Boxing Club Fundraiser by Lee May!

Groups around the world have walks, marathons, parties and such to raise awareness for a specific organization or charity. Lee May has made it a point to do this by creating a 10k run for the Nemesis ABC (Amateur Boxing Club) of Beamridge in the UK. His love for boxing has allowed him to use this platform to help this club buy a new minibus. He wants to make sure the team gets from one match to another in a safe way by having a new vehicle. A fundraising opportunity was created on Crowdfunding website to make this happen.


Lee May is a gentleman who has built a prosperous construction company since 2013 named Beamridge. This company has become the first choice for a qualified contractor to deliver the best results. Lee May has had a desire to build communities for those to feel safe and peace at home. He’s fortunate to be involved in a variety of businesses, sharing his knowledge of engineering and housing development. Although he’s a young man, he has proven to provide a work ethic like no other. Lee May is the head of development for Keltbray Remediation. This company represents recycling and recovery for clients. By handling issues on site, this allows costs to come down so that Keltbray can improve waste recovery levels.


Mr. May is passionate about alleviating poverty, education and disaster relief. We see this time and time again through the businesses he has been in charge of over the years. When people need advice about the structure of a building or if asbestos was once an issue, Lee May is the man for the task. He wants to be confident that the work he will provide via his experience in development will be one of class and performance. Being supportive of charities for the sake of improving one’s well being is what he’s all about. Anyone can build homes and be successful at it, but it takes a caring heart to go above and beyond to reach people where they are and help better their lives.