Stratford Shields Is Leader In The Finance Industry Who Works With A Variety Of Clients

Stratford Shields is the managing director at Loop Capital Markets and has been working in the finance industry for a good portion of his life. In the past, he has worked with Morgan Stanley as its head of public finance, and it was during his time with the company that he came up with the idea for Loop Capital. The idea for his company came to him when he was looking into the privatization of parking at Ohio State University. He was able to help the CFO of the university to understand that a lot of money could be made by doing so. In the end, a deal was struck with LAZ/QIC for more than $480 million, which was placed into an endowment to help out with research and scholarships for students.

Stratford Shields devotes a lot of his time to thinking about how to help out his clients in the best way possible. He works with his clients by coming up with finance strategies that are unique to them and their goals. When working to create a new idea, Shields talks with his clients about specific things they can do to improve their situation. He likes to come up with pros and cons for any idea he is considering and has found it helpful to discuss these potential positives and negatives with his clients.

Stratford Shields studied at Ohio State University and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history while there. He went on to receive his Master of Arts degree in political science and his MBA while attending Columbia University. Before creating his own company, he worked with the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA) Municipal Division in more than one leadership role. During the course of his career, he has been a part of billions of dollars in transactions for his many different clients.

Peter Briger: Getting Excellent Investment Advisory

Peter Briger is a highly regarded professional. He has been in the investment field for many years and has provided services to a wide variety of clients.

Perhaps you don’t understand how investments and asset management work. Maybe you need someone to help you understand how things work in this field.

If you are an investor or entrepreneur looking for a reliable advisor, it is crucial that you do your research. There are many financial and investment advisory firms promising to guide you towards your goal but you need to be certain you make the right choice.

With the financial solutions provided by Peter Briger, ambitious individuals can take the right steps and achieve the success they desire. He is a clear choice for entrepreneurs and investors who are serious about taking their venture to the next level.


As an experienced investment and wealth building advisor, Peter has access to excellent resources which enable him to meet the needs of his clients. He has deep knowledge of alternative asset management and is the Principal of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment.

As a renowned firm, Fortress Investment Group has a team of highly qualified investment advisors and financial planner. The company’s team also includes wealth building advisors and some of the leaders in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers. The professionals at this reputable firm have a good understanding of the industry and cater to both beginners and veterans.

If you are searching for a firm or professional that can help you understand the process of alternative asset management, you need to consult Peter Briger. He is passionate about advising and working with ambitious individuals and he can guide you.

Financial or investment management is not something to be handled lightly. And choosing an advisor for your needs is an important decision. Fortress Investment Group is well equipped to handle its clients’ needs effectively.

Peter is committed to sharing industry strategies, tips, and techniques that work effectively and will ensure that you are on your way to reaching your goal.

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How to Begin Using Agera Energy

With a lot of consumers switching over to Agera Energy, it’s easy to see why this company has taken the world by storm and continually works to improve the many services being offered. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

You can get to know the Agera Energy company for all that they provide to their customers. There are a lot of customers right this moment who know what Agera Energy is doing for them and are willing and able to make the switch. If this sounds a lot like what you’re willing to do, it is time for you to think about the Agera Energy company and see what it would mean for you to switch over.


You can visit the Agera Energy page on Facebook to read reviews by other people and see why this is an option that’s right for you. You will enjoy what Agera Energy does for their customers every single day. Read more about Agera Energy at


Maurcio Mendona Godoy: Redefining Versatility in Leadership

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of the few executives in the world of corporate that are redefining versatility in leadership. In the last seven years, he has assisted more than four companies in regaining efficiency — and therefore making better returns from their operations. However, his success is a product of the following factors.

First, he is passionate about policies — especially policies that are in touch with global business trends. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is, therefore, passionate about policies creation and better execution. His first important step in policies designing is doing research and understanding the state of the business space. Although there are endless reports on business temperatures in the world, he is passionate about commissioning customized studies. After understanding the business temperature, he brings all the management team on board — in creating policies. He believes in the power of consultations and more importantly, the power of brainstorming ideas. The process — of policy creation and implementation — has enabled big companies around the world to make strides in the right direction.

Second, he understands the importance of technology in the corporate space and for the last nine years; he has been the greatest advocate of technology in the corporate world. Maurício Mendonça Godoy appreciates that technology is the gateway to productivity and better use of available resources. Although he still believes in human resources as the most importance resource to any company in the world, he is a believer that technology helps in improving employees’ productivity. However, the process of merging technology with the other resources — including human resources — should be smooth, and more importantly, it should have a ‘human face.’

Finally, Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of the strongest believers in teamwork and collective approaches to tasks. He appreciates that the corporate world is vast, and an individualist approach is not only outdated, but it is a recipe to unproductivity and less utilization of available resources. As one of the most respected business executives in the world, Maurício Mendonça Godoy is passionate about creating better and reliable teams. However, when creating these teams, he is keen on identifying compatibility among employees and more specifically — if the employees have the same views and passion for work.

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One Dollar At a Time: Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is a man who likes to help people. He is a man who has been interested in the world of finance and the markets since he was a young man. He was able to work hard and travel around the world. He graduated from the University of Cape Town and came back to the United States to start his career. He was able to work internationally and the United Nations. After that, he wanted to make sure to help as many people as he can. Now he has a career working with Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the author of the Bauman Letter and talked about his life and career.

One of the things that Ted Bauman loves to do is write. He enjoys the challenge of being able to convey the latest financial and investing new to his subscribers. He says the perfect way to do that is to get people to read as much as they can before making a decision. He uses real-life situations to make his points effective. Read more full interview of Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman says that one of the things he is noticing for the future is his readers’ ability to figure out the financial markets for themselves. His readers make sure that the decisions being made are for the short and long-term. His readers keep an eye on the financial market and make their adjustments based on knowledge instead of being reactionary.

One habit that Ted Bauman says he has is getting up early in the morning to make sure he is on top of the latest financial news. He knows that the market is constantly changing and he has to keep up to date on the changes that are happening on a daily basis. He likes to get the hard work done first so his day can be managed more efficiently.

Ted Bauman is a man on a mission. He likes to keep his readers and himself up to date. He talks about subjects that are relevant to the market and their portfolios. For Ted Bauman, knowledge is powerful for his readers as well as himself. Learn More:

Tips to marketing a product from Steve Lesnard

Social media is changing the way people can market their products through a wide range of tools but if done ineffectively can hurt an item’s sales. Steve Lesnard, an expert marketer who even has his own podcast on Moidiam shares two ways to successfully marketing a product. Interestingly, the first tip that he shares is for people to keep it simple as he uses an example from prominent company Disney in how they always seem to get the story right and how each item has to have an excellent introduction that outlines the new elements to it with the benefits to consumers. However, doing all of that is easier said than done. Steve Lesnard uses another example to highlight his point with an iPod campaign that was simple in creating a device for people to listen to music wherever they went. It was not only created at a good time but highlighted why it was important and the simple element that it offered to people. Lesnard makes a note that Apple keeps on making products that add something new to them while making them simple. Another example is a fitness company called Peleton that offered exercise right from home and which provided a different kind of experience to consumers. The second and final tip that he shares in marketing a product successfully is focusing on the experience. When people choose to purchase a product they want to know what it does but also how it looks, feels, and lastly, its value. Steve Lesnard shares that the inclusion of videos on what it does and reviews from others can go a long way in marketing. A company named Yeti marketed their products by using ambassadors who posted pictures of them with nature while using the coolers and highlighted the features of the item. Steve Lesnard ends the blog post asking the audience what they can do when it comes to getting the right ambassadors, features of the item, and how to productively market the product. Lesnard can be found on LinkedIn for advice and be followed on his blog on Medium.


Medium blog post on product marketing

Treat Your Lips: An Honest EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS Lip Balm is the best choice for a simple, safe, effective lip balm to give you smooth, healthy lips. Application is extremely easy, the packaging is sturdy and cute, and this popular lip balm easily fits into your purse, backpack, or bag. It contains all natural ingredients that are good for your lips, giving you the smooth, soft look you’re looking for all day long. It gives a natural glow for a great low maintenance look that feels great too.

Their ingredients are sustainably sourced, containing mostly botanical extracts and fruits, and their products are tested intensively and contain no chemicals, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. The skin is moisturized and protected from future chaffing with Vitamin A, giving your lips long lasting comfort.

EOS Lip Balms have an impressive line of products with different scents like strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, and summer fruit, but all contain the same great quality of ingredients. Many also contain SPF, protecting your skin from UV exposure.

EOS is available at most large retailers online and in stores, making it easy to buy at your local pharmacy, drug store, or grocery store. The 100% natural, healthy ingredients like shea butter and beeswax make this the best lip balm on the market for an amazing price.

Why Carsten Thiel Was Chosen to Be President of EUSA Pharma

EUSA Pharma has been undergoing many changes, but one of the most important changes was bringing Carsten Thiel on board to help out. As a global pharmaceutical company, EUSA Pharma is dedicated to conducting research in the area of oncology and rare diseases. This is why bringing Carsten Thiel on board was such a great idea for the company.

He was chosen to be the president for the company for numerous reasons. One of them includes his experience in having worked for nearly 30 years with commercial experience. He has worked both in the USA and abroad in his chosen industry. This speaks volumes about his level of experience and his ability to build relationships with others regardless of their background.

One of the positions he had held prior was with Abeona Therapeutics Inc. He was also the Chief Commercial Officer for another pharmaceutical company known as Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

His time spent working for other companies in this field gave him the preparation for working in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, he was also instrumental is leading what is known as the EMEA. This means that he was focused on leading in Europe, Middle East and Africa, along with Australasia.

His education is one of the most important aspects of why he is successful. His education was directly linked to his field. He attended Hoffman La-Roche, where he earned his degree in molecular biology. He later earned his biochemistry in Germany, after attending the Max Planck Institute.

Carsten Thiel is known for his ability to become a welcome addition to any pharmaceutical company. Click here to learn more

Bhanu Choudhrie Views on Start-ups and Productivity

Did you know that C&C Alpha Group is the first European entity to offer incubation opportunities to tens of start-ups in India and Philippine? The founder and one of the mangers of this entity — Bhanu Choudhrie — believes that incubation services are the future of better and successful companies. Choudhrie is keen on introducing the start-ups to business systems and creating better policies. He understands that most businesses around the world fail because of weak and inapplicable policies.

As a graduate of Boston University, he understands the importance of collective management. Although Bhanu Choudhrie is a senior executive, he views management as a collective responsibility — of junior managers and members of advisory boards. In his company, for example, every decision is a product of excessive evaluations and different inputs. Due to this brilliant process, C&C Alpha Group is synonymous with growth and expansion to different markets.

Bhanu Choudhrie is also one of the strongest believers in charity. According to him, this is one of the best ways to contribute to sustainable communities — regardless of the sponsored projects. As one of the most respected business executives in Europe, he has diversified his charity projects to accommodate countries that are outside Europe. According to him, India is one of the countries that he believes need charity — especially in education and healthcare.

He is a believer in mentorships, and in the last two decades, he has mentored tens of investors. Bhanu Choudhrie is a believer in giving young people a soft landing into the unpredictable world of business. Just like in charity projects, he works with both Europeans and Indian investors. He is also keen on spreading wings and bringing Philippian’s young investors. He believes that these projects will revolutionize the future of business space.

Lastly, he is a believer in diversification — both as an investor and as business executive. Bhanu Choudhrie points out that investing in more than five markets has assisted him in understanding business dynamics and more importantly — how he can capitalize on market trends. In the last seven years, he has invested in the hospitality industry, and according to him; this market is unique and challenging but profitable under better policies.

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Academy of Art University VFX: The Key to the Kingdom

The long-awaited Marvel and Disney’s Avengers: Endgame is finally out, and not just like any other. The movie’s big debut made history on the opening Friday in the United States garnering over 156.7 million US dollars. Endgame The movie graced our theatres on 26 April and is already ranking as the second largest movie of all time after Avatar, crossing the 2 billion US dollar mark in only 11 days. Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd of entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that started in 2008 with the movie ‘Iron Man’ and has since grown tremendously producing ‘Ant-man’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Thor’, ‘Captains of the Galaxy’ to mention a few. Endgame is the final part of the series.

The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco takes pride in work such as the mentioned above. The institution now offers programs in motion pictures, TV, gaming, animation (2D and 3D) and visual effects. The academy is the largest and is one of the top arts and design institutions in the United States. The university founded in 1929 as a university for advertising art now produces the finest in the industry such as film director and cinematographer, Bilal Lashari, Pulitzer Prize winner and photographer, Dianne Fitzmaurice and actor and singer, Raven-Symone.

The university is a privately-owned for-profit university that offers associate, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in over 20 subjects with some provided online. Some of the programs are acting, advertising, animation and visual effects, fashion, industrial design, photography, landscape architecture among others. The institution has open admissions and an acceptance rate of 100%. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredit the Academy of Art University regionally. It is also a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The Academy of Art University has produced some of the top movies such as Shrek, The Little Mermaid, Cocoon, Star Wars, The Lion King, Avengers: Infinity War and now Avengers: Endgame to mention a few. The university mastered in the art of digital storytelling, visual effects and animation provide 21 other programs for its students.