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Wine enthusiasts who use JD.com or Jingdong will now be able to participate in sampling a new range of Hungarian sweet wines. This comes as the result of a new partnership between Jingdong and the Grand Tokaj winery, which operates out of Hungary. This is the first time Grand Tokaj has entered the Chinese electronic commerce industry. Jingdong will help market the Hungarian wines to the Chinese market and will also ensure the majority of customers receive their wine very soon after their order. Grand Tokaj wines began appearing on JD.com on April 17th.

Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in Hungary, located in the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine region. The area uses noble rot (a process that started in the 1600s) which uses grapes that have begun the raisining process. This is why some of Grand Tokaj’s wines have their distinct sweetness. Their products are selling well to Jingdong’s customers. The winery’s Tokaji Aszu wine sold 1,000 bottles in just ten hours of going on sale. On the day of the brand’s Chinese launch, the online store received 400,000 followers – the largest build-up of fans for an alcohol brand aside from Moutai, itself a giant in the industry. According to analytic study undertaken by Jingdong, over 75% of Chinese customers prefer foreign made wine. The study also indicated that young people, women, and those in higher-class areas were especially appreciative of foreign wines.

Carol Fung, the president of Jingdong, iterated her excitement over the partnership. Fung stated that the wine market was “burgeoning with potential” and claimed that the demand for imported wine was on the rise. She also mentioned her happiness at being the first choice of Grand Tokaj for expanding to the Chinese market. Gergely Goreczky, the CEO of Grand Tokaj, had similar things to say. He praised Jingdong for their work in bringing wine brands across the globe and Chinese customers together, and was optimistic about the future between JD and Grand Tokaj. Goreczky also said this was the “ideal introduction” for Hungarian wine making in China, and that JD’s way of conducting business would ensure a beneficial customer experience.

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