A Monumental Acquisition

Brazil has been one of the most populous countries in the world for many years. Today it has about 204 million with that number growing all the time. One of its biggest companies, The Eucatex Group, was founded in 1951 and continues to manufacture quality building material, furniture, and toys made out of eucalyptus. Its name, Eucatex, is a combination of eucalyptus and textiles. It has plants worldwide, employing 2,433 people and exporting its good to 40 countries. One huge accomplishment In recent years was its 2017 purchase of Duratex, a popular manufacturer of building panels.

This monumental acquisition was helmed by Flavio Maluf, the president and CEO of Eucatex. He and Eucatex agreed to give exclusive rights to a Copao Bonito farm in exchange for the rights of most of Duratex’ assets. These assets are worth about R$60 million, employ 280 workers, and churn out about 200,000 cubic meters of product a year. Maluf said this transaction would increase Eucatex’ output of fiberboard by 70 percent and its output of various paper products by 40 percent. Maluf also said that the transaction will better enable the planning of sales, maintenance, and reduction of losses.

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He said the move consolidate their already substantial standing worldwide. It currently has export partnerships with 40 countries around the world. Flavio was born into a very powerful and wealthy family. His father, Paulo Maluf, has been a very influential Brazilian politician his entire lifetime. After graduating from high school, Flavio studied mechanical engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He then moved to the U.S. to earn a degree in business administration from New York University.

After this schooling, he eventually joined the team of Eucatex, the family business. In addition to serving as its CEO and president today, he is also the president of Grandfood.

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