The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority And Mike Heiligenstein Are Working To Decrease Congested Roads

Traffic in Austin is expected to increase and requires a technical solution. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the agency who must find the solution. They had a toll road built in Leander and Cedar Park to deal with the growth in the communities by tripling the capacity of the roads.


The Mobility Authority is about innovation and the use of new technology to manage traffic. Congestion will never be entirely eliminated but commutes can be realistic. Even when rush hours causes most lanes to crawl, the express lane should still be moving at a decent pace.


Smart roads of the future are one possible solution. Fiber lanes will allow vehicles to speak to the infrastructure of the roads. The actual road will be able to detect a car going up an exit ramp in the wrong direction.


The Mobility Authority is working with a carpooling app called Carma to encourage commuters to carpool and a partnership with the Metropia app for mobile traffic to monitor traffic and improve the routes of commuters. Residents are being encouraged to pedal or walk whenever possible. Dedicated paths have been provided for bicycles and pedestrians.


One of the main causes of congestion is the consistent starting and stopping on roadways caused by breakdowns. When drivers are able to move again in a short period of time it eases congestion. Roadside assistance is being offered by a program with the Highway Emergency Response Operator.


The Mobility Authority does not have solutions for everything but they do have some. They tackle traffic and are accountable for the commute times on the roads.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s position of Executive Director is filled by Mike Heiligenstein. The Mobility Authority is a multimodal transportation agency and has been served by Mr. Heiligenstein since 2003. He has been responsible for overseeing their growth since they were a small transportation agency and continues to do so now that they are a national leader in the operations of toll roads.


During the time Mike Heiligenstein has worked for the agency they have developed their first toll road used cutting edge technologies to maximize its efficiency. This includes the use of electronic tolling and video billing. Mr. Heiligenstein is an advocate for facilities for pedestrians and bicycles. The Mobility Authority is currently managing a project for $1 million to extend a major toll road and working to complete the Manor Expressway.


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