Brian Torchin: Habits to Avoid in your Workplace

When Brian Torchin finished his studies, his next move was getting a job. In the processing of sending applications and attending interviews, the medical student made some shocking discoveries. The job seekers were mostly ruining their reputation in the first days of employment. Years later, when Brian Torchin started his prestigious staffing company, he vowed to teach new workers about habits that ruin the new jobs. According to Brian Torchin, the following habits have ruined the reputations of thousands of professionals.

Questioning how things are happening in the company

All company bosses avoid hiring arrogant workers. Individuals who have that know-it-all attitudes are not perfect when performing their duties. When you get a job in a new institution, avoid giving your personal opinion about the job. You need to learn and understand all the operations in the company. The best workers will understand the company stakeholders, resources, outcomes, inputs, and processes. Try to dig deeper into the company by asking your bosses in a polite way. The way you ask your questions determined how your bosses will treat you. Find out more about Brian at

Asking for some time off

One of the biggest challenges company bosses faces time offs. When a new employee is demanding for too much time off, then something is not right. Your hiring manager will start raising eyebrows when you constantly have to be away from work due to personal issues. Your bosses will begin to think that you are an immature professional who is deceitful and lazy.

Gossiping with people in your department

After employment, Torchin says that workers want to know more about the people working in the new institution. You can learn about your workmates from a different platform, not through gossip vines. Know all your teammates and form your opinion without the help of other people. Getting into gossip groups will make your boss start having doubts about hiring you.