kenya to the UK in the year 1969. Boghani is a businessman with an excellent reputation and creates empires in business. For 30 years, the individual shows professionalism, determination, and commitment in hospitality management. Also, he is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The association comprises of more than 23 successful hotels.

Due to his visionary and persistence in leadership, Boghani got awarded by the Asian Business Awards 2016 with the Hotelier of the Year Award. The award was to honor the professionalism of the individual in his quest for entrepreneurship. The colorful event had prominent journalists present like Richmond MP Rishi Sunak, Amit Roy, Shailesh R Solanki, executive editor of AMG, and investment banker Jitesh Gadhia.

Shiraz Boghani felt honored to receive such an award as a member of the Splendid group. The chairman of Splendid said that the success shows how much support he received from the Splendid family and the management. The splendid group is the leading developing private hotels group in the United Kingdom. The successful journey to the higher ranking is under the able leadership of Boghani. In the year 1990s, the businessman organized opening of limited service branded hotels. Also, he is a skilled practicing financial accountant.

Other various hotels owned by Shiraz Boghani are Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, Hilton London Backside, and Ellington Hotel in Leeds. The philanthropist invests in various other fields like health. The individual is the co-founder of the UK-based seniors’ healthcare called Sussex Healthcare. The elders get emotional and psychological support at Sussex. People who want to live to the fullest come to Sussex. Many people entrust us with their loved ones. Besides, the home is a comfort zone for other adults with developing issues like learning disabilities, neurological condition, autism, and brain injuries. Sussex is a creation of a suitable environment for recreational activities and leisure. We encourage physical activities to have a healthy life. We have amenities like multi-sensory rooms, spa pools, and specialized gymnasium. The events can heal depression, mental illness, and some cancer.

Shiraz Boghani is the chairman of the Sojourns Hotels LLP. The philanthropist is a primary supporter of charity missions. Thus, he promotes the Aga Khan Foundation and Aga Khan Development Network across the world. Additionally, he participates in the Arbitration Board, Aga Khan University, National Council, and the National Conciliation. Among his life achievements, Boghani wishes to change the lives of the less fortunate families in the entire world.


Jason Hope’s Battle Against Aging

Jason Hope is more than an accomplished entrepreneur and futurist. He is an avid philanthropist with the lofty goal of winning the fight against aging. He is a huge supporter of nonprofit pioneer the SENS Foundation. Jason Hope is helping the SENS Foundation push biotechnology research into the future.

Aging is a real fear for most people. Over the years humans have come up with all sorts of ideas for treating the symptoms of aging but no real treatment for the aging process itself. Aging is now a medical condition many consider unavoidable. Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation rebuke this belief. Both want to transform the way healthcare organizations combat and treat the effects of aging.

Jason Hope believes by helping the SENS Foundation the lifespan of the average human can be vastly extended. He has been donated his own funds towards the organization’s research and efforts for almost a decade. His first ever donation was half a million dollars.

With so many new organizations dedicated to using biotech to treat and prevent disease and illness the SENS Foundation has found its niche. SENS is all about discovering new approaches and improving people’s quality of life.

The SENS Foundation has decided to specialize in research pertaining to halting or reversing the aging process. Since its founding in 2009 it has invested heavily toward aging.

There are many reasons why many investors strongly believe in the SENS Foundation. One major reason is Aubrey de Grey, the SENS Foundation’s leader and chief science officer. He has been one of the leading experts in anti-aging research and science for most of his scientific career.

Jason Hope praises the work Aubrey de Grey has done. Hopefully, with the pair teaming up aging will become much less of a concern in the near future.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media:

Christopher Linkas: Invest While Young

Millennials are increasingly being advised to invest while young as they are guaranteed to reap enormous benefits. For young people to enjoy the benefits, they need to get the right advice, that’s why Christopher Linkas, a financial advisor, is eager to share valuable information with the young generation. Linkas has almost two decades of business experience.

Christopher Linkas advises the young to invest early in their life as time is on their side. He encourages the young not use lack of money as an excuse as they can use the compounding technique to invest. Compounding is so useful in assisting starters who do not have adequate cash as it reinvests the profits of the initial investment. As pointed out by Albert Einstein is a wonder since as time passes by the investment will produce higher returns.

Investing when one is young affords someone the opportunity to learn. When one is young, he or she can make financial mistakes recover without lasting damage as time is on their side. With this experience, young people to become smarter investors and can devise effective strategies. As opposed to people nearing their retirement age, young people can take higher risks. If appropriately managed the higher risks can turn in higher gains.

Young people also have the advantage in that most of them are tech-savvy. With the latest technology, millennials can do research and get information on where to invest. As Christopher Linkas notes, young people can use the internet to get advice from experienced professionals on how to invest. Also, millennials are more likely to take opportunities such as furthering their education to improve their skills on investments.

Based on the above information, the youth have come to value Christopher Linkas advice. Leading by example Linkas encourages seasoned investors to keep on learning. He also advises young investors to put more efforts when researching to devise the best strategies to leap the more significant returns. It is this diligence and hunger to learn that made Christopher Linkas take up a position at the highly rated European credit group. In the group, he and other employees handle principle investments in UK and Europe at large.

Glen Wakeman and His Unmatchable Level of Experience

There are several titles that apply to the level of experience and expertise Glen Wakeman commands as a businessman and entrepreneur. At the top of this list, he is a mentor for up-and-coming executives. But more than that, he also owns a small business while at the same time making decisions as an investor. Naturally, he fulfills duties in the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), board member, and Financial Services Executive.


Most impressive is the 20 plus years of experience Glen Wakeman has on record with GE in business development. His professional focus is on improving the level of productivity and implementation of any company. He achieves this goal through coaching other entrepreneurs on five crucial concepts and methods of executing viable business models. These aspects of proper and effective business operations are human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


As the founder and president of Nova Four, Glen Wakeman leads by example and provides companies with more than a word of advice regarding the best ways to run their business. Through the LaunchPad Holdings online platform, he is able to research and reach out to start-up companies ready to make a name for themselves in the market. His time spent with GE , working from general management to Executive status makes him more than qualified to advise others on the best way to navigate the somewhat choppy waters of the business world.


All of these positions are on top of the MBA he received from University of Chicago and BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. But, the simple fact is he enjoys designing solutions that bring good ideas and the right resources together. This love of trade and commerce is what makes Glen Wakeman such a iconic performer in the business world today, yesterday and in the future years to come.

IC System- Best collection agency in America

There are many collections agencies in the world. Each of them claims to have the best services, but the fact is that majority of the collection agencies in business today do not offer professional services. Very few commit to giving quality work to the clients and the consumers. However, amidst all these companies that we see today is one firm which stands out for its exquisite job in offering collection services. The firm is known as IC System. IC System is an account receivable company that has a long history of providing great services in the collection industry. The company can claim to have been in the industry for over 80 years.


IC System was founded in 1938 by Jack and Ruth Erickson. The headquarters of the company is in St. Paul, Minnesota although its operations are all over the country. The company has been permitted to perform searches in all the states. So, it does not matter where a consumer has moved to; they can still be located. The founders of this company had the goal of making it a top company in the industry by establishing strong ethical values that would make it easy for the consumer and the clients to reach financial resolutions faster.


Because of the strong foundation that was established by the Ericksons, the company has passed through three generations, and it is still one of the top collection agencies in the country. Independent organization has approved of the services which are offered by the company. The company has been nominated for various awards for its efficiency in the delivery of services.


IC System leads and others follow. It was the first collection agency, for instance, to transition from typewriters to use of computers. When it comes to abiding by the latest trends, IC System is at the top. It also a strict adherence to the rule of law. At no point has it ever had to deal with the challenges that face the industry.


IC System has also prioritized giving back to the community. The company runs a number of philanthropic initiatives which aim at helping the poor in the community.


Graham Edwards Is An Influential Investment Expert

Who Is Graham Edwards?

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, the CEO, and co-owner of Castle Water, as well as an investment expert. He has been the CEO since 2001, which is when the company really became a powerhouse. The company is located in Central London and has a staff of 784 people. He was an economics student at Cambridge University. He is seasoned in working with forward-thinking investment firms. Before Graham Edwards came to Telereal Trillium, he was the chief investment officer for Talisman Global Asset Management. While he was there, he established Talisman as the Pears FSA registered asset management arm. Thanks to him, today Talisman’s assets have grown exponentially. Graham Edwards also gained experience at Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he was a fund manager. He had spent time as a finance person for BT Group’s property department and that position groomed him for his work with Telereal Trillium. When he’s not making deals, Graham Edwards enjoys playing tennis and skiing.


Graham Edwards Impact On Telereal Trillium

He has set the blueprint for the culture and operation of the company. He had an ability to find value and growth opportunities in partnerships. The company’s workforce culture is all about developing talent and seeing potential in every employee. Everything about the company began from a single deal that Graham Edwards made. This deal was BT entering into a 30-year partnership with Telereal Trillium. Beyond the monetary exchange, Telereal Trillium acquired 6,700 properties for a total portfolio of 59.2 million square feet. Telereal was able to gain revenue from the properties, and some of them they got the approval to redevelop. One of the really special things about this deal was the ability to vacate BT properties at a staggering rate. This time delay also provided space for the adoption of operational changes. The deals Graham Edwards were involved in for both 2001 and 2009 opened the floodgates for investment growth at the company. Today the company owns more than 8,000 properties and houses about 1% of Britain’s working class.


Jeff Aronin- Compassionate CEO Pioneering Innovation in Healthcare

Jeff Aronin is not only a CEO of a major company he is also considered a philanthropist as well. As the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff strives to not only help build successful Biotech companies but do so in a manner that puts patients first.


The main focus of Jeff Aronin’s company is to help facilitate the development of treatments for patients suffering from rare diseases who have little to no treatment options available. In order for a healthcare startup to become successful and self-sustaining, they need to be financially sound and have the knowledge and resources to turn to during the early years of research and development. Paragon Biosciences and it’s CEO, Jeff Aronin, have a business model that has led them to experience great success incubating successful and innovative companies. They offer both financial and strategic assistance to biotechnology companies that are striving to create new medicines. By supporting these companies, Jeff and Paragon aid in the development of these new medicines that will benefit those patients who have nowhere else to seek help.


Perhaps one of the most influential reasons behind why his company, Paragon Biosciences, is so successful, is because Jeff is well known in the biotech community as a compassionate leader with a heart for serving others. This trait is what allows him to be a pioneer in his industry in not only creating the needed resources to suffering patients, but also to actually care about their well being. Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences and it’s portfolio company’s share a common goal in striving to solve some of healthcare’s most complex problems.


In the current world that we are living in, diseases seem to be more and more prevalent. It is important more now than ever, that we have more CEO’s like Jeff Aronin, who care about the success of their company as well as the well being and quality of life of the patients they are serving.

Jorge Moll’s Research on the Link between Neurology and Morality

Heading a neurology study at the National Health Institute was Jorge Moll, a top-notch neurologist and the President of D’Or Institute for Health and Education. Alongside his team of specialists, Jorge Moll came up with interesting findings. The study that was conducted in 2006 was designed by Jordan Grafman, another renown neurologist, and Jorge Moll. The study was aimed at finding out how the physiology of the brain affects one’s morality and altruism.

During the study, the participants’ brains were scanned as they were presented with different scenarios regarding how they keep the money to oneself or donate it to a charity organization. When the research was carried out, those that chose to help others, primitive parts of their brains were activated. It means that giving is associated with the part of the brain where pleasures are felt. It indicated that people give because it makes them feel better.

Through the findings of the study, Jorge Moll reached a conclusion that empathy is an integral thing when it comes to shaping one’s morality. The fact that one can recognize another creature’s internal state is a key evolutionary leap in developing social behavior. This development of social behavior is linked to one’s awareness of wrong and right. All in all, the research conducted by Jorge Moll and his team is an important step in the quest of comprehending human neurology.

With vast experience, Jorge Moll has been able to make a name in the global scene when it comes to neurology, but it did not come easily. Jorge Moll’s journey to the top began at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil. He studied Neuroscience and graduated with an MD.

Having had a passion for neuroscience, Jorge Moll went ahead to further his studies at the Sao Paulo University. It was from there that he graduated with a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. His skills and experience is a clear indication of his prowess in the field of neuroscience. It is the drive he had to transform people’s lives through neuroscience that made him start D’Or Institute for Health and Education.


Boxing Club Fundraiser by Lee May!

Groups around the world have walks, marathons, parties and such to raise awareness for a specific organization or charity. Lee May has made it a point to do this by creating a 10k run for the Nemesis ABC (Amateur Boxing Club) of Beamridge in the UK. His love for boxing has allowed him to use this platform to help this club buy a new minibus. He wants to make sure the team gets from one match to another in a safe way by having a new vehicle. A fundraising opportunity was created on Crowdfunding website to make this happen.


Lee May is a gentleman who has built a prosperous construction company since 2013 named Beamridge. This company has become the first choice for a qualified contractor to deliver the best results. Lee May has had a desire to build communities for those to feel safe and peace at home. He’s fortunate to be involved in a variety of businesses, sharing his knowledge of engineering and housing development. Although he’s a young man, he has proven to provide a work ethic like no other. Lee May is the head of development for Keltbray Remediation. This company represents recycling and recovery for clients. By handling issues on site, this allows costs to come down so that Keltbray can improve waste recovery levels.


Mr. May is passionate about alleviating poverty, education and disaster relief. We see this time and time again through the businesses he has been in charge of over the years. When people need advice about the structure of a building or if asbestos was once an issue, Lee May is the man for the task. He wants to be confident that the work he will provide via his experience in development will be one of class and performance. Being supportive of charities for the sake of improving one’s well being is what he’s all about. Anyone can build homes and be successful at it, but it takes a caring heart to go above and beyond to reach people where they are and help better their lives.


Perry Mandera: Transportation Philanthropist Of The 21st Century

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of the Custom Cares Charities, a non-profit humanitarian organization that has long been his personal vision.

As a leading innovator in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera remains committed to strengthening his community. Raising his own family with strong morals,

and serving in and donating resources to his church, and contributing many acts of kindness and service over the years has helped his vision. Serving with honor and distinction in the Marine Corps benefitted Mandera’s character greatly.

Perry joined the US Marines after graduating high school and was able to learn to drive transport vehicles during service. Remarkably, Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the Marines, which is an honor reserved for only the best serving our country.


After leaving the military, Perry worked for multiple transportation companies in order to learn all he could about the industry and to increase experience. It was not long until Perry opened his first venture, in 1980

founding a transport company of his own. Mandera was able to sell the company just five years later… After the sale, Perry pursued an interest in politics and became a committeeman of the Republican Party of Illinois

in the city of Chicago. Mandera served for a total of four years. In public service, Mandera held the distinction of being the youngest person to hold that office.


After his career in public service, Perry founded his second business, The Custom Companies, Inc.. Founded in 1986, Custom Co. is still growing in the 21st century.

The Custom Companies, Inc. services many sizes of ventures ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to small family-owned businesses. Headquartered in Illinois, Custom Companies, Inc. is an employer to hundreds of workers.

Recently breaking $200M in annual sales as a benchmark; there are various other offices across the nation aiding system-wide growth. Custom Companies acts as a full-service group,

purveying services lines such as foreign and domestic air freight, contract cartage, and local cartage. Custom Co. has a wide range of supplementary services as well.