David McDonald Steering OSI Group to profitability

The OSI Group has been experiencing remarkable growth over the last few years. The current COO, David McDonald is one of the men behind this tremendous growth. During his three decades of working at OSI, McDonald has risen from a Junior Project Manager, his first job college, to his present position as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President.

The OSI Group Company is an international pioneer in the food industry. The firm started as a local butcher shop that was being run by a German immigrant in Chicago in the early 20th century. Luckily, during the mid-century, the company became one of the significant regional meat suppliers to McDonald’s restaurant chains. Later, the company became the corporation’s major global supplier for the remainder of the century. During the last quarter century, the enterprise has branched out aggressively creating new ventures within the United States and beyond.

David McDonald ventured into modern food processing from the supply chain. He was brought up in a farming family in Northeast Iowa and joined the prestigious Iowa State University where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. His dedicated efforts earned him the coveted Wallace E. Barron Award. The award recognizes outstanding seniors who demonstrate excellent skills and tremendous achievement in academics and community activities. To know more about him click here.

Today, David McDonald is the President of one of the country’s most successful privately owned companies. David is committed to the community of Iowa State by being actively involved in the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program. He generously offers his financial skills and supports several community programs, which have earned him respect in the community around him.

Today, the OSI Group is an international business running different programs around the globe. The company has employed over 20,000 members of staff within its 65 facilities located in different countries. It was in position 58 in Forbes ranking in 2016 with a total net worth of $ 6.1 billion.

A Monumental Acquisition

Brazil has been one of the most populous countries in the world for many years. Today it has about 204 million with that number growing all the time. One of its biggest companies, The Eucatex Group, was founded in 1951 and continues to manufacture quality building material, furniture, and toys made out of eucalyptus. Its name, Eucatex, is a combination of eucalyptus and textiles. It has plants worldwide, employing 2,433 people and exporting its good to 40 countries. One huge accomplishment In recent years was its 2017 purchase of Duratex, a popular manufacturer of building panels.

This monumental acquisition was helmed by Flavio Maluf, the president and CEO of Eucatex. He and Eucatex agreed to give exclusive rights to a Copao Bonito farm in exchange for the rights of most of Duratex’ assets. These assets are worth about R$60 million, employ 280 workers, and churn out about 200,000 cubic meters of product a year. Maluf said this transaction would increase Eucatex’ output of fiberboard by 70 percent and its output of various paper products by 40 percent. Maluf also said that the transaction will better enable the planning of sales, maintenance, and reduction of losses.

Read more about Flavio at terra.com

He said the move consolidate their already substantial standing worldwide. It currently has export partnerships with 40 countries around the world. Flavio was born into a very powerful and wealthy family. His father, Paulo Maluf, has been a very influential Brazilian politician his entire lifetime. After graduating from high school, Flavio studied mechanical engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He then moved to the U.S. to earn a degree in business administration from New York University.

After this schooling, he eventually joined the team of Eucatex, the family business. In addition to serving as its CEO and president today, he is also the president of Grandfood.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A1vio_Maluf

David McDonald; How OSI Group grew tremendously in China

David McDonald has been serving at OSI Group since he left Iowa State University. He started at the Company as an intern and ever since his career grown over the three decades he has been with the company. Mr. McDonald grew up in Iowa farm and graduated from Iowa state university. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Currently, David McDonald OSI Group is the Chief Operating Officer and the president at OSI Group, which is one of the most successful private companies in the food processing industry worldwide. David McDonald played a vital role in leading OSI in its expansion in China. In 2001, when China was entering the World Trade Organization, Mr. McDonald was already rooted in the leadership of OSI. By this time, OSI had already established a foundation in China before the country’s entrance. The economy of China was expected to have a period of rapid growth, and OSI Industries was ready to expand with it.

According to David, the fact that OSI Industries was private and not publicly owned, it was easy for them to be more flexible and this gave them the ability to think long-term and be more patient when it comes to building a relationship or business. He also said that in the end, flexibility and patience and trust that is established over time is what is required to reward both partners. The growth at OSI was not focused on only the first wave of China’s economy, but also the company took new ventures in Europe and the United States.

On 12th September 2012, OSI Group celebrated twenty years in China since it was first established in Beijing in 1992 when it started to offer McDonald’s with food and has grown tremendously ever since. In 2008, the company was able to successfully supply 113 tons of different types of products ranging from chicken, dehydrated onion, pork, eggs, and beef when Beijing had the Olympic Games. Afterward, there were no complaints about the products that OSI provided, and hence the company became the supplier for different top brands in the food processing industry such as McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks among others.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Meet Greg Blatt: A Successful Businessman

Greg Blatt can be a good role model for those who intend to succeed in life. He has made several achievements while at Tinder, IAC, as well as Match Group. If you really want to venture into business seriously, consider going through the story of this great man, Greg Blatt. He helped these companies increase their revenues tremendously and also build a good reputation (Tvguide).

Greg is a business professional who will forever be remembered on his essential contribution to online dating as well as cementing his firms as top performers in their respective industries. Over the years, Greg Blatt has held a number of important positions. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer between the years 2009 and 2017.

Greg Blatts´s career and education background

Besides working as CEO of top-ranked companies, Greg also served as the executive chairman, chairman as well as the executive vice president of a number of companies. At Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Blatt worked as an executive vice president in charge of business affairs. Prior to this position, he had also worked as an associate in one of the reputable law firms.

He holds a degree in economics, English, and literature from the famous Colgate University. Later, he went to the Columbia Law School where he received Doctor of Law. Greg’s leadership skills are incomparable. The companies he managed grew at a phenomenal rate during his tenure.

One of the companies that experienced tremendous growth during Greg’s tenure is Tinder especially after the introduction and promotion of the Tinder Plus subscription offering. The number of the users rose above one million when this guy was the chairman as well as the Chief Executive of the firm. Close allies of Greg will tell you that this guy is both hard working and talented. This is the main reason why his contributions to the companies he headed were mainly positive. He made it clear that he felt proud to have created an amazing team, create a great deal of money for the companies he worked for, and bringing people together to have good and better experiences, loving families, and even meaningful relationships.

More interesting facts at https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/greg-blatt/

Guilherme Paulus Recounts His Rewards and Obstacles in the Brazilian Entrepreneurial World

The life of an entrepreneur in Brazil can be quite difficult since there are many obstacles and challenges that one must face and overcome. Conversely, being an investor in Brazil can be also quite lucrative. Lack of venture capital and heavy taxes from the government are among the factors that prevent entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams. However, a savvy entrepreneur like Guilherme Paulus has become so successful in his specialty in accommodations and tourism. Needless to say despite the numerous types of negative factors working against investors in Brazil, Guilherme Paulus came up with a sound strategy and at the right time in order to accomplish his business dreams.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most prominent businessmen in Brazil. He studied business administration in the university and when he was just 20 years, he joined IBM as an intern. At 24 years, he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari a local government official who had visions of expanding tourism in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus was interested in this idea but had no funds at the moment. Mr. Cerchiari proposed an investment contract to establish a company named CVC which is also known as Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda anticipating that Guilherme would be the brains behind the companies daily operation. The duo opened their very first store in Sao Paulo and continued to be partners for 4 more years before Guilherme quit from its operations.

Guilherme took advantage of every opportunity that availed itself to become the head of tourism and accommodations in Brazil. The savvy entrepreneur came up with a plan that gave him the opportunity to listen to customers, different individuals and government agencies. He is indeed a sturdy believer in listening and has been many times quoted saying that the most important advice he can offer is the need to ask for advice, and always listening to elders as this way one will hear more. Guilherme firmly believes that any accomplished entrepreneur needs to give back to society in one way or another. Guilherme Paulus did this within his country Brazil thus setting a good example.

His Facebook Page: https://pt-br.facebook.com/guilhermejesuspaulus/

Cassio Audi’s Executive Financial Management

Audi is a known result-driven, accomplished financial management executive. He has 23 years of commercial experience within private and public companies, start-ups, turn-around cases, private equity funds, and multi-billion dollar companies. Audi has smoothened business operations and increased profitability and efficiency. For all these years, he has achievements in change management, improvement of productivity, financial processes and controls and other implementations.

Cassio Audi and Heavy Metal Band

Before becoming a financial management executive, Audi had proved his musical talent. He started composing songs and telling stories when he was still a child. The lyrics of the songs are said to have been superb. In conjunction with his colleagues Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, and Andre Machado, they started “Viper” rock band in 1985. His drumming skills helped their Brazilian band scale the heights. This became the first Heavy Band in Brazil and Latin America’s history.


Viper was motivated by England’s Iron Maiden and The Heavy Metal bands. The band released its debut album Soldiers of Sunrise which made it recognized due to its influence. Besides, it sold over ten thousand copies. Cassio Audi continued composing and writing songs for their band. Its second album in 1989, Theatre of Fate, became a success to surpass some famous bands. Viper brought a significant influence in the Brazilian music industry.

In the same year, Cassio Audi’s music career came to a halt. He left the band for his university studies. His new career path (to become executive of financial management) has proved to be effective

Nitin Khanna’a Views and Advice on Growing a Successful Company

The chairman of MergerTech is a gentleman by the name Nitin Khanna. Nitin pursued a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, from the Purdue University. He was born in Chandigarh in India, in the year 1971. After graduating, Nitin was employed by some industries before he finally started his company. His company by the name Saber Corp was a tech company started in the year 1998. Saber Corp flourished under the leadership of Nitin Khanna to become the most prominent independent supplier of the government solutions. Nitin the decided to vend the company to EDS. He thereafter assisted the company to expand and finally accommodate 1500 employees. In addition to this, the company’s revenue also grew tremendously.

The birth of MergerTech in the year 2009 came around due to the expertise that he had acquired while managing Saber Corp. MergerTech is an advisory firm whose growth and customer services are led by him. Of late he is working on making the recreational and medical cannabis industry legitimate. It is believed that the cannabis market will soon be legalized.

A company famous as Cura Cannabis which was also started by Nitin now serves both users and most Cannabis edible companies. It has thereafter thrived to be the most prominent cannabis oil provider in Oregon. This article highlights the benefits of CBD oil https://www.dialdish.com/nitin-khanna-benefits-of-cbd/. He says that selling Saber Corp at a price which was several times its revenue is one of the things that motivated him to start MergerTech. Nitin must meet his team mates and ensure that he is aware of all the critical details of his company especially on a typical day. He also meets customers and participates in projects.

He believes that apart from developing business ideas, one should also ensure that the idea thrives. From this, MergerTech gives a special attention on client’s ideas to see them cultivated. He adds that Social media can either build or destroy a person or a business. He naturally investigative and knows how to utilize his various professional strengths in an appropriate way. These two aspects, have made him more productive as an entrepreneur. He advices young people to practice patience and steadiness. He recommends people to plan things earlier. He adds that if one wants to grow a business, then it should be one that everyone will talk about and also one should keep a good relationship the clients.

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Flavio Maluf at the Helm of Eucatex

The businessman transformed the firm due to his excellent leadership skills. He has always focused on implementing various measures aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability and giving back to society. Some of the products from the company include floors, partitions, doors, and fiber sheets. Flavio Maluf is the current Chairman of Eucatex. The firm is based in Sao Paulo and has been operating for the last 67 years. Other offices are distributed in various places across the country and overseas. After a decade, it acquired land and planted trees to ensure that it has adequate supply and sustainability. Visit barbacenaonline.com to learn more.

The organization initiated an environmental education program to increase awareness in the society. The program was named Casa da Natureza. To ensure its success and a bigger impact, the company partnered with the city halls of cities in Sao Paulo such as Bofete, Anhembi, Avare, and Salto. One of the objectives of the education program is sharing information on how to preserve the environment and the importance of proper forest management. The program also involves visits to parks and ecological trails where people learn the need to plant trees in various urban settings. More than 27, 000 have visited Eucatex to learn more about the program and Flavio Maluf.

The residents near the firm have benefited from it. For example, the company’s specialists visit various homeowners and educate them on the impact of forest activities to the society. The team also evaluates the social-economic effects that the firm has on the residents. One of the actions that by the firm that has had a great impact on the society near the forests is the introduction of an apiculture program. The main intention of the initiative is to improve the quality of life for the residents. By keeping bees, the residents can sell the honey and acquire some income.

Check out: http://www.dino.com.br/releases/flavio-maluf-e-sua-trajetoria-profissional-flavio-maluf-e-presidente-da-eucatex-brasil-dino89063425131


How Bernardo Chua is Helping Improve People’s Health

Medical professionals are crucial in the world at the moment. There are millions of dangerous diseases that are making people suffer. These medical conditions are curable while others have been proven to be a very hard nut to crack. People have lost life just because they could not access treatment or the kind of supplements needed to control their illnesses. There are medical executive who are doing an excellent job in dealing with some of the dangerous medical conditions. One of these professionals is Bernardo Chua, a Philippines native. The multilevel marketing expert has been offering consumers products that have medicinal products so that they can leave a longer and happier life that is free from diseases.

Ganoderma is a special mushroom that is mostly used by the people with Chinese backgrounds. For many years, the herb has been used in China so that people can cure some of the most complicated diseases such as liver complicated, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer. When Bernardo Chua was growing up, he learnt about the special herb from grandparents, and he thought about using it to help the people in many parts of the world. Check out Bernardo Chua at TheStreet.

Fortunately, Bernado Chua got a working position with a company called Gano Excel several years ago, and this was when he started to promote the use of products that are infused with Ganoderma. The businessman has been making sure that the consumers can access tea, coffee and other consumables that have the herb so that they do not have to suffer because of their diseases. Bernado Chua went ahead to start his company, Organo Gold so that he could promote the use of the herb, and he has never looked back. The products are sold from one person to the other, and they have been distributed in all parts of the world so far.

Follow Bernardo Chua: https://twitter.com/ogbernie


Financial Guru Paul Mampilly Informs Investors How To Make Profitable Deals

Paul Mampilly is building a reputation for investing in the industry through other investors. Paul’s objective is to bring greater knowledge to the investor populace, much of which is sitting at the average or failing level. This is understandable given the competitive nature of the industry, but there are still many opportunities out there for people to take advantage of and Paul Mampilly is an expert at finding them. Paul Mampilly has recently joined the Banyan Hill Publishing editing team, bringing new information to hundreds of thousands of readers at frequent the publishing company. Paul has spent decades in the financial industry and there is no question that investors take his information seriously, trusting his judgment to bring them new success in their investing career.

Paul Mampilly calls home to North Carolina, where he is able to stay on top of Paul Mampilly’s investing career and writing for Banyan Hill. Today, Paul is a financial industry giant with thousands of people looking up to him and following in his footsteps. As an honorary graduate of Fordham University, Paul Mampilly started out in the investing industry with a spot on Wall Street and spent more than a decade building up his knowledge of the markets and how they fluctuate.

According to Paul, the reason he has turned to share knowledge and strategies with other investors is that he has realized the importance of improving the industry as a whole. The more investors are informed, the better the industry becomes for everyone involved. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul keeps up with various newsletters, including Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, and Profits Unlimited. Nearly one hundred thousand unique readers look to Paul’s advise when it comes to successful stock market trading on Banyan Hill, which is extremely impressive given Paul’s position at the company just started a few months back.

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