Building A New Way Of Lending With Jason Colodne

The career of Jason Colodne began with a move towards building a way of forging ahead in the financial sector that allowed him to become one of the leading experts on Wall Street. In the 21st-century, the chance to start a small or mid-level business has never been more difficult with the 2008 economic crisis bringing about many problems for the entrepreneurs of the U.S. The man who established Colbeck Capital Management in March 2008 at the height of the credit crunch of that year as he felt a switch to alternative funding opti0ons would create a better financial future for many different areas of the financial sector.

Throughout his career, Jason Colodne has been looking to learn and build his experience in the way the entrepreneurs and startup companies in the U.S. are able to source funding. For Jason Colodne, the problem of where the funding needed for the entrepreneurs of the U.S. to build their business opportunities in the future is to come from. Colodne and his fellow financial experts have already spotted the limitations placed on credit at major financial institutions. Instead, the majority of entrepreneurs are being forced to seek out funding from smaller credit unions and non-traditional forms of funding. Connect Linkedin to see Jason Colodne’s profile.

As an expert in non-traditional or alternative funding sources, Jason Colodne is ideally placed to assist the entrepreneurs of the U.S. and the wider world as they seek to build their companies. The rising nature of the non-traditional funding can take many different forms with crowdsourcing, angel investors, and private equity all moving forward as preferred sources of credit being sought by the former University of Pennsylvania student for his clients. Jason Colodne believes the most impressive way of bringing success to the startups and entrepreneurs of the U.S. is to move them away from the difficulties often faced when working with lenders from major banks and other financial institutions.

As a leader in the non-traditional funding markets, Jason Colodne believes his company is uniquely positioned to aid business leaders who may have faced credit issues or a slowdown in their cashflow in recent times. During his time at both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Colodne has become an expert in the way the financial sector handles companies in some distress or those who have been hit by credit problems. Colodne is one of the leading experts in this area as he believes he can work in alternative markets to achieve success for almost any business choosing to accept the assistance of Colbeck Capital Management.

For Jason Colodne, thinking outside the box and finding new ways of working in the financial sector has become one of the leading ways Colbeck Capital Management can help clients. Colbeck himself does not limit his work to just the financial sector as he is a keen philanthropist and an active movie producer. Over the course of his career in movies, Colodne has worked on films nominated for two Academy Awards and have starred some of the biggest name actors in the world.