Genucel by Chamonix – Anti-aging System

Genucel by Chamonix is an anti-aging system that focuses on reducing the four main factors that cause people to look older. Loss of firm skin, thinner skin, puffiness, and cell or DNA damage cause people to look older than they really are.

This system’s ingredients also focus on mitigating the effects of the environmental factors in aging. Most of these factors cause damage to the DNA or cells in your skin. They do this by causing free-radicals in your skin. These free-radicals are molecules that are not paired with an electron and are unstable. These free-radicals binds with the first cell they can. This causes extensive damage to your skin over time.

To help get rid of these free-radicals, Genucel uses anti-oxidants. The main anti-oxidants used extracts of algae, goji-berry, and green tea. The algal extract also is an anti-inflammatory that protects against toxins and their effects of any toxins still in your bodies system. This helps with the swelling and bags under the eye, see

One of the main ingredients of Genucel is a tetrapeptide called Eyeseryl. This ingredient helps reduce edema or swelling and drooping under and around the eyes face and neck. This ingredient also helps to prevent a process called glycation that causes the skin to be not as firm. Eyeseryl is so important to this Genucel that they put twice as much in their products as their competitors.

One of the other main ingredients is called PhytoCellTec. PhytoCellTec is made of stem cells from the Malus Domestica plant, which is a rare Swiss apple. These stem cells help rejuvenate the cell fibers in your skin more quickly.

The last main ingredient is marine collagen. Marine collagen is molecules that are hydrolyzed from the skin, bone, and scales from fish. Collagen is known to make skin glow and to strengthen the proteins and fibers in the skin.

Genucel by Chamonix ingredients work by rejuvenating your skin. Most other creams or systems are said to cause redness and irritation of the skin, but this product does not seem to cause that. Instead, it is said that it will make your skin feel refreshed.


Amazing Hair Care by Chaz

Wen hair care by, Chaz Dean is a name that many know. Chaz Dean is a popular name in Hollywood. He is a stylist based in Los Angeles, California. He has an impressive celebrity clientele list, yet remains humbled with a big heart for his passion. Chaz began his love for styling while taking photography courses. He then started his cosmetology career in Los Angeles and from then on his passion grew. He gained his experience in cutting and coloring and didn’t stop there. He held the position as a manager for a salon and then bought his own. He moved his salon to Hollywood and started to do hair for celebrities.

Chaz became interested in creating his own hair products, and he eventually came up with Wen. Chaz has created a hair company that has helped millions of people get the hair they have always desired. His QVC best-selling products have been proven to cleanse, condition, and hydrate hair to leave it looking healthy and flawless.

With the thousands of reviews on Amazon from his hair products he has a 4.2 star out of 5 stars. Many customers even noticed a difference in their hair after using WEN products one time. Even customers with dry and brittle hair absolutely loved what it did to their hair. There are so many perks when using WEN hair care products. He made sure to create something that would leave his customers satisfied with their desired hair.

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The Roller Coaster of Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley has generated a skin care and make-up line that is named after the creator. She has worked with some controversial products such as Retinol. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A which has a variety of issues surrounding it but has the potential to boost the collagen in your face. The main reason that people are scared of using this product though is because it has the possibilities of making your face red and peel from irritation. Believe it or not that supposed to happen, while inconvenient, is part of the process. The fact that it’s costs are well over $100.00 has pushed some shoppers away also but this was a real concern for Riley so she made sure that all of her products were well worth the costs that people have to pay.

After generating the skin care regimen, Sunday Riley decided to branch out into additional beauty products. In 2011 she developed various make-up products that included pressed powders and mascaras an many more. After being on the shelves for awhile Sunday thought that the line began to take the attention away from her original skin care products. The make-up products never really generated the popularity that was intended, so after two years the products were removed from circulation.

Even though the make-up line did not take off, Sunday Riley did not stop developing products. She developed a new line of skin care products that were focused on the use of Vitamin C. This product has been advertised to protect and repair the moisture lost throughout your body. Even though some of the products developed by Sunday Riley have been removed from the shelves, you can still get your favorite products through various social media outlets. Her name is known throughout the beauty community and will continue to live on through her products.

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