Bhanu Choudhrie Views on Start-ups and Productivity

Did you know that C&C Alpha Group is the first European entity to offer incubation opportunities to tens of start-ups in India and Philippine? The founder and one of the mangers of this entity — Bhanu Choudhrie — believes that incubation services are the future of better and successful companies. Choudhrie is keen on introducing the start-ups to business systems and creating better policies. He understands that most businesses around the world fail because of weak and inapplicable policies.

As a graduate of Boston University, he understands the importance of collective management. Although Bhanu Choudhrie is a senior executive, he views management as a collective responsibility — of junior managers and members of advisory boards. In his company, for example, every decision is a product of excessive evaluations and different inputs. Due to this brilliant process, C&C Alpha Group is synonymous with growth and expansion to different markets.

Bhanu Choudhrie is also one of the strongest believers in charity. According to him, this is one of the best ways to contribute to sustainable communities — regardless of the sponsored projects. As one of the most respected business executives in Europe, he has diversified his charity projects to accommodate countries that are outside Europe. According to him, India is one of the countries that he believes need charity — especially in education and healthcare.

He is a believer in mentorships, and in the last two decades, he has mentored tens of investors. Bhanu Choudhrie is a believer in giving young people a soft landing into the unpredictable world of business. Just like in charity projects, he works with both Europeans and Indian investors. He is also keen on spreading wings and bringing Philippian’s young investors. He believes that these projects will revolutionize the future of business space.

Lastly, he is a believer in diversification — both as an investor and as business executive. Bhanu Choudhrie points out that investing in more than five markets has assisted him in understanding business dynamics and more importantly — how he can capitalize on market trends. In the last seven years, he has invested in the hospitality industry, and according to him; this market is unique and challenging but profitable under better policies.

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