How And Why You Should Invest Safely With Gold

Find A Reputable Precious Metal Distributor

The first thing any serious gold investor needs before investing is to find a reliable gold investor. You’ll want to buy your gold from a private distributor, but you’ll want to make sure that private distributor is supplied by the American government. A great example is U.S Money Reserves This ensures the gold you receive meets the highest standards. You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars and find out your gold is tainted with impurities.



Look At Market Indications And Unpredictability

Financial markets are inherently unstable and difficult to predict. Share values may rise one day only to bottom out the next day. If you want something you can invest in to keep yourself safe from turbulence, you’ll want to consider gold. Precious metals are always highly valued, but recent market trends suggest upward trajectory. The last decade and a half have produced so many disastrous events interest in gold continues to grow. With the recent political shockers this year has produced there is a chance something might bring everything crashing down. Now is the time to invest in your future.



Consider A Gold Based Retirement Account

Right now the U.S Money Reserves is offering investors a chance to protect their retirement with a gold backed retirement account. Generally, when most people are looking to invest in their future they typically rely on a 401k account and the stock markets. The problem with this investment path is that markets fail all too often. With a gold retirement account from the U.S Money Reserve, you no longer have to worry about market failures because the property you hold is always in your hand. Even when market bubbles pop your gold will stay valuable.

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Investing In Gold Is Invest In America

The advantage you get when you decide to invest in gold is the satisfaction of investing in your own country. The gold the U.S Money Reserve, a privately owned distributor, distributes is actually inspected by the American government. This insures that the gold you receive is absolutely authentic and free from any impurities. Some precious metal dealers may try to rip you off with imitation gold or gold of an inferior quality. When you invest in the U.S Money Reserve you will know for certain your property is genuine. Every bullion and coin available is made from the finest precious metals.


Brian Bonar; exceptional financial leadership and entrepreneurship

Brian Bonar has a stellar track record in the field of executive financing. His excellence has been displayed in his remarkable success over the years. Brian has an experience that may be termed as exemplary in entrepreneurial innovation.

His experienced has been profoundly enriched by the various leadership roles he has taken in different organizations. His commitment to quality has seen him provide outstanding leadership to firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. His excellent leadership skills are further complimented by an incredible background in various fields.

Currently, Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman at Truecept. This is a company that was previously known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. Brian also still holds his executive leadership role at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His unparalleled love for design process complemented by his unmatched attention in detail execution makes his services incredibly competent. He has a rich educational background having graduated from the Stafford University with a Master’s degree; and another bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College.

Before his role as the Director of Engineering at QMS, Brian Bonar served IBM as the procurement manager. He also served Adaptec as a sales manager where he gained enough knowledge to help him found his company known as Bezier Systems.

His rich experience also includes serving as president at Tradeshow Products since 2008. Other substantial roles in his remarkable career include serving as the Chairman as well as the secretary at Warning Management Services Inc. not to mention his role as the Chief Executive Officer at the same company.

Brian’s career has gotten better over the many years in service, developing to become one of the most reliable figures in his line of work. His startling reputation as an efficient leader with an ultimate dedication to providing world-class services cannot be overemphasized. He has helped numerous clients actualize their goals.

He has also given his team members and the extended project managers the necessary support to realize their full potential. Brian’s portfolio is remarkable which includes achievements in fields inclusive of Commercial, K-12 Education Projects, Multi-Family Housing as well as retail and aviation.

Brian boasts diversity regarding experience; this is due to his service in various industries. With his remarkable and well-polished skills, he has been able to come up with astounding projects with above satisfactory results.

With the help of a great team of qualified professionals, Brian has been able to attain great customer relationships. He has an empathetic, bold, strong and an active personality which has helped him leave remarkable marks in all the fields he has indulged in.

Brian has maintained his repute and respect with his unmatched dedication and focus. Brian has also been named as one of the popular Who’s Who Executive of the year in finance.

Looking for a Competent Business Lawyer in Brazil

Are you in need of a business lawyer that handles contract litigation in Brazil? Do you want to hire a lawyer that has an established history of rendering excellent representation in matters regarding contracts and disputes?

Contract law is a complex legal issue and law firms and attorneys focusing on contracts and rendering litigation services and advise can be found in many places. If you are dealing with a business dispute pertaining to contract issues, it is imperative to choose a competent business lawyer.

There are many business lawyers in Brazil that represent clients in contract matters, including breach of contract but keep in mind that not all business lawyers are created equal. Take the time to find a lawyer who is well experienced and has a proven track record.

In contract litigation, lawyers for the plaintiff take steps in an attempt to prove that the defendant is guilty of breaching a contract, which means committing a civil wrong. The process of contract litigation demands carefully examining the contract in dispute, as well as taking into consideration the circumstances surrounding the case.

The damages are normally designed to pay for the expenses associated with the breach and to offer some compensation. The defendant employs lawyers to argue the circumstances, providing defense against the charge that a breach of contract occurred and attempting to keep damage compensation low if the court seems likely to rule in favor of the plaintiff.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent legal practitioner in Brazil, concentrating on business and corporate case. He has enormous litigation experience and leadership abilities in a wide array of business disputes and commercial issues. Ricardo Tosto has advised and represented clients in complex business litigation for many years, the majority of them involving multinational enterprises, high-profile individuals and large corporations.

Mr Ricardo Tosto is well known for taking a meticulous approach when it comes to helping clients reach their particular goals. Ricardo Tosto aggressively tackles the challenges and tasks presented by each case. He is a focused problem-solver who realizes that business goals determine legal strategies.

Fabletics Rocking the E-Commerce Biz

The JustFab subsidiary company Fabletics is taking the e-commerce world be storm. The Just Fab company runs on a strong e-commerce plan, so it is not shocking that Fabletics is the same way. Whereas Just Fab runs on shoppers joining as a member with a monthly charge, the Fabletics store does allow customers to shop as a guest or as a member. This unique way of handling customers helps the company to retain customers.

The big problem in today’s world is that it is so easy to shop from anywhere. Customers can be distracted by a mere click of their mouse or by a fun advertisement that will lead them to a new product. The fashion world is so competitive that it is completely worth it to attempt to retain customers if possible. By having customers become members of their company, Fabletics is out maneuvering their competition. If a customer is paying for a monthly membership to a company so they get bargains on athletic gear, of course they would buy all of their work out gear with their membership.

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Fabletics additionally saves customer information when they fill out their membership form. This allows purchasing to be that much easier for the shopper. Customers can easily select the item or full outfit that they want to purchase on The item or item will head to their Fabletics shopping cart. Since the membership requires you to add a credit card to be charged for the monthly membership fee, you do not need to fill out your payment option every time you shop. It is automatically saved in the Fabletics protected customer data base.

Fabletics setting themselves apart from JustFab to allow guest customers is another positive of the company. Allowing customers to shop from their e-commerce site as a guest, gives customers a shot to try it out. This gives customers a kind of “trial” of the products. In this way, they do not need to commit to a membership immediately to shop from the Fabletics store. Some fashionistas have complained that they wish Just Fab would allow customers to shop as guests, so it is a positive that Fabletics chose to permit it. Guest shoppers who have a positive experience at Fabletics may also end up getting a membership from the Just Fab company if they were pleased enough.


Investment Banking Has Become Very Popular

There are many types of banks in the banking industry. While most people are familiar with the traditional local bank that offers many of the banking services that people come to expect such as opening checking accounts, making deposits, and providing personal loans, there are other types of banks that serve customers on a daily basis. Many of these banking types are used by many people, but are not as well known as the typical local bank.

One of these banking types is investment banking. Although investment banking is not as well known in many circles as local banking, investment banking is still a very popular form of banking. Many corporations both large and small use investment banks on a daily basis for banking services. One of the main reasons is that investment banks provide many banking services that other banks do not provide.

Investment banks handle various banking services that are unique in the banking industry such as mergers, acquisitions, and source funding. Corporations have many business deals that require expert assistance in relation to financial matters, and investment banks have banking personnel who are trained in these unique segments of the banking industry.

One of the key positions in investment banks that assist clients with various investment banking needs is the investment banker. The investment banker position serves multiple roles within the investment banking structure. Therefore, the range of financial and banking knowledge that is needed by investment bankers is substantial.

One of the most well known investment bankers in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. He has an excellent reputation in the investment banking industry as a savvy investment banker who understands all aspects of the investment banking system. Martin Lustgarten has many years of experience in the banking industry, and he has achieved great success as an investment banker.

With his years of experience and the solid reputation he has earned over the years in the investment banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has been able to branch out and start his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin. Regarding his firm, Martin Lustgarten serves as the CEO and handles all day-to-day business operations for his investment banking firm.

Securus Technologies Ushers In The Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebrations and family togetherness. For many people, they are also a time for spiritual healing. There are some people that don’t get to take part in any of this because they are incarcerated. Prisoners are not allowed to visit with family during the holiday, and they become despondent about it, which can lead to disruptions in the correction facilities. That is why Securus Technologies made the Christmas video visits.


The Christmas video visits allow the prisoners to see, hear and take part in the festivities with their families. They are able to watch them as they open their gifts, and interact with them as they are having their Christmas meal. This means a lot to the incarcerated, and they are placated, making the facility safer for everyone inside it.


Securus Technologies is always creating new and interesting ways to keep the public safe. This is their mission. They want to make the world a better place for people to live, and that means that they want them to be safe at all times. Since they are experts at what they do, and the leader of their industry, they are always in demand. Many companies throughout the country hire them to get things done in their businesses, and the government contracts with them in order to keep their corrective facilities free of disruptions. The company is adept at helping to prevent and solve crimes. They specialize in both the civil and criminal sides of justice. In the course of a year, they deal with millions of inmates. They use their techniques and technologies to ensure the safety of all in these institutions. Since they have success at all they do, the company will continue to receive notoriety. In the future, they will continue to make new things happen on a weekly basis. Their employees are dedicated professionals who also share in the mission to make the world a better and safer place.


Michael Zomber- A Man of Many Passions

Michael Zomber is famous for many things. Probably you have heard of him in film production. Other know him as a weapons collector, others know him as a TV personality in the Tales of the Gun series on the channel History, while others know him as an author. Zomber is surely a man of many passions, but ideally those passions revolve around the history of weapons.

Michael Zomber has more than thirty years of experience as a weapons collector. He has owned and sold rare and treasured weapon from all parts of the world. He deals with weaponry from Europe, Far East (especially ancient Japanese weaponry), Middle and Near East (the Islamic/Arabic weaponry) and America. The weapons he deals in are valuable not only for their rarity but also the artistic workmanship. He showcases his expertise in weaponry in The History Channel.

In September this year, 2016, Zomber acquired the “Bowie Knife”. The knife’s contemporary inscription claims that the knife was retrieved from John Brown by the assassin who made an attempt on his life. The knife, or dagger as others would prefer, features a coffin-handle made of nickel inlaid with Mother of Pearl, and a spear-point blade.

Zomber has written several historical books. Two of his fictional novels, ‘A Son of Kentucky’ and ‘Sweet Besty That’s Me’, focus on the lives of folks affected by the Civil War. He has also authored a non-fiction book titled Jesus and the Samurai, a must read for people interested in Japanese artifacts.

Michael Zomber holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology from the University of Illinois. Also, he holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from University of California, Los Angeles. In close collaboration with his wife, Zomber established a film production company called Renascent Films. He resides in Philadelphia and is the father of two children, Gabriella and Christopher.

Brian Bonar Financial Advice

For many people, achieve financial success is a lot harder than they imagined. There are so many things to consider when working on your finances, and there are plenty of stumbling blocks when it comes to staying on track. Brian Bonar is a financial analyst who lives in San Diego. During his time in the industry, he has helped thousands of people with their personal finances.

His rules are simple to follow, and with that simplicity comes a lot of people who actually follow the plan. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to take the next step with your finances by following the advice of other people. Brian Bonar has a passion for helping others, and he uses that passion to help drive him to the next level.
Brian Bonar

From an early age, Brian Bonar had a major interest in numbers and in money. This is one of the things that helps to separate him from other people. He has a true passion for things in life, and this is something that helps fuel him when other people would get burned out. If you are someone who wants to learn about financial planning, he is a great resource to go to. Over time, there are few people who know about money without getting help from others. This is why the advice of Brian Bonar has been so helpful to people over the years.

Financial Planning

The field of financial planning is changing at a rapid rate. Over the past few years, few people have changed as much as Brian Bonar. He went from someone who was just focused on building his business to one who is focused on helping other people. He is now at a point in his life where money is not his main driver. This is something that a lot of people can appreciate about him. Although he is a person who makes a lot of money, he always puts the customer first. This is rare in the personal finance industry today, and one of the many reasons that he has won so many awards.

Final Thoughts

Brian Bonar is a great example of what one person can do to impact other people in this industry. Over the past few years, he has done a great job of helping other people get to the next level financially. If you need additional help with your finances, he is a great resource to go to. Over the next few years, he wants to continue to help other people any way that he can.