Article Title: Organo Gold

In an article called “Organo Gold Pushes the Limits of Coffee Culture”. It talks about how Oragno Gold or ORGANO is one of the coffee suppliers that is expanding offerings of the coffee landscape. The article continues with talking about how “Organo Gold’s fine products offer consumers and independent distributors…” ( That’s really saying something about this company. Further down in the article it talks about the different types of Organo Gold products that aren’t just coffee. It’s honestly amazing to be known for coffee but also sell organic products that will keep people healthy, and energized but also for people who like Organo golds products but don’t like coffee they have tea and flavored drinks. Now that’s a way to sell a product.

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The ORGANO™ global family is celebrating the Year of the Pig. 🐷 🏮 Happy #LunarNewYear! #TastetheGold

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On the site it shows a short overview of the company information. The overview talks about how Organo gold is a product that is available through the global company known as organo (basic info that you can google), Organo gold operates in 45 different countries and thet are best known for the Organo Gold coffee. Now I’m not much of a coffee person but after reading these article I might grab me a cup of Organo Gold coffee.

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Betsy DeVos Leads the Way in Education with Help from Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos became the 11th US Education Secretary in 2017. She was appointed by President Donald Trump, and she has been a polarizing figure in American politics. Many have criticized her policies on education, but she has never wavered in her promise to bring better education to students.


In several interviews conducted between 2017 and 2019, DeVos talked about her plans. She was also asked about the success of educational choice, which is a program that allows students to pick and choose where they want to go to school. Up until now, students have mainly been designated to a school based on their zip code and school zone. However, what happens if your student is in a failing school zone?


Many areas around the United States have failing schools that aren’t performing with the national average. DeVos has tried to address these concerns by focusing on students who need more programs and a better curriculum. While many don’t believe in the common core method, DeVos has been working on ways to help students pick a curriculum that works for their style.


Betsy DeVos has also been working side-by-side with many security advisers and school safety officials. In an interview in 2018, she discussed gun violence in schools and what schools should do to counteract this violence. The topic of teachers with guns was brought up, but Betsy DeVos didn’t want to say what she felt either way. Instead, she said that she didn’t believe adding guns to school campuses was the answer.


On “60 Minutes” with Leslie Stahl, DeVos was questioned about educational choice and whether it would take American tax dollars to pay for private education. DeVos replied that this wasn’t how the program worked, but she didn’t say yes or no. This has contributed to many believing that public funding is going towards paying for private school vouchers.


DeVos has continued to deny this, and she has been working with state education leaders around the country to change the laws towards educational choice. She believes that these programs put students first, and she has contributed much of her time and money to promoting this idea.


Recntly, DeVos has been touring with First Lady Melania Trump. The pair have visited many schools and have been looking at ways in which schools can be better protected. Currently, all schools are expected to have a “school resource officer,” who is a member of the police force and trained to prevent school gun violence.


DeVos has less than two years to work with other state leaders, but it’s been difficult to get legislation in favor of educational choice. While students are able to choose where they go to school, many say that the programs take away funds from a public education system.


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Richard Liu And His Leadership At

Richard Liu has been the leader of since the early 2000s, and he has expanded this company many times over because he wanted to make his company more accessible to more people. There are many items offered by this company because they want people to have access to the best things to buy, the best things to use around the house, and the best clothes. Someone who is trying to make the best choices when shopping can lean on Liu Qiangdong and his business.

1. What Is All About? is an online marketplace that people can use at any time to have the very best option to buy anything they need. This company offers everything from the clothes that people need to go to work, and there are many people who would like to auto order from this company because they need to see the same things arrive at their home at the same time every month.

2. Started As A Store

Richard Liu was willing to change the way he approached business by using as a way to bring his businesses closer to the people. He knew that people were not able to go to his stores, and he preferred to give his customers a place to shop that would be safe and simple. The team finds the best products to post on the site, and they will post items that are much cheaper than the competition. Plus, this is a company that uses a simple bulk purchasing model so they can save money for their customers.

3. Conclusion

There are many people who would like to use the brand to get the items they need, and they will find that they can work with Richard Liu to get their products on his site. Liu Qiangdong is the best executive in the industry, and he wants to be sure that he can give people a better shopping experience in the future. He is growing his business to serve all of Asia, and he does so with a website that is easy to use.

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Hyland’s Teething Tablets: The Safe and Natural Way to Heal your Baby

An article from Chronicle Week talks about Hyland’s teething tablets. Hyland’s teething tablets are made from a gentle and natural formula that helps to comfort a baby, while giving parents the peace of mind that their baby is ingesting a natural and safe formula.

There are many different things that can cause oral pain for a baby. Hyland’s teething tablets are designed to give a baby relief regardless of what is causing their mouths to be in pain. Hyland’s Inc was founded in 1903 and is a brand devoted to providing safe and gentle relief to families. The leading homeopathic company was founded by George Hyland when he purchased a pharmacy hoping to expand his business. The company now helps families receive natural medicinal relief throughout North America.

The article discusses that there are many different tablets and medicines on the market designed for oral relief that can cause other harmful and unwanted side effects like diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and even jaundice. Hyland’s teething tablets gives parents the option to use a safer and more natural choice for their baby’s oral pain. Hyland’s is devoted to a more natural healing that helps to heal the root cause of symptoms rather than just mask them. Hyland’s teething tablets heal your baby’s mouth gently and naturally.

Hyland’s teething tablets also are easy to administer and dissolve quickly. The article mentions that the tablets are made from arnica montana, calcarea, chamomilla, coffea, and ferrum. All of Hyland’s teething tablets active ingredients are all natural and help to treat any oral pain or swelling. All of Hyland’s teething tablets are free from any artificial dyes and parabens as well.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Few Mistakes Doesn’t Make The Man

Mistakes are a part of every entrepreneur’s path to success. It’s not about how many mistakes they make but how well they recover from those mistakes. Sometimes, what seems like a mistake was simply a venture that didn’t end as well as predicted. Liu Qiangdong also called Richard Liu, knows all about horribly predicted outcomes.

The first sad ending Richard Liu faced was during his college years. He enrolled at the People’s University of China with the hopes of one day going into politics. The university was renowned for its connections to China’s politics, and Richard Liu wanted to become acquainted with China’s political elites. Sadly, his sociology degree wouldn’t have landed him a profitable career.

Rather than pursue politics, he switched gears and focused more on business endeavors. He went on to earn an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School and took a job at Japan Life. During his school days, he tried to own his own restaurant. Using the money he made from freelance work and some family loans, he bought small restaurant.

I didn’t take long for the restaurant to fail and put Richard Liu in debt. Once he met with real failure, he again shifted focus and decided to gain more experience before trying again. After graduating from business school, he started working at Japan Life, a health product company. He worked there for two years before deciding to go out on his own again.

This time, he found success in selling magneto-optical products out of a little shop in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park in Beijing. His store went from being locally successful to have 12 locations within five years. Sadly, his plans were thrown off by the biggest sad ending his faced in his career; the 2003 SARS outbreak.

That outbreak forced him to close his doors, but he didn’t give up. Since people spent more time at home, he moved his company online and added more products.

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China’s e-commerce giant, enters partnership with Hungary’s largest winery, Grand Tokaj

China’s e-commerce beast,, has been rapidly expanding and increasing its footprint in Asia by forming partnerships with prominent businesses throughout the region. The company marked first foray in Hungary by signing a partnership with Grand Tokaj, Hungary’s largest winery. On the other hand, this will be the first time the Hungarian winery will be tapping into China’s market.

The partnership between the two companies creates a win-win situation, as Grand Tokaj will benefit by increasing its customer base, while’s wine loving customers will now get access to the winery’s diverse array of sweet wines. As a way to ensure that the partnership enables both parties to achieve their objectives, will handle the marketing activities and will use its insights to help customize the wine products to suit China’s competitive market. Also, through its top-shelf logistics network, will ensure that the majority of the customer’s orders are delivered either the same or the next day after they are placed.

Grand Tokaj is a government-backed winery, and its top quality sweet wines are attributed to the usage of partially raisined grapes used in the processing.

Success rate

Even though the two companies only announced the partnership recently, the news has been received warmly and has had overwhelming support with over 1000 bottles being sold within the first 10 hours after the two companies launched it. also reports that Grand Tokaj attracted more than 10,000 followers to its online storefront only a day after the launch, a figure that continues to increase with each wake.

Commenting on the matter, Grand Tokaj’s chief executive officer, Gergely Goreczky, said that his company is looking forward to working with a company that is as sophisticated as

About, also known as Jingdong, is China’s largest e-commerce firm with regards to revenue and Asia’s fastest growing company. The firm was established in 1998 by Richard Liu Qiangdong and started as a small retail shop which dealt with magneto-optical products. Today it is among the Fortune Global 500 companies and gives firms like Ali Baba a run for their money.

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Article Title: Sharon Prince On Maintaining Her Career

Part of the reason Sharon Prince is able to accomplish so much within the span of time she has is that she is so set on developing within the career she has created for herself. If she were not so obsessed with this goal that seems ever-present throughout her life, it is unlikely that she would have been able to see constant success she has been confronted with throughout the years. Sharon Prince is, however, very accustomed to the work she does, and she rarely comes across a situation that she is not immediately sure of how to deal with. This is a severe advantage when it comes to operating businesses, and it has worked to her benefit throughout the entire course of her life, let alone her career.

Part of the reason she believes she has been able to succeed so much is because of the support her family has provided her. They have been constantly supportive in their efforts to ensure that she lives fruitful and fulfilling life, and if she were to ever drive herself into a rut, her family would be there to help her out. This is why they are so important to her. Because of their importance, she wanted to create a space where families like hers could benefit, and the result of this desire was, of course, Sharon Prince Grace Farms.

When she came up with Grace Farms, she did so entirely out of the desire to help others, and this is what makes an individual like Sharon Prince so valuable within the modern world of business. The fact that she is able to consistently make decisions that respect the integrity of humanity allows her to be consistently loved by the public. This is a feat that does a great job at maintaining her career.

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Donata Meirelles Is Hopeful That The Cure For AIDS Will Be Unveiled

Donata Meirelles is a prominent fashion consultant. As a socialite, she has also made some significant contributions to the fashion industry. For instance, she once worked at Vogue Brazil as a style director. She has also been supporting AIDS research. Meirelles has made an effort to attend events yearly to support AIDS education and research. She has also sought help from her followers in a bid to make sure that they can support her cause. Currently, she has a following made up of 463,000 individuals. Her broad audience has ensured that her cause has gained recognition. Additionally, they have also been assisting through the issuance of funds. Read article at

The New York Times had also written a headline on how a person with AIDS was healed for the second time. Since Meirelles supports AIDS research and education, she reacted to the post. Her main focus is to make sure that scientists can find the AIDS cure. She also came to learn about amfAR eight years ago through a friend. Since then, she has been focused on making sure that the AIDS cure can be discovered. Her family also supports her cause, and she is happy that they are on the right track.

AmfAR operates globally as a not for profit organization. They have placed emphasis on treatment education and HIV prevention. The organization was incepted in 1983, and it has been operational to date. Their main agenda was to end the stigma that was present in the society. They also prioritized on development, research, and policy influence. AmfAR has also been providing fellowships and grants to different organizations. The Family Institute of Health has ever been a beneficiary of one of these grants. Since amfAR began to operate, they have issued more than 3,300 grants to different research teams globally. In a bid to find the cure for AIDS, they have also invested more than $400 million. Learn more:

Isabel dos Santos: Redefining the Position of Women in the World of Investment

Isabel dos Santos is arguably one of the youngest billionaires in the world. At 45, she had accomplished what most billionaires only dreamt of when they were her age. According to Isabel, her success is a product of her approach to wealth creation and the fact that she is multi-talented in different niches. For example, she is an engineer, who has a huge passion for investment and entrepreneurship.

Isabel dos Santos also has one of the best interpretations of work. According to her, being an entrepreneur is a chance to work long hours but with more satisfaction. In the years she has worked as an investor in a different niche, Isabel points out that she has learned the art of working long hours and more importantly — being consistent in her work. However, she understands that work should not take family time and time for recreation. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at

She is also passionate about women in leadership and more specifically — African women. In the last decade, she has been on one of the biggest advocate of more chance to women in leadership positions. In her ventures, Isabel gives women equal opportunities as men. This approach to employment is Isabel dos Santos way of fighting inequality in the world of employment. In order for women to be as competitive as men, she mentors them.

Mentorships, according to Isabel dos Santos, serves two primary purposes. First, it is a brilliant way to give talents a soft landing to the world of corporate and business. Although she understands the importance of formal education in the corporate world, Isabel understands that formal education is not enough. However, better orientation to the world of business and corporates acts as a means to reshape people’s view on business and business dynamics.

Second, mentorships, according to Isabel, serve as a means to educate people on the most appropriate business practices. Thanks to her long period in business, Isabel knows what trends are ideal for business and which practices are not perfect for profit-making ventures. Through these mentorship programs, Isabel dos Santos has not only helped people to have a soft landing in business but more importantly, she has assisted people in making better decisions.

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Lisboa… zap viva

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Isabel dos Santos Values Integrity and Hard Work

Isabel dos Santos is a woman that most women admire because of her strengths, character, and brilliant mind. She is an Angolan businesswoman who had a net worth of more than 2 billion US Dollars. Being the richest woman in Africa enabled her to greatly influence the people of Africa and contribute to the economy of the country. She has been continuing the legacy of her father who is popularly known as Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the former president of Angola. Isabel dos Santos worked hard in order to achieve the wealth that she has now. She has been taking over several companies in Angola, establishing business partnerships, becoming a shareholder in companies, and constantly building her own empire. She is considered as one of the 100 most influential and powerful women in the world.

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Nova Cimangola is an Angolan cement company that is owned by the husband of Isabel dos Santos. According to them, there is no process of confiscation or expropriation of Nova Cimangola. All the information that was given to the public and that was disclosed were incorrect. It put their company at risk because of their opinions and it has put the company as the center of attention. According to Club K, the confiscation is actually a nationalization that would be done under the presidential decree through which Joao Lourenco established a working group that was designed to survey all private investments.

The cement company Nova Cimangola stated that the investment made in 2006 by a holdin d to obtain control of 49% of the cement company and was made through their own funds and a bank g company owned by Isabel dos Santos and Americo Amorim Cimenveste was use known as BCP, with a total of 74 million Euros. Subsequently, in 2009, an increase that was made allowed Cimenveste to keep the majority of the capital of Nova Cimangola and the following year, Americo Amorim was no longer in partnership with Isabel dos Santos who controls the company. Nova Cimangola was able to prove their statements and refutes the use of public funds, both in the shareholder structure of the company and in the investments that they made later on.

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