Business Mogul, Luke Lazarus Tells Us About His Unique Idea Of Business Startup

Luke Lazarus, a startup consultant who is centered in Melbourne has a good track record spanning for over 20 years. He is well known for his success in partnership building of business plans, offering advice to CEOs and managing growth around southeastern coast of Australia.

As a startup consultant, Lazarus brings clarity when it comes to executing decisions regarding a brand’s consecutive steps. Lazarus is a Melbourne school of business graduate. He got is MBA at the age of 24 years.

In a recent Q and A, Lazarus talked candidly about various business issues. The seasoned consultant said that for a successful product launching, one has to start with explaining the visions, financial models and limitations. In addition, he said that a good business plan has a well outlined product story.

The story should be easy to tell to the potential investors, partners, customers or employees. Asked on how he brings his ideas to life, he talked about his ideas coming from his own problems. His personal problems makes him look for solutions that fit the current marketplace.

The trend that really excites this great consultant is the experience economy’s rise. He explained in the interview that he gets excited when he gets to see companies meet the current demands with new innovative ideas.

He said that the customers are spending now more than ever before and they thus want an experience and an emotion connected to the product or place. When asked of the one habit that makes him a productive entrepreneur, he said it is his ability to record everything. Recording everything, he adds, keeps his head clear. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

When it comes to the advice that he would give to his younger self, he described how he would take things more slowly and calmly. The seasoned consultant said that while his friends took time off before joining university, he pushed fast through school as he was very anxious.

This made his get an MBA by 24 years as he was ever eager to make big moves. He advises the younger kids to be confident that they can do it even without trying too hard as he did then.

The idea that network and luck are of the same magnitude when it comes to success, is one idea that nobody agrees with him. He thinks that luck and network are critical signs of success as perseverance and passion are.

The strategy that has really enabled him to grow his business is centering an idea on a story. The creation of an identity of what you are going to sell then building models, financial models and sales strategies should come with a winning story. This sets one for success he adds.

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Kisling, Nestico, and Redick On Distracted Driving

Kisling, Nestico, and Redick are partners at a personal injury law firm in Akron, Ohio. This firm specializes in providing legal help for accident victims who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, loss of limb, internal injury, burns, back injuries, catastrophic injuries and more. In 2017, texting/emailing became deadly while driving because this made up 39% of distracted drivers to fatal crashes.

KNR announced 18-year-old Elianna Norin of Hudson as the winner of their $5,000 scholarship. This scholarship was a proposal that persuaded young adults against texting while driving. Norin’s application stood out to KNR around more than 400 applicants due to her creativity placed into the public service announcement she wrote for the contest.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick has 40 attorneys in its employ, and 100 support staff in 11 offices throughout Ohio, has recovered $450 million in verdicts from settlements. The firm is working to make Ohio roads safer as the managing partner was in an accident when he was 15. His car was broadsided because a driver ran a stop sign. The accident then caused him to suffer broken bones, as one bone in his forearm has to be replaced with a steel rod. Distracted driving is something that needs to be fought against.

The piece Norin won for referred to texting and driving as a type of blindfold. The law firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick continues to fight for safer roads in Ohio, Norin plans on attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, with the goal of becoming a freelance creative.

Book Better Flights Thanks to Sergey Petrossov

It takes a special kind of person to change the world. Sergey Petrossov is one such person. He was a co-founder of two IT projects: one of which was an online website customer service chat system, and the other was a platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions to work with distance learning. Petrossov also found himself as a board adviser for a private jet operator based in South Florida. This company had, at the time, the world’s largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet.

But this is not all that Sergey Petrossov has accomplished. He created the idea of JetSmarter, an app to help people book flights, after his first time flying private. He realized how antiquated the process of booking charter flights is, and he resolved to help fix the problem. Petrossov created a development team based from his past projects, and he put his own money into the mix as he began planning the app to help people connect with private jet operators who hold the top ratings.

In August 2012, the beta version of JetSmarter was launched to select users and it saw an official launch to the public in March of 2013. The app helps many and would not be breaking ground if not for the mind of Sergey Petrossov.

Petrossov has been awarded multiple times. These include the Forbes 30 Under 30 in consumer technology as well as South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. Being CEO of JetSmarter, he has found himself under thirty years old and heading a billion-dollar company.

Born in Russia, he lives in Florida which is where he went to the University of Florida to study finance. He soon learned about working with engineers and realized how valuable working with technology would be for all involved.

Greg Blatt’s Success in Online Dating

Greg Blatt is an icon to emulate if you are a leader who is seeking to be a successful figure in the business world. He has worked with IAC, Tinder and Match Group increasing their revenue as well as increasing their customer base. At different points in his career, Greg Blatt has acted as the CEO and chairman of Tinder and Match Group (

He, however, started at Martha Stewart as second after the president in business affairs. Before then, he had worked as an associate of different law firms. His significant roles at the three-dating company, helped the three related businesses to establish a respectful position in the dating industry market.

Greg Blatt studied his Bachelor’s degree in Arts, majoring in Literature, English Language and Economics. He pursued his Masters at Columbia School of Law, where he acquired his Law Degree. The hustle of studying and acquiring his Doctor of Law, basically, played a significant role in sharpening his skills as a businessman who would face the challenges of running an organization to success. He also got to understand what legal issues were involved with the businesses he ran and acted as a guide that helped him understand the implications of the deals he got into with other companies.

As most of Blatt’s work was in the online dating platforms, the impact he brought was marked by the efficiency that those companies were able to satisfy their customers. IAC, Tinder and Match Group are forming the most extensive collection of dating sites worldwide. From these three, a large variety of matches is available for users. His significant evidence of success lies in the growth that Tinder experienced when he brought the Tinder Subscription Offer that led to over one million members joining.

The other one was when Match Group had a five times increase of users. This progress is a rare win experienced by companies. With exceptional levels of success, Greg Blatt has decided to try out other waters. His readiness to think forward and push limits to define what it takes to be a successful leader. Persistence and the ability to learn and absorb lessons is an essential instrument of success in commerce.
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Isabel dos Santos steps to Excellence

Isabel dos Santos has prevailed in the entrepreneurship industry; she is at her late 40s living in Luanda Angola. Having graduated with a degree in Electrical engineering Isabel dos, Santos gained extensive skills and experience that enables her to run the business and all her investments to success (Businesswire).

She was raised in Baku in a royal family of Jose dos Santos. Isabel believes in making her destiny; hence she is determined and passionate to make all her dreams a reality. After graduation, Isabel served for some years at the European stock exchange in the management department but later returned to Luanda to help his father run the Urbana project. Isabel dos Santos realized her interest to join the investment sector therefore in 1997 she launched Miami Beach restaurants in Luanda, and after some years of earning profit Isabel dos, Santos ventured in a diverse line of work.

Isabel dos Santos hard work and determination contributed to her founding other business holdings in Angola a well as other parts of the world. She believes in providing hope and job opportunities for Africans; hence Isabel dos Santos has invested her wealth in Africa. She is the founder and president of the Angola mobile company Unitel ensure people have a convenient and efficient communication system. Isabel dos Santos investments include the oil and Energy Company in Amsterdam; the diamond business started after the partnership with her mother among others.

As a woman, Isabel dos Santos understands the need for empowering women since in many African cultures women are not allowed to make their dreams a reality. She has started movements aiming at ensuring women are given technical roles. Isabel dos Santos also encourages Africans to embrace education that will broaden their comprehensive means. Isabel dos Santos has also taken the responsibility of advocating for globalization in Africa urging other people to invest in Africa and provide hope ensuring that they don’t have to rely on other foreign countries. Previously Africans could starve, but due to digitization and adopting modern agricultural technologies, they can conduct irrigation farming hence reliable food supply.

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BetterWorks and Work Opinions

BetterWorks has been accommodating professionals since its establishment in 2013. It’s a kind of software that delves into the management of performance for professionals. People rely on BetterWorks for all sorts of relevant applications. They rely on it any time they want to see the things their colleagues are handling. They rely on it any time they want to stay on top of all of their aspirations, too. The aficionados who are behind this software longed to make it as functional and transparent as possible. They wanted to minimize confusion amongst all users. BetterWorks presents people with all sorts of useful components that can accommodate all of their feedback requirements and requests.

Feedback can be priceless for people who are in professional environments. It can aid individuals who want honest comments about all of their latest actions. It can aid those who want to be able to determine which practices they can do away with for good as well. BetterWorks presents professionals with elements that can be favorable to people who want to know what their coworkers think of all of the things that are on their plates. People who are big fans of solid outcomes often appreciate BetterWorks and all that it can handle.

There are quite a few talents who represent BetterWorks. BetterWorks’ Chief Executive Officer is called Doug Dennerline. He has a lot of proficiency that relates to businesses and the things they want to tackle. He comprehends all of the things that can make businesses much more capable.

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Serge Belamant: Top Lessons that Upcoming Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Experienced Entrepreneur

There are very many people who have been involved in various businesses where they have recorded huge success. One of such business experts is Serge Belamant, who has been entrepreneurship since leaving school. The experienced innovator joined various companies working in the industry with the aim of making a name for himself. However, after working for several years and amassing the necessary knowledge, he moved out and started his own company that has recorded huge success.

There are several lessons that other investors can learn from Serge Belamant, who has had a stellar business career. One of the most important lessons that investors can learn from Belamant is that innovation is the key towards achieving success in the business world. Any person who wants to record success in what they do must be able to understand and harness the current technology for his own benefit. More about Serge Belamant at

Serge Belamant is not an entrepreneur who is interested in incorporating technology but is somebody who comes up with innovative ideas. His businesses are tech-based franchises that have had huge success in the industry. One of the companies that he established is Net1 Technologies, which has grown and operates in various parts of the world, including the United States. This is the company behind debit and credit cards, the same cards that people use today or financial transactions.


Another iportant idea that all business leaders should copy from Serge Belamant is that leadership is the core of the business. A company might have all the necessary resources but fail to succeed because it does not have experienced and knowledgeable leaders. It is the role of the business leaders to make decisions affecting the operations of the company on a daily basis. Leaders should develop an alternative cause of action and prevent their business from failing.

Lastly, leaders can learn that operating a business is not for the faint hearted. There comes a time when the business experiences extreme negative forces that lead to extreme losses and sometimes collapse. Despite having a stellar career in business, Serge Belamant has faced huge challenges but he has remained relevant by fighting hard and being passionate about his business idea.

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The Life and Career Path of Tim Ioannides

Tim Loannides is not only a capable medical dermatologist, but he has played into getting the business venture to become successful. Tim has been in the dermatological field for over 15 years, serving the needs of the Treasure Coast population. Tim has gained the reputation of being a trusted leader in all matters that concern skincare. The success he has received is by implementing different business choices, and ensuring the customer’s services is maintained on a singular unparalleled. Tim has managed to do all he can to grow the company from a single brick, to become a different five operations in different locations.

He has not stopped expanding the company; the reason why the number of patients served at the company is increasing. Dr Tim Loannides attended the University Of Miami School Of Medicine where he attained his medical degree. After that, he joined the University of Florida where he received his internship. From there, he joined the University of Miami School of Medicine where he finished his stringent residency. Though while offering his residency he was in the department of cutaneous and dermatology surgery. After that, he joined the private sector, where he worked for a physician that offered his services on cosmetic dermatological services.

While at the company he recognized his passion for the dermatological services, like treatment of tumours, skin care, or any other skin condition. That’s why he founded his venture, the Treasure Coast Dermatology. Tim had one goal to offer medically based treatments, diagnosis, and dermatological procedures. In his services, he has focused on the approach of using the medicine. Through all his career path he has dedicated his research, time, passion, and intellect to better the lives of people. The patients, staffs and physician that Tim Loannides has worked with all regard his as a person that cares about people.

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Nicolas Krafft Redefines Elegance At Paris Fashion Week

The Paris fashion week is typically held at the end of September. The biggest names in fashion, beauty, and entertainment can be seen all over the city, which is spectacular at this time of year. On September 30 one of the largest names in beauty, L’Oréal, held its second annual fashion and beauty show not only next to the river Seine but actually on it. This year’s catwalk was a floating platform perfectly aligned against the backdrop of the City of Lights. L’Oréal is dedicated to making fashion and beauty more accessible and the stage they set for this year’s event provided the perfect platform to launch that message. Vice President of Global Business Development Nicolas Krafft was responsible for spearheading the event.

The major theme highlighted by L’Oréal this year was diversity in women’s beauty. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful surroundings in Paris, L’Oréal used the floating runway to present some of the world’s top models including Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin. Nicolas Krafft wanted to make sure that projecting the brand’s mission was the job of the talented models. Stars such as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Marie Bochet were just some of the names that were there to provide support as well.

Nicolas Krafft was also responsible for bringing L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Artist Val Garland and Global Hair Artist Stephane Lancien to the event. They were chosen because of their unique talents and diverse backgrounds to help bolster the message of being able to bring beauty to everyone in the world. The pair created dozens of new hair and makeup looks for just for this particular event. Other models for the event’s 13 partner fashion brands made special appearances, including Sonia Rykiel and Isabel Marant. Wearing the very latest in French Haute jewelry from the iconic house of Chopard, citizens and passing tourists alike seated along the banks of the Seine were able to see the action either close-up or on many large screens adjacent to the charming Parisian streets flanking the stage. Nicolas Krafft remains determined to exceed all expectations again for next year’s event.

David McDonald Steering OSI Group to profitability

The OSI Group has been experiencing remarkable growth over the last few years. The current COO, David McDonald is one of the men behind this tremendous growth. During his three decades of working at OSI, McDonald has risen from a Junior Project Manager, his first job college, to his present position as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President.

The OSI Group Company is an international pioneer in the food industry. The firm started as a local butcher shop that was being run by a German immigrant in Chicago in the early 20th century. Luckily, during the mid-century, the company became one of the significant regional meat suppliers to McDonald’s restaurant chains. Later, the company became the corporation’s major global supplier for the remainder of the century. During the last quarter century, the enterprise has branched out aggressively creating new ventures within the United States and beyond.

David McDonald ventured into modern food processing from the supply chain. He was brought up in a farming family in Northeast Iowa and joined the prestigious Iowa State University where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. His dedicated efforts earned him the coveted Wallace E. Barron Award. The award recognizes outstanding seniors who demonstrate excellent skills and tremendous achievement in academics and community activities. To know more about him click here.

Today, David McDonald is the President of one of the country’s most successful privately owned companies. David is committed to the community of Iowa State by being actively involved in the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program. He generously offers his financial skills and supports several community programs, which have earned him respect in the community around him.

Today, the OSI Group is an international business running different programs around the globe. The company has employed over 20,000 members of staff within its 65 facilities located in different countries. It was in position 58 in Forbes ranking in 2016 with a total net worth of $ 6.1 billion.