Marketing Executive Lori Senecal Stepping Down as Global CEO

Lori Senecal has had a long and successful career as a marketing executive. Her most recent position has been as the chief executive officer of the advertising agency known as CP+B Global. While she has been very successful as the firm’s top executive, she will be stepping down as the CEO after this year. Therefore, she is going to retire and end her career as a marketing executive. Her presence will be sorely missed as she was able to help establish CP+B Global into one of the top leading marketing agencies in the entire world. The founder and chairman of CP+B Global will miss her the most as he believes that Lori Senecal was an integral part in the firm’s recent run of success. CP+B Global’s founder Chuck Porter said that Lori has made a significant impact that has resulted in a number of positive outcomes for the firm in recent years. With her departure, the firm will need to find another leader to continue its success as a leading advertising agency. Check out



Since Lori will be stepping down and retiring, CP+B Global must now find a replacement for her in the CEO position. Fortunately for the firm Loir will help with the process of finding a new top executive to lead the firm. She will work closely with the firm’s founder Porter to interview and evaluate the candidates. During this process, the two will look for a professional who has the leadership skills, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit that Lori had. By the end of the year, Lori Senecal will move on and leave behind a new executive to help lead CP+B Global in the future.


Over the course of her career, Lori has worked at a number of key marketing firms. These have included McCann Erickson and KBS. When she was with KBS, she helped build the firm into a leading advertising agency as well as growing the firm to 800 employees. During her career, she would work on advertising campaigns for major companies such as Coca Cola, BMW and Kraft. When it comes to success in the advertising industry, Lori said that it is important to make money by getting good clients and having something valuable to market to consumers. She has also mentioned that her ability to motivate others has helped lead her to becoming a successful executive. Lastly, her experience in gymnastics coaching inspired her to work in management and helped improve her leadership skills. Prior to beginning her career, Lori Senecal earned a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing and Finance degree from McGill University.



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Lori Senecal And The Usefulness of Social Media

Social media has become one of the most used sources of traffic and income. Lori Senecal sees the value in social media platforms. For one thing, they are a lot like search engines mixed with forums. Therefore, they are used for conversation on any trending topic. Social media has become so attractive that a lot of businesses are using it for profits. They are advertising on social media sites and bringing in the traffic that they need for business. Lori Senecal herself has recommendations on the social media platform to use and the way to use it.

According to GC Report, Facebook is the best social media platform to use for marketing. One of the reasons that Lori Senecal chooses Facebook is because of the large number of people that use the platform. Among the many factors that make Facebook such a large and successful platform are the multiple activities that are offered on this platform. People are not only communicating and shopping on the platform, but they are also working and playing. This is one of the factors that have attracted Lori Senecal to Facebook as an advertising platform. She wants people to see the value of this platform when it comes to advertising.

Lori Senecal has a ton of recommendations when it comes to advertising. Among the recommendations she has is being a part of the community before advertising. When it comes to the advertising campaign, it is important for the marketer to be able to find some kind of angle or mood that is attractive to the customer. One thing that is important is paying attention to the trend in advertising. One trend that is taking shape is the use of comedy to sell. Many companies such as Geico and tax companies are seeing the value of humor in their advertising campaigns.

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Lori Senecal Announces Her Departure from CP+B Global

Theoretically, each member of a company plays a significant role when it comes to determining its success. However, the truth remains; it is the top fellows of the company that impact the extent of the victory. Lori Senecal is among the few CEOs across the globe whose effort can never go unrecognized.

The lucky lady leaves a legacy at every opportunity she is provided to lead. Today, Senecal serves as the CEO of CP+B Global. However, her presence at the company is not to be enjoyed for long since she announced her plan to exit come to the end of 2017. Lori took her role at CP+B at around March 2015. Her departure from the MDC partners agency come as a blow to the organization owing to the tremendous influence she has on the company.

It is during Lori’s leadership that CP+B beat off TM Advertising from a deal with American Airlines. As many would say, the deal was a significant milestone for the company bearing in mind that TM Advertising had the opportunity for over 25 years.

Besides, the miseries at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) don’t seem to end with Lori’s departure. Richard Pinder has also confirmed the rumors that he is exiting the prestigious firm. Pinder is among the few individuals who mean success to the company hence his departure also come as a blow to the MDC’s shop. Pinder has a rich portfolio as he is the founder of The House Worldwide. His network worked in close collaboration with well-known brands such as Levis, Lenovo among many others before it was acquired by CP+B. As a result, CP+B is spending sleepless nights trying to choose those who will replace the talented duo.

About Lori Senecal

Currently, Lori Senecal is the seating CEO Of CP+B. When it comes to work experience, Lori takes pride in holding the key to all. According to Campaign Live, the strong lady previously served as the Global Executive Chairman of KBS, a task that was followed by incredible results. As the CEO, Lori works day and night to redefine MDC’s way of operation.

As per the record, every company that Lori steps her foot gets to achieve unbelievable results. Before getting associated with KBS, Lori had the chance of working with McCann Erickson at their New York office. Over the past few years, Lori has been crowned numerous accolades as an appreciation to her motivation to the women. Follow Lori on Twitter.

Jose Henrique Borghi is Only Motivated by One Thing; Success

For many of us, all we know about advertising is that involves highly emotional campaigns. These campaigns are often funny or move us to tears. However, these cute campaigns need to deliver results. One advertising company that knows how to do both is Mullen Lowe Brazil. The company has over the past few years developed campaigns that are captivating but also win consumers over to their clients’’ brands.

Running a company as Mullen Lowe Brazil is not an easy task. Currently, the company is the third largest advertising agency in Brazil and has about 300 employees. One man has, however, been able to undertake this task seamlessly – Jose Henrique Borghi.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the Chief Executive Officers of Mullen Lowe Brazil. He is assisted in this capacity by fellow CEO Andre Gomes. During his stint at the helm of the company, Mr. Borghi has overseen a number of campaigns that have taken the Brazilian market by storm. Some of these campaigns include those for Fiat, the Brazilian Down Syndrome Foundation, Honda, and Sazon. While these campaigns have made Mullen Lowe Brazil look good, the most important consideration is the fact that they have won millions of consumers over to the involved clients and brands. Any prospective client in Brazil, therefore, now knows that Mullen Lowe Brazil is one of the few advertising agencies in the country and contact him.

When he is not plotting Mullen Lowe Brazil’s rise to the top of the Brazilian advertising industry, Mr. Borghi is often working out. Over the years, he has developed into a sports enthusiast and regularly goes for an exercise jog or swim before heading to work and learn more about Borghi.

With Jose Henrique Borghi at the helm and the disposable incomes of Brazilian residents growing considerably every year, Mullen Lowe Brazil will only continue to grow and read full article.

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Lori Senecal- The Most Powerful Women in the Advertising Agency Business

The fourth daughter of a shop owner and school teacher, Lori Senecal grew in a highly competitive environment, thus learned to fight for attention at an early age. Though a rather shy child, she participated in competitive gymnastics that focused on individual achievement, which saw her become a coach. Still not sure of her career ambitions, Lori joined Montreal’s McGill University to pursue a business major and specialized in marketing. After graduating, she joined Vickers & Benson agency in Toronto. The eventful agency life certainly pushed her out of her comfort zone, obliging her to develop social and performing skills that she didn’t possess. The presumed competitive background explains Lori’s current role as the global CEO of CP+B where she oversees the agency’s global progress and expansion and coordinates the company’s nine international offices. Lori joined the organization in 2015 and has so far, made a tremendous impact on the CP+B’s operations and culture, offering consistency in both local and global spheres. Check out Forbes to know more.

Tremendous Performance

Lori’s leadership and firm belief on nurturing talent have propelled the agency’s development and growth in different disciplines and across boundaries. In 2016, CP+B agency led the Advertising Age contest, winning an award as the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” while naming Senecal among the four agency executives to watch out for. The agency also clinched the Titanium Grand Prix for its outstanding work at Dominos during the Cannes Lions Festival. The previous year saw the organization win coveted business contracts with companies like Hershey, American Airlines, and PayPal.

Prior Achievement

Before joining CP+B, Lori worked as the global chairman and CEO of MDC Partner Network. Here, she was in charge of driving the company’s strategic vision and working with MDC’s partners to propel growth throughout the network. Her tenure at KBS as the CEO saw the company grow from a 250-manned agency to more than 900 people with international recognition as the best place to work in NYC. It also featured on Advertising Age’s list of Standout Agencies. Senecal has also worked as the global Chief of Innovation Officer for McCan Worldgroup before becoming the president of the New York office. In 2014, AdAge named Lori as the year’s Women to watch while the previous year saw her obtain a Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards.

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Lori Senecal – The boss of Advertising and a Force to Reckon With

As the current Global CEO for CP+B, Lori Senecal handles many matters concerning the overall global growth of the firm. She is in charge of ensuring that the nine global offices coordinate and work towards the overall expansion and growth of the firm. She came on board in 2015 and ever since, her impact has been felt in both culture and business of CP+B. She has contributed a great deal in the creation of a modern, innovative, agile, and collaborative organization. The major characteristic that is most notable is the consistent international marketing flare that cannot be compared to anything else.

Lori is a great leader who whose focus is on talent, which has contributed and fueled the company’s growth and development regardless of geographical restrictions. Her input and leadership saw CP+B join the creativity innovators of the year award in 2016. In her Crunchbase account, Lori was mentioned among the four agency executives to watch in the coming years.

Before joining CP+B, Lori Senecal was the CEO of MDC partner network. Her responsibility was overseeing and driving the strategic vision, which depended the company’s unique model as well as fuelling its growth across the networks.

Before MDC, she was at kbs+ where she served as the chairperson and CEO. This company grew under her leadership to achieve an international audience of 900 people from its previous status of being a domestic agency serving only 250 people. At the time, the company received Crain’s recognition as an agency that was excellent to work in NYC. It was recognized as an advertising guru that stood out among numerous other competitors to attain a status of an advertising agency of a kind. This is a position it held for more than three years.

She had also worked at McCann Erickson before joining kbs+ where she served as president in the New York’s office flagship. She was the global chief innovation office r for the McCann world group. Lori Senecal’s accomplishments speak for her.

In 2014, Lori got the honor of being mentioned as the Women to Watch in her advertising age. In 2013, she was honored as a game changer in AWNY game. Her accomplishments also include being a member of the board of directors of the Ad Council. Her skills include and are not limited to advertising, integrated marketing, creative strategy, relationship marketing, social media marketing, creative direction, mobile marketing and digital marketing.

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