New Residential Investment Corp: All that you need to know

New Residential Investment Corp. is a well-known firm that specializes in investing in and managing, investments regarding residential real estate. The firm aims to drive strong risk-adjusted returns mainly via investments in Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights, Non-Agency residential mortgage backed securities as well as associated call rights. The company’s main objective is to work and improve their proven investment expertise in order to provide enthralling returns that will result in better dividends to their shareholders.

New Residential Investment Corp targets assets that can produce better cash flows and also put in place conservative capital structures, which can produce returns throughout various interest rate environments. The complexity of the mortgage loans within the United States has been increasing in the last few decades. It is true that the unfolding developments in the 21 trillion U.S. dollar residential housing market, is producing significant investment opportunities.

After the end of the financial crises, several changes are being experienced within the residential mortgage industry. The main structure changes are improving the manner in which mortgages are serviced, owned, and originated. These changes have created several attractive investment opportunities. New Residential Investment Corp is actually one of the few market participants with a combination of industry experience, capital as well as the key business relations with the capability of taking advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

More about New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is actually a high quality income vehicle that has highly diversified investment portfolio as well as significant interest rate. Although the market in which the company operates is not doing very well, its shares have remained up there. The firm has invested in a huge range of mortgage assets: call rights, servicer advances, residential & consumer loans, residential securities, and mortgage servicing rights. The Mortgage servicing rights commonly referred to as MSRs takes the largest portion of the firm’s investment portfolio. Sometimes back, it represented approximately fifty-one percent of the company’s investments. The firm gets interests income from these especially when the amount paid for the Mortgage Serving Rights is above the basic amount.

OSI Group : A Lifetime Of Progression And Innovation

OSI Group today is one of the prime examples of the American Dream. Not too long ago OSI Group was merely a small butcher shop on a quiet Chicago street corner run by recent German Immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. The small butcher shop was up against some of the most established shops in the whole city, however, Otto Kolschowsky saw a need for meats and service that his German community would appreciate. It was not until the economic boom of the post-war era that we would see OSI really begin to explode on the scene, soon the company had locations not only within the city but all over the state.

Coming off an incredible era of growth, OSI Group’s revenue began to plateau, it was not until the partnership with a little-known businessman named Ray Kroc that both companies began to prosper. Ray Kroc’s vision of a fast food burger restaurant that could supply a uniformed product was challenging, to say the least, however, Ray Kroc knew that OSI had the service and passion to make it happen. A couple of years later, Ray Kroc would go on to purchase the company and become its CEO, ultimately tying OSI Group and McDonalds together for years to come.

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Although today OSI Group is considered to be the nations food provider leader, the company is constantly working on improving their current products. For example, in the 1960s OSI was one of the first companies to take the risk of shipping their meat products via cryogenic technology which allowed food to be frozen and shipped out way cheaper than ever before. OSI continues to be a global leader in how our food is processed as well as the treatment of local culture and its employees. There is no doubt that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of OSI Group.

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Dick DeVos and the FAA

Most people don’t know this but the DeVos family has completely moved to Washington now. Whereas political aspirations were but a dream for Dick DeVos, the former President and CEO of Amway, he is now working with the Federal Aviation Administration. He joins their Management Advisory Council once every quarter to discuss new policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth. This comes after the FAA was challenged by the President to revamp the aviation industry, once the number one industry in America. However, the President felt that aviation had fallen in recent times, losing competition to foreign markets.


Dick DeVos is a perfect candidate for the new aviation council. While it’s a civilian-led council and doesn’t have much power, DeVos along with 12 other members are able to provide insights to the FAA as they move to change regulations and policies. Already, they have worked on a few plans, such as the $40 million new GSO tower to come in 2019.


DeVos has a lot of experience working with airports and bringing in new revenue as well. He has previously helped the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids achieve greater success over the past two decades. It all started in 1999 when the airport re-launched, expecting more traffic and yet it remained stagnant in growth. DeVos was asked to help, and he made a phone call to AirTran Airways CEO. He posed a simple idea. He wanted to know if the airline would open up a few more destinations to specific locations in US that were beneficial for business travel.


DeVos saw that the airport could make a lot of ticket sales just by catering to this market, and in two decades, he has been able to prove his theory right. In addition, the airport added a business traveler center as well new food court and technology upgrades throughout the airport last year. This was part of a $45 million expansion that the airlines paid for, not the airport.


It’s ideas like this that will help the FAA with their funding as they make some major changes to airports and policies in the next few years. DeVos is meeting with the council once every quarter. The council is currently comprised of former transportation authorities and aviation executives who want to help make America’s aviation industry better than it has been for the past few years.


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India’s Vision World Academy Awards Sheldon Lavin

Everyone loves being awarded. As a business person, being recognized as an award-winning investor has very many benefits. Other firms trust you more, and the consumers become more aware of the firm’s product. Sheldon Lavin has enjoyed this benefit after receiving Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy.

The institution awards individuals who have given up everything in their life to focus on building empires. They aim to see that they encourage such investors to keep up the spirit to achieve more and encourage other young entrepreneurs who are just getting started in business.
Sheldon Lavin was very grateful for the award. In his speech, he praised his team saying it could have been impossible to accomplish any success without the support of every team member of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Industries. He studied finance at the University and decided to explore what he had learned in real life. He set up a consulting firm with the aim of creating a series of companies producing food products. He knew that many firms would need money to expand their businesses, something he could offer. It is through his consulting business that he met OSI Industries then Otto & Sons and financed them. The result was the firm transforming from a local butchery to a multinational company.

Sheldon Lavin is proud of what the firm has accomplished over the years. He says that in future he will retire from his position, but OSI will remain the same because it has very many leaders to grow it.

Lavin shares the secrets that have contributed to the growth of OSI Industries saying expanding his businesses to multinational firms was the first wise step. Operating a business in a large scale reduces the expenses which lead to high-profit margins.

The last thing Sheldon Lavin share concerns investment of technology. He says that he has always known that technology will have a huge impact on how every business operates. OSI, therefore, advertise in all the social platforms as their digital marketing team stays alert for any emerging platforms.

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A Look at Hussain Sajwani, the Celebrated CEO of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the celebrated owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties, a Dubai-based luxury property development in the world. Since the founding of the company, Hussain Sajwani has exhibited his business acumen by propelling it from a mere startup to a market leader in the property development industry. Today, DAMAC Properties is a big employer with more than 200 workers. Additionally, the company has gone public with its shares trading on the Dubai Financial Market.

The DAMAC owner is an exceptionally gifted businessman. Besides establishing DAMAC Properties, he is also involved in the catering business. Before he had ventured into the property development field, Sajwani had established a catering business under the name Global Logistics Services.

The talented CEO of DAMAC grew Global Logistics Services from scratch. The business started as a small food joint in downtown Dubai. Under the visionary leadership of Hussain Sajwani, the business quickly developed to attract noteworthy clients such as the US-based Bechtel and the US military.

Today, Global Logistics Services is a major supplier of catering services to the US military bases and camps in Qatar, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, and Kuwait. The company also provides ancillary services like camp management for the clients. Additionally, Global Logistics Services owns small food outlets throughout the Middle East.

Through Global Logistics Services, the DAMAC owner eventually got a footing in the business world. Using his sharp business eye, he realized that there was a serious gap in the property market in Dubai. The revelation came to him after a short stint in the hospitality industry. The opening of Dubai as a free market led to an influx of visitors from all over the world, bringing along a hospitality crisis.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties. Since its inception, the DAMAC owner has steadfastly employed his skills in legal affairs, sales, finance, administration, and marketing to drive the company to the apex of the industry. The company’s first project, the Marina Terrace, set the pace for the future projects. Within a short time, DAMC Properties had transformed Dubai’s skyline with magnificent skyscrapers.

DAMAC Properties is arguably one of the most sought for companies. The company has ongoing high profile projects in major cities across the world including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Jeddah, Beirut, London, and Riyadh among others.

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The Fountain House Charity Services with Jeremy Goldstein

It is hard to understand how hard a situation is if you are not affected in any way. Patients and relatives of people living with mental illness understand that it is not easy. Fountain House has been a major anchor of support to many families. Every year they cater for 100000 members around the world. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire and Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the people who has had a hand in the success of Fountain House. Together with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel, they organized a fancy wine dinner party where they had great fun and at the same time helped raise funds for the organization. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein:

Members of Fountain House benefit in multiple ways. There are young people who are between the age of 18 and 30 years living with mental illness. It is hard for them to mingle with other people of their age bracket. Fountain House has worked to see that they encourage confidence, the formation of new friendships, completion of education and learning new skills.

As members go through the healing process, they are allowed to work in some of the community programs including; horticulture, education, communication, culinary, membership and reception. This has helped them gain self-esteem which makes it easy for them to blend in the real world without feeling indifferent. The participation also gives them a sense of pride.

Jeremy Goldstein works in his boutique law firm Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Before starting his firm, Jeremy was a partner in another prominent law firm. In the two decades, he has been a lawyer; he has overseen multiple acquisition deals including the Goodrich deal of United Technologies.

Jeremy Goldstein says that a decade ago there were many issues of conflict of interest that led many firms breaking from their branches. Goldstein saw this as an opportunity to start his firm, and fortunately, his assumptions were right.

Talkspace Offers a Solution to Mental Health Disorders

Talkspace is an online platform that provides affordable mobile therapy to individuals suffering from major depressive disorders. The company is based in New York, and they have qualified therapists. Olympic legend Michael Phelps partners with Talkspace to express his grief after suffering from clinical depression. He voluntary participates in raising national awareness to help victims suffering from acute depression and educate the general public the need to seek medical attention.

Michael Phelps shares his struggle with mental health disorders and worries. He explained how therapy lifted him emotionally. The partnership between Michael and Talkspace illustrate the reason that deters victims to seek help. Talkspace has various methods to reach the patient. Physicians communicate with the patient through text messages, phone call, or video calls. Patients get attention at a standard premium depending on their income. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

Relationship Advice

Talkspace also offer marriage counseling. A session with couples opens up a room for sharing grieves, finding answers, and individual growth. They assist couples in nature relationship, overcome struggles and create a lasting bond. Jor-El Caraballo stated that approximately 7.8 million couples are cohabiting in the United States. Talkspace is fully committed to supporting them in having a healthy relationship. He also noted that cohabitation is a result of a dynamic change in culture and spiritual tendency. He affirmed that cohabitant needs to cooperate to enjoy their companionship. Delegating household duties will be easy. The partners living together clearly understand each imperfection and forgive each other easily. Couples need to respect and take care of each other.

Talkspace asserts that a well-established communication between the couple is the key to achieve their goals successfully. It helps to solve challenges in harmony. Ashley Laderer stated that relationship fails because the majority of the couples doesn’t know ways to resolve the conflict. Lack of commitment, jealousy, and neglecting responsibility is the source of conflict. Seeking guidance from family and friends is helpful.

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Alastair Borthwick Tells About The Changes In Climbing

Alastair Borthwick is a Scottish writer who has penned 2 classics during his career about entirely different subject matters. He not only gave a voice to the common people who had taken up climbing during an economic depression that impacted the world, but he also served his fellow man during WWI in different positions in the military. His experiences in war and in climbing were chronicled in his books Sans Peur in 1946 and Always a Little Further in 1939.

When his book Always a Little Further was first written, his publishers were not sure that they wanted to take a chance on it. They didn’t think anyone would be interested in the experiences of Alastair Borthwick as he climbed through the highlands of Scotland conversing with the working people. In fact, Faber and Faber had declined the work at first until famed author T.S. Eliot championed for its release by the company. Eliot was on the board of directors for Faber and Faber and his decision led to them releasing the book which has not been out of print since 1939.

Alastair Borthwick was able to come across many interesting people and experiences while he climbed through the land. He talks about running into interesting people like tramps, hawkers, and tinkers while on his adventures and excitedly wrote about these experiences. While the publishers may not have had much faith in his writing before because of his new style and subject, readers everywhere enjoyed his work and it inspired many to get out there and hike. He was not the first author to detail their experiences as a hiker, but he was the first ever to tell the story from the perspective that he had.

Climbing had been considered a sport that was exclusive to the elite of society until the economy was in shambles and unemployment was at a high. People were off work and they needed something to do with their spare time. Alastair Borthwick fell in love with the sport and wanted to share this with the world so they could enjoy it as well.

Eric Lefkofsky Is An Accomplished Business Billionaire

Chicago has been a prime location for many entrepreneurs to settle into, including Eric Lefkofsky. Eric is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and businessman that resides in the Chicago area with a major focus on the technology industry. One of Eric’s latest approaches to the technology industry is through his company, Tempus. This new company of Eric’s was started up just a couple years ago and is focused on collecting large amounts of data relating to the healthcare industry, most especially cancer research and treatment information. It is Eric’s hope that Tempus will be able to aid medical practitioners with their patient’s treatments when it comes to cancer. Tempus recently developed a mobile app to accompany the growth of the company known as Tempus Labs.

For over a year now, Tempus Labs has undergone extensive testing by researchers and a handful of board-certified physicians from across the country. The primary focus for the Tempus Labs app is to provide the data collected by Tempus in a hands-on device in a very fast way. By making this data available on virtually any phone for licensed physicians, Tempus will start building even more traction and start improving procedures performed by medical practitioners. In order to actually get their hands on the app, physicians will need to contact Tempus and order the Tempus CLIA. When it comes to the field of cancer research, data is very patient-specific, which makes it difficult to provide good treatment for each individual. Eric Lefkofksy believes Tempus will help bridge that gap in a few short years.

After a successful round of funding that pulled in more than 100 million dollars, Eric Lefkofksy financially announced the arrival of Tempus Labs, which has increased the interest in Tempus by the public by a huge amount. Data access is widely varied from one medical organization to another, which makes the research at Tempus and data collection highly valuable.

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How To Conduct Yourself At Neurocore Once You Get the Job

You killed it! You nailed the interview. You have been hired as one of Neurocore’s latest recruits. Now what?

There are certain rules you need to abide by during office hours. I am not talking about the little handbook Neurocore gives out to everyone. I am talking about general rules that apply to everyone, no matter where you work. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The Rules At Neurocore

1) Did Neurocore give you a door for your office? Keep it closed if you need to make a personal call. Keep the calls short and to a minimum. Do you have an open office corridor at Neurocore? Go to someplace private before making your call. You can also tell the person on the phone you will call them back later.

In other words, do not air your private laundry out in public. Neurocore has its fair share of office gossips. You do not want to give them ammunition to use against you later. Some of them will do that. I am trying to help you from making a horrible mistake later. Remember, it is your business, not anyone else’s

2) Keep your computer on mute at Neurocore. That way the ding that alerts you about a new message will not distract anyone. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

3) You may get sick while working at Neurocore. Do not give it to anyone else Stay home until you are 100% better. They will understand. I had pink eye once. I did not come back to work until almost four weeks later. The boss wanted to make sure I was not going to infect anyone. It is understandable.

How do you call in sick the right way? Click and for a few tips on how to take the day off.

4) Make sure you understand the intended meaning behind an email you get at Neurocore before you submit a response. You might be jumping to conclusions when you should not be. Ask the person if you are not sure. Do not create a problem when there is not one.