Book Better Flights Thanks to Sergey Petrossov

It takes a special kind of person to change the world. Sergey Petrossov is one such person. He was a co-founder of two IT projects: one of which was an online website customer service chat system, and the other was a platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions to work with distance learning. Petrossov also found himself as a board adviser for a private jet operator based in South Florida. This company had, at the time, the world’s largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet.

But this is not all that Sergey Petrossov has accomplished. He created the idea of JetSmarter, an app to help people book flights, after his first time flying private. He realized how antiquated the process of booking charter flights is, and he resolved to help fix the problem. Petrossov created a development team based from his past projects, and he put his own money into the mix as he began planning the app to help people connect with private jet operators who hold the top ratings.

In August 2012, the beta version of JetSmarter was launched to select users and it saw an official launch to the public in March of 2013. The app helps many and would not be breaking ground if not for the mind of Sergey Petrossov.

Petrossov has been awarded multiple times. These include the Forbes 30 Under 30 in consumer technology as well as South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. Being CEO of JetSmarter, he has found himself under thirty years old and heading a billion-dollar company.

Born in Russia, he lives in Florida which is where he went to the University of Florida to study finance. He soon learned about working with engineers and realized how valuable working with technology would be for all involved.

Matt Badiali Shares The Financial Wonder He Dubbed As “Freedom Checks”

Real Wealth Strategist is an investment newsletter that provides people with advice on what natural resources they should be investing in. It is edited by Matt Badiali who spent more than 20 years as a geologist and is available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Whether it’s investing in marijuana, a gold mining company, an oil producer, or an electricity producer he shares his knowledge about what companies will offer the biggest returns.

He has a master’s degree in earth sciences that he acquired at Florida Atlantic University. He was teaching and completing his Ph.D. studies at the University of North Carolina when a friend of his requested that he instead join his company as the natural resources expert. He started to write for this company’s subscribers who wanted to know the best way to invest in natural resources. This area of investing is notoriously boom and bust so his advice can mean the difference between a huge gain or loss.

One investment that Matt Badiali has been sharing with his readers over the past year is what he has named “Freedom Checks”. These are dividends that can pay really big returns, potentially thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Matt Badiali gave the name Freedom Checks to what is known in the financial industry as master limited partnerships, or MLPs.

Matt Badiali wrote that Reuters reported that these checks are creating a windfall for investors. The Motley Fool website said that the dividends are sky-high. Forbes called them a great investment as well, saying they present a “bullish case”. Of course, it takes money to make money so the more you invest the more you can gain.

He wrote in Real Wealth Strategist that anyone can make money from Freedom Checks no matter what their age, income level, or other factors. Matt Badiali wrote that what is key is to get in as soon as possible because the 568 entities that can issue Freedom Checks are poised to pay out $34.6 billion soon. If you don’t own their stock you won’t get a penny of this money as he rightfully points out.

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Glenn Schlossberg, A Successful Outsider Who’s In

The fashion industry is a highly competitive space. To be successful in fashion it takes a lot of hard work and a pulse on the trends of the moment. Glenn Schlossberg learned to look at all that is presented by the fashion world and creates looks in 6 months that are more affordable and wearable for the regular public. It is a brilliant business strategy.

Glenn Schlossberg founded Jump Design Group, and you could say he has a jump on the competition. His business as acquired the in trouble David’s Bridal and Cathy Daniels, Ltd. You can find the clothes designed and created by Glenn’s team in all the major department stores.

Glenn Schlossberg began his education in fashion watching and helping his father in his father’s dressmaking factory and dress shops. Glenn worked hard to understand all the details of the garment making business and garment selling. After starting Jump Design Group he got his first major contract with Montgomery Ward worth a million dollars. Since then things have just gotten better and better for Schlossberg and his Jump Design Team.

According to dailyforexreport, Schlossberg is in tune with women and how they buy fashion according to their moods. He noticed that during economic problems women tend to buy greys and blacks and colors tend to sit on the shelves. When everything is relatively good with the economy and money is flowing bright colors fly off the department store shelves. It is Schlossberg’s watchful eye along with his trusted team that helps them create and produce clothing from athletic to career styles that women want to buy.

Knowing about fabrics and fits are also a big part of the fashion industry. Schlossberg’s target buyer is more of the everyday woman. The one who goes to work, the mom who has children, and the woman who is out there exercising to stay healthy, these women are his buyers. He incorporates the style of high fashion into these more wearable looks. He then puts a reasonable price tag on his garments, so most people are able to buy his clothing lines.

Glenn has done his due diligence in the fashion industry to make him a very successful fashion entrepreneur. Now others are looking to him for inspiration and business savvy, thanks to his care, hard work, trust and success.

Nitin Khanna’a Views and Advice on Growing a Successful Company

The chairman of MergerTech is a gentleman by the name Nitin Khanna. Nitin pursued a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, from the Purdue University. He was born in Chandigarh in India, in the year 1971. After graduating, Nitin was employed by some industries before he finally started his company. His company by the name Saber Corp was a tech company started in the year 1998. Saber Corp flourished under the leadership of Nitin Khanna to become the most prominent independent supplier of the government solutions. Nitin the decided to vend the company to EDS. He thereafter assisted the company to expand and finally accommodate 1500 employees. In addition to this, the company’s revenue also grew tremendously.

The birth of MergerTech in the year 2009 came around due to the expertise that he had acquired while managing Saber Corp. MergerTech is an advisory firm whose growth and customer services are led by him. Of late he is working on making the recreational and medical cannabis industry legitimate. It is believed that the cannabis market will soon be legalized.

A company famous as Cura Cannabis which was also started by Nitin now serves both users and most Cannabis edible companies. It has thereafter thrived to be the most prominent cannabis oil provider in Oregon. This article highlights the benefits of CBD oil He says that selling Saber Corp at a price which was several times its revenue is one of the things that motivated him to start MergerTech. Nitin must meet his team mates and ensure that he is aware of all the critical details of his company especially on a typical day. He also meets customers and participates in projects.

He believes that apart from developing business ideas, one should also ensure that the idea thrives. From this, MergerTech gives a special attention on client’s ideas to see them cultivated. He adds that Social media can either build or destroy a person or a business. He naturally investigative and knows how to utilize his various professional strengths in an appropriate way. These two aspects, have made him more productive as an entrepreneur. He advices young people to practice patience and steadiness. He recommends people to plan things earlier. He adds that if one wants to grow a business, then it should be one that everyone will talk about and also one should keep a good relationship the clients.

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New Residential Corp Setting the Pace

Out of the Newcastle Investment Corp came New Residential Investment, which was a fully owned subsidiary at the time. On May 2013, New Residential was declared as a publicly traded group and have since then been managed externally by Fortress Investment Group LLC. The firm is at the top of the real estate industry, and from their strategic moves, it looks like they will be there for a while.

New Residential Investment Corp are a corporation mainly focused around the management and transactions of real estate properties. They are publicly traded, with shares available at fluctuating prices. New Residential Corp are a very prudent firm that invests strategically, to attract the biggest possible returns beneficial to the stakeholders. Recently, they’ve invested in properties that are not tied to agencies and backed by mortgages security, including servicer advances. The US market for mortgage loan has grown in the last decade and there is about $21 trillion in property developments, ripe with investment opportunities. Since the US financial crash, there have be changes to the way mortgages are handled. Changes from the starting procedures to ownership were made, these opportunities provide a platform for New Residential Corp to take advantage, due to the skill capital and connections they possess.

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Bernardo Chua business strategies

Bernardo has changed how people consume beverages such as coffees and teas in the last decade. He has introduced different tastes and flavors to the world through his two companies Gano Excel and Organo Gold. The Philippian entrepreneur started his businesses in the Philippines; he later played a role in introducing Ganoderma to the North America market. His idea of creating lucrative infused beverages comes from his Chinese heritage that promotes the use of herbs in daily drinks. In addition to high-quality beverages, Bernardo introduced polypore mushrooms that grow naturally on logs of wood around the world. These mushrooms were initially consumed in China, and Bernardo Chua took it upon himself to introduce them to the world.

Utilizing direct sales to boost profitability

Bernardo Chua says that when he was setting up his business, he considered marketing that would work for him. His business model involved direct sales to potential clients; this enabled him to grow his business in the Philippines where he continually started seeing a growing momentum throughout the world. Bernardo Chua makes the stand that although other people do not quite understand how to conduct direct sales, he says that this method has worked for him. Additionally, Chua has received different awards for his extraordinary work as a businessman. He, however, is working tirelessly to refine his business and add value to his products. Among his efforts on improving his business is funding research related to ganordema which will allow his company to stay ahead of the competition.

Company’s presence in social media

His companies continue to enjoy social media presence where Chua answers challenging questions on social media such as facebook and twitter. Most of his customers want to know more about his products, and he always engages them by providing answers. It can be noted that social media has helped his company to grow significantly and has been effective in reducing the cost of marketing and advertising products. The company is not all about making a profit as it participates in philanthropic activities such as donations to research organizations.

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Meet Real Estate Investor Graham Edwards

Trillium was established in 1997 to propel the acquisition and management of almost 27 million sq. ft complex that was initiated through a contract that was signed between Department of work of the UK and the pensions. It is projected that the coming year, Trillium will introduce a 20-year signed property management deal with the department. The contract built a strong ground for the company that rendered its membership in the top British contractors. Trillium experienced rapid growth in its first two years of operations something that attracted the attention of investors significantly and enabled the company to do business with 2000 Land Securities in the purchase of property management firm.


Back in 2001, the Trillium made a partnership with the BT Group PLC in an effort of creating a joint venture they named as Telereal. This venture was formed mainly to achieve a 30-year deal worth £2.38 billion that aimed at facilitating of the strategic property outsourcing contract. Eight years later, a good number of Telereal’s stock was bought compelling the firm to be called Telereal Trillium, which gave birth to the company it is today. Consequently, the firm has progressively won contracts with the UK government as well as with other private sector organizations.



Graham Edwards had served in different institutions earning superior experience especially when he was working as an investor and fund manager at the Merrill Lynch after his graduation from Cambridge University. Having pursued his masters in Education of Arts in Economics from this prestigious institution, it equipped him with skills to establish a stable career in the commercial sector and residential real estate business.


Graham Edwards has acquired experience, which enables him to implement perfect investment practices in this industry. Besides, the expertise has enhanced the advancement of knowledge in different disciplines that made him become a group member of institutions, which include the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Association of Corporate Treasurers. Also, he serves as a member of UK Society of Investment Professionals and a lecturer at Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. As an expert investor, Edwards has a powerful insight in seeing the future of the dynamic market conditions in the real estate sector.


Glenn Schlossberg Broadens Jump Design Group’s Fashion Line

Since the inception of his company, Jump Apparel, in 1990, Glenn Schlossberg has been an icon in the fashion industry. Fashion is in the Schlossberg family, and he started his apprenticeship with his father after which he attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Glenn’s philosophy has always been to offer lower cost, high quality clothing. Now Schlossberg’s fashion can be found around in the world and in some of the most famous retail spaces including Macy’s and Nordstrom.

According on PR Newswire, on July 23rd, 2018, Schlossberg’s company purchased Cathy Daniels. The merger means that Jump Apparel has taken over all aspects of Cathy Daniels, and they have kept on all of the staff including President Jerry Passaretti who will take on a new role in the company. Ashesh Amin, CEO of Jump Design Group, sees the new partnership as a way to combine philosophies and ideas rather than a take over. It is a way for Cathy Daniels to use Jump Apparel’s infrastructure and customer base to improve its market share.

Cathy Daniels was started in 1984 by Herbert L. Chestler and his two sons, Steve and Danny. Glenn Schlossberg will combine that sense of tradition with some of the most recent technology in order to bring the latest and highest quality to the consumer. Schlossberg and Jump know that some of these smaller companies did not have access to this technology, or they could not afford to implement them. With Jump’s resources, they will be able to use that technology to gain access to a wider audience. Jump will also be able to offer more products and spread into areas they have not done so yet. That will include athleisure, sportswear, and denim. Jump has already been at the forefront of women’s fashion, and their made-in-America products and top designers produce the highest quality fashion that can be bought by a wide range of buyers.


Eric Lefkofsky Is An Accomplished Business Billionaire

Chicago has been a prime location for many entrepreneurs to settle into, including Eric Lefkofsky. Eric is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and businessman that resides in the Chicago area with a major focus on the technology industry. One of Eric’s latest approaches to the technology industry is through his company, Tempus. This new company of Eric’s was started up just a couple years ago and is focused on collecting large amounts of data relating to the healthcare industry, most especially cancer research and treatment information. It is Eric’s hope that Tempus will be able to aid medical practitioners with their patient’s treatments when it comes to cancer. Tempus recently developed a mobile app to accompany the growth of the company known as Tempus Labs.

For over a year now, Tempus Labs has undergone extensive testing by researchers and a handful of board-certified physicians from across the country. The primary focus for the Tempus Labs app is to provide the data collected by Tempus in a hands-on device in a very fast way. By making this data available on virtually any phone for licensed physicians, Tempus will start building even more traction and start improving procedures performed by medical practitioners. In order to actually get their hands on the app, physicians will need to contact Tempus and order the Tempus CLIA. When it comes to the field of cancer research, data is very patient-specific, which makes it difficult to provide good treatment for each individual. Eric Lefkofksy believes Tempus will help bridge that gap in a few short years.

After a successful round of funding that pulled in more than 100 million dollars, Eric Lefkofksy financially announced the arrival of Tempus Labs, which has increased the interest in Tempus by the public by a huge amount. Data access is widely varied from one medical organization to another, which makes the research at Tempus and data collection highly valuable.

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Ted Bauman Advising Planning For Anything

Ted Bauman, investing expert, says that the chances are equal that the stock market could plummet or continue to rise. Bauman who was born in the US attended college in South Africa studying economics and history. He had a career spanning over twenty years in the nonprofit sector focusing on housing projects that were low cost to help people out of the slums.

Overvalued Stocks

Stocks are overvalued in the United States, which is why Ted Bauman uses the adjusted price to earnings ratio from Robert Shiller. This ratio is known as CAPE and uses a decade of stock prices compared to the earnings of corporations. The S&P 500 is nearly at a historical high currently with a 32 CAPE ratio, and double the historical ratios average. It would be a drop of over 35 percent if the market went back to the almost 17 that is the normal ratio.

Effects of a Drop

The realization that investors would not get future dividends to get back the initial investment because there would only be speculation about future gains. Investors would drop stocks in search of profits which would have the opposite effect. The other effect would be an increase in the appeal of alternative assets.

Recognizing the Yield Curve

Ted Bauman believes that it is possible that the U.S. Treasury yield curve would be recognized by investors. There is a small difference between the short terms yield and the low rates of long-term interest. There are not any spectacular events expected in the national economy during the next few years. A recession could result in the S&P 500 dropping over 25 percent.

Crashing and Rebounding

Ted Bauman says there is also the potential for an increase to follow a crash. Selling based on rules would cause a quick drop with partial recovery following. Bauman recommends avoiding decisions that are made as a result of panic.

Protecting Investments

Ted Bauman reminds investors to plan and stay calm when it comes to the future. It is important that risk be reduced by diversifying, and stocks that are less volatile should be sought out.

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