Neurocore Develops Thrive To Help Clients Monitor Brain Activity At Home

Neurofeedback brain training at-home is becoming a viable option for clients who are not able to see providers in person. Neurofeedback lets clients learn to control some of their bodily functions through real-time feedback. A client can learn to slow their breathing by watching real-time brain wave activity on computer or tablet screen in the comfort of their home. Neurocore has developed Thrive, which is a brain training program. Thrive trains the client to control their brain activity, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental disorders. An example of how Thrive works through biofeedback is a client while using the technology and wearing EEG sensors, can slow their breathing by watching their brain wave activity on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

EEG’s monitor brain electricity and send feedback to the client. The client is engaging in brain training activities and will receive positive indicators when the brain is functioning optimally and negative feedback when the brain is out of focus. The feedback may be in game form, and the client will earn or lose points based on how well their brain remains in the positive zone.

Neurocore will send the equipment to Thrive to the client’s home, and they will have everything they need to get started with brain training at home. Neurocore performs an initial assessment to help the client set the appropriate goals and expectations. The client will also receive five remote sessions with a Neurocore coach to accompany them through the process.

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