Donata Meirelles Is Hopeful That The Cure For AIDS Will Be Unveiled

Donata Meirelles is a prominent fashion consultant. As a socialite, she has also made some significant contributions to the fashion industry. For instance, she once worked at Vogue Brazil as a style director. She has also been supporting AIDS research. Meirelles has made an effort to attend events yearly to support AIDS education and research. She has also sought help from her followers in a bid to make sure that they can support her cause. Currently, she has a following made up of 463,000 individuals. Her broad audience has ensured that her cause has gained recognition. Additionally, they have also been assisting through the issuance of funds. Read article at

The New York Times had also written a headline on how a person with AIDS was healed for the second time. Since Meirelles supports AIDS research and education, she reacted to the post. Her main focus is to make sure that scientists can find the AIDS cure. She also came to learn about amfAR eight years ago through a friend. Since then, she has been focused on making sure that the AIDS cure can be discovered. Her family also supports her cause, and she is happy that they are on the right track.

AmfAR operates globally as a not for profit organization. They have placed emphasis on treatment education and HIV prevention. The organization was incepted in 1983, and it has been operational to date. Their main agenda was to end the stigma that was present in the society. They also prioritized on development, research, and policy influence. AmfAR has also been providing fellowships and grants to different organizations. The Family Institute of Health has ever been a beneficiary of one of these grants. Since amfAR began to operate, they have issued more than 3,300 grants to different research teams globally. In a bid to find the cure for AIDS, they have also invested more than $400 million. Learn more:

Brazilian Fashion Star DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles is a famous fashion star in the Brazilian fashion industry. Donata has over 30 years of experience as a fashion designer. Donata grew into a big name through Doslu that gave her fame as an international buyer making her be featured in a French magazine as the best buyer in the world.

Donata is among the renowned fashion directors in Brazil, due to her perfect role of holding TV programs and as a former director of Daslu. She acquired her career at the University of Columbia where she majored in sales after obtaining a scholarship and later she in 1990 she started running Daslu and later in 2005 she was appointed as the chief editor in Brazil due to her outstanding performances in her career.

The global influence of Donata led to her present job as a style director. She has been supportive in the publication featured trends globally, and therefore her contributions have been of great value to the fashion industry in Brazil. Her efforts in fashion have influenced the whole country, and this has made her a familiar figure in the fashion household in the entire Sao Paulo. Back in her home town, her efforts and handwork has also been echoed for his outstanding work with the Brazilian fashion industry. See more of Donata Meirelles at

DonataMeirelles has also been starred in the mansion she lived in Casa Amarilla. She is a wife to NizanGunaes who is the chief executive officer of ABD company and business person. He has sported Donata in her career, and this has enabled her to become a star in her field. He always created conducive atmosphere for her that made her work easy and achievable.

Donata has been a fun of Vogue Brazil, and she contributed significantly in the creation of personalized and unique materials that were handed to Vogue Brazil to add fragrance to the fashion to make it more stylish. The effort promoted more partnership with Vogue Brazil that has seen it grow up to date.she has also been recognized for her efforts of fighting HIV aids and her humanitarian dedication.

In conclusion, DonataMeirelles makes use of the natural and refined materials around her to create fashion. On her usual day outside her busy schedules she loves shopping, she is a lover of accessories due to her career that rotates around way. Her features have made her famous and featured in Brazilian magazines that are published regularly on fashion styles and achievements.


Flavio Maluf at the Helm of Eucatex

The businessman transformed the firm due to his excellent leadership skills. He has always focused on implementing various measures aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability and giving back to society. Some of the products from the company include floors, partitions, doors, and fiber sheets. Flavio Maluf is the current Chairman of Eucatex. The firm is based in Sao Paulo and has been operating for the last 67 years. Other offices are distributed in various places across the country and overseas. After a decade, it acquired land and planted trees to ensure that it has adequate supply and sustainability. Visit to learn more.

The organization initiated an environmental education program to increase awareness in the society. The program was named Casa da Natureza. To ensure its success and a bigger impact, the company partnered with the city halls of cities in Sao Paulo such as Bofete, Anhembi, Avare, and Salto. One of the objectives of the education program is sharing information on how to preserve the environment and the importance of proper forest management. The program also involves visits to parks and ecological trails where people learn the need to plant trees in various urban settings. More than 27, 000 have visited Eucatex to learn more about the program and Flavio Maluf.

The residents near the firm have benefited from it. For example, the company’s specialists visit various homeowners and educate them on the impact of forest activities to the society. The team also evaluates the social-economic effects that the firm has on the residents. One of the actions that by the firm that has had a great impact on the society near the forests is the introduction of an apiculture program. The main intention of the initiative is to improve the quality of life for the residents. By keeping bees, the residents can sell the honey and acquire some income.

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Jorge Moll’s Research on the Link between Neurology and Morality

Heading a neurology study at the National Health Institute was Jorge Moll, a top-notch neurologist and the President of D’Or Institute for Health and Education. Alongside his team of specialists, Jorge Moll came up with interesting findings. The study that was conducted in 2006 was designed by Jordan Grafman, another renown neurologist, and Jorge Moll. The study was aimed at finding out how the physiology of the brain affects one’s morality and altruism.

During the study, the participants’ brains were scanned as they were presented with different scenarios regarding how they keep the money to oneself or donate it to a charity organization. When the research was carried out, those that chose to help others, primitive parts of their brains were activated. It means that giving is associated with the part of the brain where pleasures are felt. It indicated that people give because it makes them feel better.

Through the findings of the study, Jorge Moll reached a conclusion that empathy is an integral thing when it comes to shaping one’s morality. The fact that one can recognize another creature’s internal state is a key evolutionary leap in developing social behavior. This development of social behavior is linked to one’s awareness of wrong and right. All in all, the research conducted by Jorge Moll and his team is an important step in the quest of comprehending human neurology.

With vast experience, Jorge Moll has been able to make a name in the global scene when it comes to neurology, but it did not come easily. Jorge Moll’s journey to the top began at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil. He studied Neuroscience and graduated with an MD.

Having had a passion for neuroscience, Jorge Moll went ahead to further his studies at the Sao Paulo University. It was from there that he graduated with a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. His skills and experience is a clear indication of his prowess in the field of neuroscience. It is the drive he had to transform people’s lives through neuroscience that made him start D’Or Institute for Health and Education.


Honors Continue To Arrive For Judge Marco Antonio Marques De Silva

The honors which have been arriving at the door of Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva continued recently when a new building was named for the Brazilian legal expert. The newly opened auditorium at the PUC-Sao Paulo Perdizes campus was named in honor of the legal expert from the Brazilian city who acts as a Professor of Criminal Law at the academic institution. A graduate of Pontificate Catholic University, Marques de Silva has been building a popular and respected career as both a teacher and legal expert presiding over the court of appeals.


In receiving the honor of the teaching auditorium being named after him, the judge has completed a remarkable journey from his home city of Itapetininga in the state of Sao Paulo to the highest offices in the land. As a leading figure in the judiciary, Marco Antonio Marques de Silva began his career path towards becoming a lawyer and later a judge at the age of 15 when he made the decision to work towards a legal career. Graduating from PUC-Sao Paulo, the legal expert made his way to the academic institution to extend his career with graduate and doctorate qualifications in the law which concluded with his awarding of a tenured position at the school.


The ceremony designed to show appreciation for the work and career of Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva which was attended by many of the luminaries of PUC-Sao Paulo. Among those who attended was the former President of the Court of Appeals, Dirceu di Mello who is also the President of the college; many of the colleagues of Marques de Silva also stepped forward to give their thanks to his work and career including legal professor Ricardo Sayeg. Although Marco Antonio Marques de Silva was honored for his career and commitment to learning at PUC-Sao Paulo he was also a key part of the fundraising and planning team for the new auditoriums which now bear his name.