Troy McQuagge is Named CEO of the Year

One Planet Award announced Troy McQuagge as the 2016’s Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year award. The announcement was made at an event hosted by the company and attended by various professionals across the globe. Winning the prestigious award is a testimony that Troy McQuagge is one of the leading executives in the globe. McQuagge is the CEO of a renowned American insurance holding firm, USHEALTH Group Inc.

According to One Planet Awards, the prestigious award recognizes the achievements made by companies and professionals from around the world. All companies, private, non-profit, public, small, large and profit-making entities, are eligible to participate in the company’s award program. The selection panel ensures that winners of the noble prize have excelled in their respective fields and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

McQuagge has been working for the leading insurance company since 2010. He was requested to join the company and help in turning around its captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. After his intervention, the subsidiary company’s operations improved and its customer base increased. This success encouraged the company’s board to elect him as the president and senior executive of the Group. This appreciation encouraged Troy McQuagge to continue working harder, resulting in both the business leader and USHEALTH Group winning several awards.

While receiving his award, McQuagge said that he was excited to be presented with the prestigious award. He asserted that the award belonged to all employees of the firm considering that his success was dependent on their individual input towards achieving the company’s goals. He appreciated his staff for sticking to his strategy, a move that has enhanced the company’s profitability margins. Moreover, McQuagge has channeled his efforts towards ensuring that USHEALTH Group continues to provide Americans with affordable and innovative covers. This commitment is geared towards ensuring that clients receive quality healthcare services and contact him.

Troy McQuagge in a renowned American executive leader. The management expert is known for turning around companies. His strategies have put both the USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors on a growth trajectory. He has extensive experience in devising innovative sales strategies. Troy started his career in 1983 by working for the Allstate Insurance. McQuagge has also worked for UICI/Health Market.

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Securus Technologies – Using Advanced Technology For Inmates Communications And Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a well-known name among the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officials in the United States. It is because it is a company that provides a broad range of technological solutions, products, and services that serve inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. The company’s services are helpful with investigations, emergency response, incident management, and more.



It makes it easier for the law enforcement agencies to capture the convict and have sufficient evidence to present against the offenders in the court of justice. The services of Securus Technologies are used by over 3,450 law enforcement and public safety agencies, and the figure is expected to rise soon as the company plans nationwide expansion. At present, the services of Securus Technologies are used by over 1,200,000 prisoners in the United States. Over the years, millions have used the services offered by the company, and the company has received rave reviews from its clientele online and offline.



In a recent move, Securus Technologies showcased the excerpts from the letters law enforcement officials have written to the company. In the letters, the officials have mentioned how the LBS and other services help with crime prevention and gathering sufficient evidence to convict the offenders. The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, who helped the company rise to its current position, also used the press release to offer an open invitation to the existing and potential clients to visit the highly advanced technology center of Securus Technologies located in Dallas, TX.



As a law enforcement officer myself, I am deeply thankful to Securus Technologies in helping me perform my duty more accurately. Its LBS service is highly helpful in getting the data and information necessary for the dangerous elements of the society and helps catch them on time. Also, at many occasions, the company’s products and services help with crime prevention using advanced technology.

Kim Dao and Eric Go To Hakone

During Kim Dao’s boyfriend Eric’s two and a half week visit to Japan, Kim Dao invited him to on a roadtrip to Hakone for a few days. Hakone is a town located in the Ashigarashimo District of Kanagawa, Japan. Kim Dao read the roadmap app on her cell phone while Eric drove. Before having lunch, Kim Dao and her boyfriend snacked on some potato chips that looked like French fries. At the restaurant the couple dined on some type of miso soup. It sounds like picante sobre. The waiter gave the couple a flag from Australia after he learned that Kim Dao and her boyfriend were Australian. They also recived what look like home made cut out design book markers. The couple had starters that looks like tofu, some chopped scallion, and a peach. There was a salad that was some type of foomay that was an Asian noodle salad. For desert, Kim Dao had one of those chocolate snack cakes that people like Little Debbie’s, Hostess, or Drakes put out. The manager gave them a jar of Cafe Ole.

Kim Dao The couple took a cable car to get to a Hakone boat trip on Lake Ashinoko, also known as Lake Ashi where you can see Mount Fuji, of Japan’s three Holy mountains. The weather was a little windy.


Lori Senecal – The boss of Advertising and a Force to Reckon With

As the current Global CEO for CP+B, Lori Senecal handles many matters concerning the overall global growth of the firm. She is in charge of ensuring that the nine global offices coordinate and work towards the overall expansion and growth of the firm. She came on board in 2015 and ever since, her impact has been felt in both culture and business of CP+B. She has contributed a great deal in the creation of a modern, innovative, agile, and collaborative organization. The major characteristic that is most notable is the consistent international marketing flare that cannot be compared to anything else.

Lori is a great leader who whose focus is on talent, which has contributed and fueled the company’s growth and development regardless of geographical restrictions. Her input and leadership saw CP+B join the creativity innovators of the year award in 2016. In her Crunchbase account, Lori was mentioned among the four agency executives to watch in the coming years.

Before joining CP+B, Lori Senecal was the CEO of MDC partner network. Her responsibility was overseeing and driving the strategic vision, which depended the company’s unique model as well as fuelling its growth across the networks.

Before MDC, she was at kbs+ where she served as the chairperson and CEO. This company grew under her leadership to achieve an international audience of 900 people from its previous status of being a domestic agency serving only 250 people. At the time, the company received Crain’s recognition as an agency that was excellent to work in NYC. It was recognized as an advertising guru that stood out among numerous other competitors to attain a status of an advertising agency of a kind. This is a position it held for more than three years.

She had also worked at McCann Erickson before joining kbs+ where she served as president in the New York’s office flagship. She was the global chief innovation office r for the McCann world group. Lori Senecal’s accomplishments speak for her.

In 2014, Lori got the honor of being mentioned as the Women to Watch in her advertising age. In 2013, she was honored as a game changer in AWNY game. Her accomplishments also include being a member of the board of directors of the Ad Council. Her skills include and are not limited to advertising, integrated marketing, creative strategy, relationship marketing, social media marketing, creative direction, mobile marketing and digital marketing.

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Levenson Donates to Help Better the World, One University of Maryland Student at a Time

Bruce Levenson is a lot more than just the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and attended Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri. After Washington University, he attended law school where he obtained his J.D. degree at American University. While going to law school, he began working for the Washington Star. This began his career in journalism.

Levenson and Ed Peskowitz met and decided to create the United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977. At the time, UCG focused on the oil industry. They quickly began purchasing their competitors and has since gone on to become the leading newsletter informer for different industries, including health, mortgage banking, technology, and many more. The company also acquired TechTarget, which helps technology buyers make informed decisions, and Levenson was their director until 2012. He currently sits on their Board of Directors. In 1997, he and Peskowitz were inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame for their work with UCG. See,

In a report by ESPN, it did not take long after he sold the Atlanta Hawks for Levenson to get into philanthropy work. He decided to help out an unprecedented idea from the University of Maryland that will give undergraduate students the chance to explore the life as a nonprofit leader or volunteer. The goal of the program, aptly entitled The Do Good Institute, is for nonprofits to learn to compete alongside corporations. Levenson and his wife Karen donated seventy-five million dollars to the program that has already seen successes through students like Ben Simon, who created Imperfect Produce.

It is easy to see a person just for what they do in the business world, but sometimes we need to take a closer look. Through programs like the Do Good Institute, Levenson is creating human beings who just might do so.


Todd Lubar – Passionate and Dedicated Mortgage Expert

Todd Lubar graduated first class from the Syracuse University with a degree in speech communication. He knew from the very start that he would love his work in the real estate industry as he had a passion for real estate and loves to help others in finding properties that they like. But, he did not straight away start a career in the industry. He started out as a loan originator for the company called Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He learned about different conservative mortgage banking that has helped him in the real estate industry. The job also allowed him to interact with insurance agents, real estate agents and also financial planners. Today, they form a referral base for Todd that has helped him provide exceptional service to his clients.

According to patch, it was not until 1999 that Todd Lubar took a position in Legacy Financial Group that allowed him to hone his skills further. Here, he started to broker loans to investors and even lend loans. After working with the company for a few years, he began to work with Legendary Properties LLC. The company is in the business of real estate and offers a broad range of services to their clients that range from purchasing, selling, rental and investing services. He went on to start his real estate company and also an investing company called the First Magnus Financial Corporation subsidiary to aid in his real estate business.

During his stint in the real estate industry, he understood that there was a large group of people who are often overlooked by the traditional lending companies. He named the company Legendary Financial LLC that formed an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Over the years, he has been involved with more than 7,000 real estate transactions due to his ability to think practically in every situation. He also went to start businesses in different areas of real estate like automatic scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition as well. For more info about  Todd, visit his account on Linked In.

While the real estate business in the Baltimore area was slow for a few years, it has started to catch up. More people are coming in to invest in properties in the area. If you are looking for the best person to help you towards this step, there is no one better than Todd Lubar. His real estate industry expertise along with the loan knowledge has helped his clients find great deals and fulfill their dreams of becoming the owner of their house.

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From Carpets to Coupons: The Story of Erik Lefkofsky

Erik Lefkofsky is not your average millionaire. He cares about making a change withing his community and has an impact that will be more than temporary in the fields of health, education, human rights and arts and culture. Along with his wife, they founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, designed to help development and growth projects around the world. Though this and many other programs they support, they want to make life a meaningful experience for women, children, and people with fewer opportunities alike.

But, Who Is Lefkofsky?

Erik Lefkofsky started selling carpets in Michigan University, and then, with his business partner, they founded Starbelly, which became a quick success and then sold it. He has been creating and selling companies, becoming a serial entrepreneur by excellence. And then came Groupon, the social coupon site, he created it in 2008 with his partner, Andrew Mason, and they had no idea how amazingly successful it was going to be, even becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world, not to mention the doors it opened for the now-seasoned businessman.

Groupon offers its followers a coupon for the day, promoted by a local company, which encourages followers to share on their social networks. As simple as it may sound, it is a fascinating and innovative idea for the era of the internet, where everything is sold, bought and transferred online. It is the business not of the future, but of the present and learn more about Eric.

What The Future Holds

Lefkofsky and his partner Brad Keywell recently invested $ 100 million in Light bank, a firm that focuses on tech startups and that he is confident will change the face business through social media in the upcoming years. He believes it is important to grow and cultivate talent, and taking risks on new companies that may have exactly what he is looking for is the exact solution into making more people aware of the possibilities of a good idea put to work and Eric of Facebook.

Proof of this is the new venture he started, Tempus, a tech ventures that links new scientific discoveries with the battle of cancer. Another innovative and unbelievable approach that will surely disrupt many lives in a positive way, giving families and individuals hope for a better future and accelerating the research that might even turn the world around and take technology even more seriously when it comes to the improvement of people’s everyday lives.

Brad Reifler Takes Forefront Capital To Higher Levels

In the investment industry, there are many investment companies that provide a high level of service for its clients. The need for investment companies continues to be one that many investors have in the investment world today.

With the use of technology and the ever-changing financial markets just to name a couple of things, the investment industry has become more complex for the typical investor. While it is easier to gain access to investment information and products, the complexity of the investment industry has increased in many ways.

For this reason along with others, people seek out investment companies to help with a wide variety of investment related needs. As the investment industry has changed for investors, there has been a change in the way investment companies handle daily operations.

The use of technology has become prevalent in the investment industry. The core operations of many investment companies depend on the use of technology to provide the various products and services along with such things as customer service.

Without technology, many investment companies would have to revamp the very heart of its operations. Technology is utilized by investment professionals in the investment industry in all aspects of daily operations. Many investment professionals use technology heavily in areas such as investment evaluations, market research, and other investment related tasks.

A company within the investment industry that has used technology and other modern resources to catapult the company to the top of the investment industry is Forefront Capital. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is an executive that gives a new look to the investment industry. He is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

PR Newswire believes that Brad Reifler provides a modern approach to investing that has people taking notice. Brad Reifler is a successful investment professional who produces results as an executive and as a investment professional.

Brad Reifler is able to use his variety of talents and skills to bring a different perspective to investing. His risk taken approach combined with a solid understanding of investment principles make him an investment professional who is creating new ways of handling investments and investment practices.

The investment industry has become more popular in recent years because of companies like Forefront Capital.

Squaw Valley Statement Commits to Improving Quality of Drinking Water


In a November article in the Sierra Sun newspaper, it was reported that the drinking water in the Upper Mountain part of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort was not safe for drinking. Citing bacterial contamination, the Placer County Environmental Health agency conducted daily testing of the water and allowed the ski resort to open for the season under restrictions. But continued monitoring of the drinking water in the upper mountain was necessary for public safety.


In latter November, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort issued an extensive statement. This statement was meant to explain the contamination and ensure the public that it is being resolved.


Over the summer the resort upgraded its water system to improve service to its facilities. Part of that upgrade resulted in a relocation of the resort’s well-heads from below ground to above. Supply lines were replaced to prevent surface water intrusion. When complete, the entire system was certified and ready for the season to open on schedule. Unfortunately that fall an unusual amount of rainfall overwhelmed the newly updated system and contaminated the water supply.


The resort states that it took responsibility for the problem and contacted Placer County Environmental Health to work on a resolution. With their help, the Squaw Valley resort began to address the contamination, testing rigorously and continuing to work closely with the proper water safety experts to bring the water back to within normal levels. By the time of the November statement, the water supply was still not within safe drinking levels. Squaw Valley took the necessary steps to ensure safe water was available to its customers while keeping them insulated from the contaminated public supply, offering free bottled water for consumption.


In their statement to the Sierra Sun, Squaw Valley Ski Resort intended to assure its customers and the community that public safety was a priority. The resort remains committed to cleaning its water supply and ensuring its safety for all.


The Solid Reputation of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an organization in the international investment banking industry with notable achievements. It is committed to excellence, integrity, and leadership in delivering its services in the industry. It provides international services with different investment options to businesses in the public and private sectors including financial advisory services, merger and acquisition, financial options, and valuation. This is the competitive advantage of the company as it is dedicated to resolving the economic issues of different companies globally. The company offers expert advice to various businesses in matters revolving around finances to ensure they run their financial departments smoothly.


Madison Street Capital reputation has been built through years of exceptional services in the industry. It has drawn trust and authority from its business transactions with different firms. It is dedicated to achieving the best results. It accurately advises companies on which priorities to pick while investing. The investment decisions made by a corporation determines its net worth, and this is why they need an understanding partner. It provides professional services to its clients using the knowledge and experience of its team. Madison Street Capital has employed personnel who are experienced in the field of investments. This enables the company to give goservices to its clients.


The firm is internationally recognized for facilitating other businesses to understand the investment options that are at their disposal. Madison Street Capital has been the reason why most companies have made the best transactions regarding M&E. This has given the company a solid foundation in the industry and a first place when it comes to the financial advisory for private and public-owned firms. It influences countries at a macroeconomic level in these transactions. Madison Street Capital directly affects the financial decisions taken by multinational companies that are the backbone of many economies globally. Putting such a massive task on its shoulders has caused it to influence the global markets. Different enterprises have benefitted from Madison Street Capital services. The company has seen the acquisition of global markets and emerging markets in the industry. The company has been expanded to provide the best services in the industry to facilitate financial literacy in companies through this acquisition. Madison Street Company plays a significant role because the financial direction taken by a firm is primary to all its activities. It is an essential company to the financial industry and economic contribution of the business sector in different nations.


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