The Foundations of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is the current CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He has bee highly regarded as a primary leader in a variety of industries for a number of years. Possibly his greatest achievement has been as leader of Gulf Coast. He first entered the business world by earning a B.A. in Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. After he graduated in 1985, he joined the team of Gulf Coast Western, founded by his father in 1970. He would work there for the next eight years.

In 1993 he then became the Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company. He would serve in this role for the next three years. After this time he returned to Gulf Coast, but he credits his time with Kinlaw with teaching him business leadership skills. It was also in the early 90s that he began founding and/or investing in other businesses. His first business to found was MedSolutions which transported, disposed of, and handled the medical waste of medical organizations. It was so successful a company that be 2007 he was able to sell it for $59 million.

In 996 he founded Palm Beach Tan, Inc. which at its beginning maintained six indoor tanning partners in the Palm Beach area. In just a few years it was the largest chain of tanning parlors in the U.S. Around the same time he also co-founded Mystic Tan, which specialized in airbrush tanning products. It too soon became enormously successful, so much so that it became the most popuar spray-on tanning booth franchise in the world. Today he is considered a top expert in corporate structuring, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions.

As leader of Gulf Coast Western, he has led it to include a expand its active holdings, wells, activities, and operations.

A Monumental Acquisition

Brazil has been one of the most populous countries in the world for many years. Today it has about 204 million with that number growing all the time. One of its biggest companies, The Eucatex Group, was founded in 1951 and continues to manufacture quality building material, furniture, and toys made out of eucalyptus. Its name, Eucatex, is a combination of eucalyptus and textiles. It has plants worldwide, employing 2,433 people and exporting its good to 40 countries. One huge accomplishment In recent years was its 2017 purchase of Duratex, a popular manufacturer of building panels.

This monumental acquisition was helmed by Flavio Maluf, the president and CEO of Eucatex. He and Eucatex agreed to give exclusive rights to a Copao Bonito farm in exchange for the rights of most of Duratex’ assets. These assets are worth about R$60 million, employ 280 workers, and churn out about 200,000 cubic meters of product a year. Maluf said this transaction would increase Eucatex’ output of fiberboard by 70 percent and its output of various paper products by 40 percent. Maluf also said that the transaction will better enable the planning of sales, maintenance, and reduction of losses.

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He said the move consolidate their already substantial standing worldwide. It currently has export partnerships with 40 countries around the world. Flavio was born into a very powerful and wealthy family. His father, Paulo Maluf, has been a very influential Brazilian politician his entire lifetime. After graduating from high school, Flavio studied mechanical engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He then moved to the U.S. to earn a degree in business administration from New York University.

After this schooling, he eventually joined the team of Eucatex, the family business. In addition to serving as its CEO and president today, he is also the president of Grandfood.


David McDonald; How OSI Group grew tremendously in China

David McDonald has been serving at OSI Group since he left Iowa State University. He started at the Company as an intern and ever since his career grown over the three decades he has been with the company. Mr. McDonald grew up in Iowa farm and graduated from Iowa state university. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Currently, David McDonald OSI Group is the Chief Operating Officer and the president at OSI Group, which is one of the most successful private companies in the food processing industry worldwide. David McDonald played a vital role in leading OSI in its expansion in China. In 2001, when China was entering the World Trade Organization, Mr. McDonald was already rooted in the leadership of OSI. By this time, OSI had already established a foundation in China before the country’s entrance. The economy of China was expected to have a period of rapid growth, and OSI Industries was ready to expand with it.

According to David, the fact that OSI Industries was private and not publicly owned, it was easy for them to be more flexible and this gave them the ability to think long-term and be more patient when it comes to building a relationship or business. He also said that in the end, flexibility and patience and trust that is established over time is what is required to reward both partners. The growth at OSI was not focused on only the first wave of China’s economy, but also the company took new ventures in Europe and the United States.

On 12th September 2012, OSI Group celebrated twenty years in China since it was first established in Beijing in 1992 when it started to offer McDonald’s with food and has grown tremendously ever since. In 2008, the company was able to successfully supply 113 tons of different types of products ranging from chicken, dehydrated onion, pork, eggs, and beef when Beijing had the Olympic Games. Afterward, there were no complaints about the products that OSI provided, and hence the company became the supplier for different top brands in the food processing industry such as McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks among others.

LinkedIn: Simplifies The Procurement Process Through JD Business

1. com is a Chinese online retailer. Recently, the firm announced that they were willing to assist other companies in meeting their procurement needs regardless of their size. The online retailer has a procurement channel known as JD Business, and it is focused on helping other corporations to purchase office supplies and services. Jingdong’s main aim is to ensure that they have come up with a one-stop shop solution. Many companies have gained greatly from JD Chain. Some of these companies have been able to improve procurement efficiency. At the moment, Jingdong has over seven million enterprise clients.


In the traditional procurement process, various companies need to have an individual relationship with each of their suppliers as a way of meeting their business needs. At times, these companies may have to employ a procurement team that will be tasked with meeting the suppliers in person before the working relationship commences on an official note. JD Chain has been formulated to simplify the procurement process thus making sure that companies can access different products from the same platform. Since Jingdong has a positive reputation and they only deal with purely authentic products, the corporation will also ensure that there is transparency when dealing with JD Chain.

JD Business is meant to offer its services to all enterprises whether big or small. Although small and medium enterprises are unstable, JD Business will make sure that the procurement channel is transparent. As a result, it will be easier to read through invoices and pricing information.

Jingdong will also be working with more than 5,000 large corporations, and JD Business can be a part of the ERP systems. A huge percentage of the companies that are present in the Fortune 500 list in China has partnered with, and they are utilizing the services being offered by JD Business to cater for their procurement needs. The online retailer has also spent a considerable amount of time trying to learn more about how they can serve their clients accordingly. Fortunately, Jingdong can meet the demands of each of their clients since they have a good relationship with most suppliers in China and their logistics network is also advanced.

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Matt Badiali Shares The Financial Wonder He Dubbed As “Freedom Checks”

Real Wealth Strategist is an investment newsletter that provides people with advice on what natural resources they should be investing in. It is edited by Matt Badiali who spent more than 20 years as a geologist and is available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Whether it’s investing in marijuana, a gold mining company, an oil producer, or an electricity producer he shares his knowledge about what companies will offer the biggest returns.

He has a master’s degree in earth sciences that he acquired at Florida Atlantic University. He was teaching and completing his Ph.D. studies at the University of North Carolina when a friend of his requested that he instead join his company as the natural resources expert. He started to write for this company’s subscribers who wanted to know the best way to invest in natural resources. This area of investing is notoriously boom and bust so his advice can mean the difference between a huge gain or loss.

One investment that Matt Badiali has been sharing with his readers over the past year is what he has named “Freedom Checks”. These are dividends that can pay really big returns, potentially thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Matt Badiali gave the name Freedom Checks to what is known in the financial industry as master limited partnerships, or MLPs.

Matt Badiali wrote that Reuters reported that these checks are creating a windfall for investors. The Motley Fool website said that the dividends are sky-high. Forbes called them a great investment as well, saying they present a “bullish case”. Of course, it takes money to make money so the more you invest the more you can gain.

He wrote in Real Wealth Strategist that anyone can make money from Freedom Checks no matter what their age, income level, or other factors. Matt Badiali wrote that what is key is to get in as soon as possible because the 568 entities that can issue Freedom Checks are poised to pay out $34.6 billion soon. If you don’t own their stock you won’t get a penny of this money as he rightfully points out.

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Betsy DeVos Envisions A Future Where Every American Student Has Equal Educational Opportunities

Betsy DeVos has a very optimistic view regarding the future of the school system in the United States. She has served in many different leadership roles in various organizations that have stood up for the educational rights of people in the country and is known for her no-nonsense attitude and dedication. DeVos was recently interviewed and asked to talk about the progress that the educational choice movement has made over the years. She commented that there are thousands of new students enjoying the benefits of private-choice programs every year.


Betsy DeVos also recently revealed that she first became interested in helping out with the school system in the U.S. after discovering how imbalanced it was. In her younger days, she visited Potter’s House Christian School and was disappointed when she found out that many families were making huge financial sacrifices to send their kids there. The school is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and serves low-income families in the region. It pained her to see so many families struggling to pay the tuition fees when this was not a problem for her family.


After her visit to the school, Betsy DeVos began to help out by paying the fees for some of the children who went to the school. She soon realized that she could have more impact by focusing on supporting politicians who would fight to push educational choice legislation through. Her husband, Dick DeVos, also joined her and ran to serve the State Board of Education in Michigan. DeVos got to work by setting up a foundation that offered scholarships to poor families who needed help with tuition fees.


Since then, Betsy DeVos has served in many different roles to help better America’s educational system. Today, she continues to work with the American Federation for Children as its chairman. She is also a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA. DeVos also serves her country’s educational sector by donating money to many different educational nonprofits. The books of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation were recently opened up, which revealed that she had been a part of donating more than $3 million to educational causes in 2015.


Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, Michigan, and she worked with her father, Edgar Prince, in his auto parts store as a youngster. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics after attending Calvin College. She fell in love with her husband, Dick, during her college days, and together, they have made huge improvements to Michigan’s school system. DeVos supports private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and digital learning in hopes that her efforts will help to change the minds of people who are living in the school system of the past.


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Perry Mandera Donates Transportation Services To Underprivileged Kids In Chicago

Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Companies Inc. He launched the company in 1986 as a trucking company in the Illinois area. Perry serves as the CEO of the organization. Custom Companies Inc. is located in Northlake, Illinois (Twitter).

The company is now a major national transportation provider for small and large companies, including family-run businesses, privately-held companies, and Fortune 100 companies. They provide a full array of transportation services throughout the country. Perry Mandera is a respected businessman in Northlake known for his Civic mindedness end philanthropic work.

Perry has been in the trucking industry since 1976. He previously served as a Marine in the armed forces as a young man. His duties included driving truckloads of other service men and women and supplies. Perry Mandera served as a Marine, and he is an avid supporter of veterans. He is also a supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission. This organization awarded Perry with the Bishop Sheil Award. He was also recognized as Citizen of the Year by the same organization.

Perry Mandera served the community as an elected official of Chicago’s 26th ward. He ran for the seat on the Republican Ward Committee and won. Perry remained in office for four years. His military years helped to prepare him for his career, and it also guided him in his life as a public servant and as a business owner responsible to the community. Perry Mandera is also a religious man, and it is also his religion and strong faith that have served as guidance in his life.

It is important to Perry that he help people who are underprivileged or less fortunate. Perry Mandera seeks to help families and children in need of assistance. Custom Cares is funded by Custom Companies Inc. and Perry Mandera for giveback to the community. Whether it’s a donation of money, clothing for the needy, or providing transportation services, Perry Mandera wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Meet Greg Blatt: A Successful Businessman

Greg Blatt can be a good role model for those who intend to succeed in life. He has made several achievements while at Tinder, IAC, as well as Match Group. If you really want to venture into business seriously, consider going through the story of this great man, Greg Blatt. He helped these companies increase their revenues tremendously and also build a good reputation (Tvguide).

Greg is a business professional who will forever be remembered on his essential contribution to online dating as well as cementing his firms as top performers in their respective industries. Over the years, Greg Blatt has held a number of important positions. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer between the years 2009 and 2017.

Greg Blatts´s career and education background

Besides working as CEO of top-ranked companies, Greg also served as the executive chairman, chairman as well as the executive vice president of a number of companies. At Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Blatt worked as an executive vice president in charge of business affairs. Prior to this position, he had also worked as an associate in one of the reputable law firms.

He holds a degree in economics, English, and literature from the famous Colgate University. Later, he went to the Columbia Law School where he received Doctor of Law. Greg’s leadership skills are incomparable. The companies he managed grew at a phenomenal rate during his tenure.

One of the companies that experienced tremendous growth during Greg’s tenure is Tinder especially after the introduction and promotion of the Tinder Plus subscription offering. The number of the users rose above one million when this guy was the chairman as well as the Chief Executive of the firm. Close allies of Greg will tell you that this guy is both hard working and talented. This is the main reason why his contributions to the companies he headed were mainly positive. He made it clear that he felt proud to have created an amazing team, create a great deal of money for the companies he worked for, and bringing people together to have good and better experiences, loving families, and even meaningful relationships.

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Dr Dov Rand leading the Fight against Age Related Illnesses

Dr. Dov Rand is a distinguished medical profession with decades of experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is the founder and the CEO of The Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The Healthy Aging Medical Centers have been in operations for close to two decades now and are popularly known for providing the best quality of medical care.

Dr. Dov Rand has a solid educational background in medicine. Rand began his medical journey by attending Rutgers for his undergraduate studies. He then joined Howard University medical school. Dr. Rand received his internship training and residency training at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Albert Einstein Medical Center respectively.

Dr. Dov Rand besides being a medical profession is a person who loves sports. Rand is also an athlete and a successful tennis player. His love for sports significantly contributed to him becoming a medical doctor as it is through sports that he learned the value of hard work, passion, and determination in achieving his goals in life.

In an interview, Dr. Dov Rand said that he is an early riser and that his normal days begin very early in the morning. Rand after waking up prepares himself and then takes a healthy breakfast after which he heads to the office. Dr. Rand days are usually busy. Throughout the day Dr. Rand is involved in consultations and treatment of patients. Dr. Dov Rand then immediately after work heads home; however, he occasionally has patients who book appointments late in the evening. After Work Dr. Rand check emails and reviews work done during the day. Dr. Dov before retiring to bed finishes the day by reading books for both educational and enjoyment purposes.

One thing that has made Dr. Dov Rand become a successful entrepreneur is his focus and commitment to professional development. Dr. Rand always ensures that he equips himself with knowledge through reading literature material in his professional field and also makes sure that he attends to conferences at least once in a month. Dr. Rand loves his work and as a result, is excited about learning new things in the industry. One advice that Dr. Rand has for the younger people is not to always trust blindly on what others are saying. According to Dr. Rand, it is good to have self-belief and follow what your heart desires.

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Isabel dos Santos- A Prominent Investor

There have been many allegations about Sonangol wanting to acquire a stake within a particular Portuguese oil company. Sonangol was sad to hear that the position was not up for grabs. Isabel dos Santos issued these remarks when talking to VALOR. She had also been asked about considering a negotiation with Sonangol so that they may participate in GALP. Isabel dos Santos went ahead to say that those were news that did not have any basis of truth.

Expresso is a popular newspaper, and they went ahead to note that the Sonangol administration talked about the matter being resolved. However, there must be a pre-condition, which entails the issuance of $70 million; this is the amount that the Angolan oil company invested so that they may participate in the Portuguese multinational oil company.

Isabel dos Santos came forth to talk about the matter, and she said that they have never been approached by Sonangol. She went ahead to note that only American companies had expressed an interest in participating in the Portuguese oil company. The entrepreneur also said that the $70 million was paid in full. There is a copy of a bank statement, and it serves as proof of payment. Additionally, Sonangol had signed a letter which showcases that they had received funds. Carlos Saturnino is the PCA at Sonangol, and he was being blamed for the whole tragedy. He was the person who passed the information about Sonangol having received payment. Isabel dos Santos did not talk about whether the money was refunded or not. Visit on her twitter for updates.

As a leader in the world of business, Isabel dos Santos has diversified her investment portfolio. She was able to succeed in a society where males and females are not accorded equal opportunities. As a result, she has been focusing on empowering women so that they may also get a breakthrough. Over the years, she has also gained some popularity in the international community. She has also showcased that she can build and develop corporations globally. While working as an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, she has gained a lot of insight into how the business world operates.

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