Cassio Audi’s Executive Financial Management

Audi is a known result-driven, accomplished financial management executive. He has 23 years of commercial experience within private and public companies, start-ups, turn-around cases, private equity funds, and multi-billion dollar companies. Audi has smoothened business operations and increased profitability and efficiency. For all these years, he has achievements in change management, improvement of productivity, financial processes and controls and other implementations.

Cassio Audi and Heavy Metal Band

Before becoming a financial management executive, Audi had proved his musical talent. He started composing songs and telling stories when he was still a child. The lyrics of the songs are said to have been superb. In conjunction with his colleagues Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, and Andre Machado, they started “Viper” rock band in 1985. His drumming skills helped their Brazilian band scale the heights. This became the first Heavy Band in Brazil and Latin America’s history.


Viper was motivated by England’s Iron Maiden and The Heavy Metal bands. The band released its debut album Soldiers of Sunrise which made it recognized due to its influence. Besides, it sold over ten thousand copies. Cassio Audi continued composing and writing songs for their band. Its second album in 1989, Theatre of Fate, became a success to surpass some famous bands. Viper brought a significant influence in the Brazilian music industry.

In the same year, Cassio Audi’s music career came to a halt. He left the band for his university studies. His new career path (to become executive of financial management) has proved to be effective