A Look at How Tammy Mazzocco Began Her Career in Real Estate

According to Bitsylink, Tammy Mazzocco is a professional real estate agent found in Pickerington, Ohio. She has over two decades experience working in multiple posts within the housing market. Mazzocco had many residential listings located in counties like Franklin, Delaware, Licking, and Fairfield

During a recent interview at Ideamensch, Tammy explained that the idea to become a real estate was not prearranged, and it just found her. She explained that a property manager she was working with was the one that encouraged her to obtain her license in 1995.

On a typical day, Tammy begins with medication and some basic exercises after which she handles all the necessary tasks.

Afterward, she checks her emails and makes some phone calls. Tammy clarifies in the interview that with time she has learned to do the things that she did not enjoy doing such as prospecting by making time for them and doing them over and over.

According to The Lure Lounge, Mazzocco brings her ideas to life by conducting research, brainstorming as well as preparing a business plan to check for its practicability. Additionally, Tammy Mazzocco loves meeting with her clients on face to face basis as she is more likely to convince them unlike talking via the phone. Tammy elucidates that the act of setting goals and breaking them into smaller action stages has helped her to be productive in her line of work.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy first joined the real estate working at The Edwards Realty Company. After a while, she left the corporation and moved to Scotland Yard Condominium where she specialized in condominium management. During her time at this firm, one of the managers encouraged Tammy to become a real estate agent, and she received her license in 1995.

Additionally, Mazzocco managed several sites when working for T & R Properties which included an office warehouse and two apartment complexes. Afterward, she moved to work for Joe Armenia in 1998 as a licensed Personal assistant and gained a lot of experience at the firm which encouraged her to become a full-time agent. In 2000, Tammy Mazzocco moved to Judy Gang and Association as she was impressed with the all-female leadership team. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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