Advice to Young Entrepreneurs from Businessman Darien Dash

Since Darien Dash was a freshman in college, he had a mindset with a focus in the entertainment and music industry. Coming from a family grounded in the industry already, he followed suit creating existence as a prominent African American leader. While attending the University of Southern California, Dash started a record label, Roc-A-Block with Damon Dash. During his sophomore year, they generated over $100,000 resulting in the signing of Jay-Z and other hip-hop artists. In an interview on Crunchbase, he shares with its audience about his success as a leader and offers advice to young entrepreneurs.

After Darien Dash graduated from college, he worked for Digital Music Xpress (DMX) as its Regional Marketing & Sales Director. He gained an understanding of the technology industry and internet accessibility and noticed a disparity in the minority communities. He became an activist with a mission to make the internet accessible to all people, especially African Americans and Hispanics. In 1994, he resigned from DMX to establish his own company, DME Interactive Holdings and worked from his apartment he shared with his wife. He became the first African American entrepreneur to take his business public on Wall Street.

As an activist, Darien Dash met with former US President Bill Clinton to discuss ways of making the internet accessible. DME Interactive Holdings is the parent company of subsidiaries, Places of Color and Digital Mafia Entertainment. He created Places of Color to offer affordable computers to minorities in the African American and Hispanic communities. With the help of Hewlett Packard’s CEO, Carly Fiorina, he could launch the company through a strategic partnership.

Darien accomplished his mission and goals in his career and has advice for the younger generation of entrepreneurs. He advises them to monitor their financial statements including Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet. It provides an overall picture of how their companies are performing financially each month. Life experiences taught him valuable lessons including consistent monitoring of financial performances. His latest venture, The Movement Management Firm specializes in finance and strategic business advice to his long-time clients and young clientele.