Nitin Khanna’a Views and Advice on Growing a Successful Company

The chairman of MergerTech is a gentleman by the name Nitin Khanna. Nitin pursued a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, from the Purdue University. He was born in Chandigarh in India, in the year 1971. After graduating, Nitin was employed by some industries before he finally started his company. His company by the name Saber Corp was a tech company started in the year 1998. Saber Corp flourished under the leadership of Nitin Khanna to become the most prominent independent supplier of the government solutions. Nitin the decided to vend the company to EDS. He thereafter assisted the company to expand and finally accommodate 1500 employees. In addition to this, the company’s revenue also grew tremendously.

The birth of MergerTech in the year 2009 came around due to the expertise that he had acquired while managing Saber Corp. MergerTech is an advisory firm whose growth and customer services are led by him. Of late he is working on making the recreational and medical cannabis industry legitimate. It is believed that the cannabis market will soon be legalized.

A company famous as Cura Cannabis which was also started by Nitin now serves both users and most Cannabis edible companies. It has thereafter thrived to be the most prominent cannabis oil provider in Oregon. This article highlights the benefits of CBD oil He says that selling Saber Corp at a price which was several times its revenue is one of the things that motivated him to start MergerTech. Nitin must meet his team mates and ensure that he is aware of all the critical details of his company especially on a typical day. He also meets customers and participates in projects.

He believes that apart from developing business ideas, one should also ensure that the idea thrives. From this, MergerTech gives a special attention on client’s ideas to see them cultivated. He adds that Social media can either build or destroy a person or a business. He naturally investigative and knows how to utilize his various professional strengths in an appropriate way. These two aspects, have made him more productive as an entrepreneur. He advices young people to practice patience and steadiness. He recommends people to plan things earlier. He adds that if one wants to grow a business, then it should be one that everyone will talk about and also one should keep a good relationship the clients.

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Shervin Pishevar Tweets Are Not That Strange According To Some Investors

Shervin Pishevar knows how to make money investing in startups. In some investment circles, Shervin Pishevar is the gold standard when it comes to picking startups with a bright future. Pishevar was one of the first people to believe in Uber. His $26 million beat on Uber is now worth $5 billion. And his decision to hook up with pal Elon Musk to build Hyperloop One is another investment people are talking about. If Pishevar can turn that transportation dream into a reality, people will be able to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes.

Pishevar other investments in Dollar Shave Club, Slack, and Warby Parker are giving him more credibility in the investment world. So when he began a 21-hour tweet storm after being underground for five months, his investment followers were happy to hear from him. They now know he still has the energy and the resolve to let people know the U.S. economy is not as strong as Trump and his administration say it is. Shervin Pishevar’s 50 message tweetstorm is a warning not a group of predictions, according to some investors. Investors know the U.S. stock market and other markets around the world are overvalued. Shervin Pishevar put that fact in simple terms in a tweet. And when he sent a tweet about the bond market losing its safe-haven appeal, investors knew he was warning them to buy gold instead. Shervin is strategically pulling his money out of stocks and he is putting it into the gold market.

Investors weren’t surprised when Shervin said China is beating the U.S. in the infrastructure race. And they weren’t surprised when he sent a tweet warning them about Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is losing its startup mojo, according to Shervin Pishevar. Other states and countries are producing startups that have enormous potential, according to Pishevar. He said entrepreneurship doesn’t have borders.

The Bitcoin crash isn’t over, according to another Pishevar tweet. And Shervin thinks corporations like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are too big and too powerful. The Shervin Pishevar tweeting rant wasn’t a knee-jerk type rant. Pishevar wanted to let people know he never left the Investment game. He’s making headlines like Trump, but in a tamer tweeting way.

Hussain Sajwani Keys on Practical Measures

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner, and founder is one of the most astute businessmen in all of the Middle East. His ability to see coming trends in real estate and his reputation for a solid strategy in these matters is well-known throughout the region. His attention-getting promotions for his real estate property is special, and everyone knows about it. His “Free Bently with every luxury apartment,” is a sample of his genius in this area.

Sajwani got his start, however, in the food servicing business, as during Desert Storm he supplied the US Army with his food service company. This venture was a great success, and he learned a great deal about meeting deadlines and delivering a good product. Also, he has offered food service to American Troops in Bosnia, Somalia, and Abu Dhabi. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

While the food business is still a going concern with Damac, the real money-maker is in real estate where Sajwani states that with the food business you can make millions, but with real estate, you can make billions. Certainly, his eye for the future has paid off.

Damac builds and markets top-of-the-line real estate properties and markets them very aggressively, making off-plan sales as a normal process making them the key to plans for growth and expansion. Keys to continued success and growth involves by controlling costs, keeping a good abundance of cash, and being very careful not to expand too rapidly.

Hussein Sajwani uses a strict formula of three major principles for his business model. First land is always purchased and paid for 100 percent with cash. That way the project is locked in for good. Secondly, all escrow accounts are strictly independent, in other words, there is no exchange of funds from one account to another, so each development supports itself. Thirdly, cash reserves are kept in fixed accounts or government bonds. Sajwani keeps a very low debt to equity profile, currently running about a 10 percent debt ratio.

When Sajwani sees other investors at an 80 percent debt ratio, he just shakes his head and wonders how they can stay in business. Sajwani is incorporating the rest of the Hussain Sajwani family into the daily operations of the business as well, as the future approaches and he wants to sustain the growth of Damac Properties into the future.

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Dr Rick Shinto: Redefining Leadership At Innovacare

It is one thing to have a strong vision and another to have leaders who push for the achievement of the vision. Most companies that have failed have not learned how to align the two. However, those that have grasped the art of aligning and communicating the vision to the employees enjoy utmost success. Innovacare Health is one of the few companies with a strong vision and an even stronger team that works tirelessly towards achieving the goals. The company is widely known for their innovative Medicare Advantage Plans to their clients that are carefully and thoroughly thought through. The company has credited their success to their leaders Dr Shinto, Peneloppe Kokkinides and their staff. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

At Innovacare Health, customer satisfaction is one of their greatest priorities. To ensure that this remains a top priority, the company obtained Dr Rick Shinto an award winning CEO to come on board. With more than twenty years of experience in administrative and medical sector, Dr Rick Shinto brought with him skills and adequate knowledge on how to push Innovacare to reach its goals. He uses his leadership to encourage his staff to maintain a free flow of communications in order to increase innovations at the company.

Dr Shinto, together with his team have increased Innovacare’s revenue and sales. So far, the company has expanded their operations to North American countries. Patients are guaranteed of dependable and pocket friendly Medicare plans. The success of the company is highly attributed to Rick Shinto’s devotion and vision for the company.

With a bachelor’s degree in science, Dr Rick Shinto began working at in southern Carolina as a pulmonologist. He went further ahead and worked with other big companies in the medical sector. He worked for NAMM, Medical Pathways Management Company and Aveta. In all the companies, his efforts and commitment to the firms’ success. He uses his master’s degree in business administration to help guide Innovacare improve on its customer satisfaction and employee management. Read this article at

In addition, Dr Rick Shinto is a widely known author. He uses publications and journals as an avenue for him to share his research findings with others. He has written plenty of clinical and medical journal that are widely covered. He also covers business issues in his journals, where he writes on management giving business people solutions on management and administration. The leadership at Innovacare have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their CEO and principal Rick Shinto.

Tim Armour Comments On Recent Bet

During the 2016 calendar year, one of the most intriguing and entertaining events occurring was a bet between Warren Buffet and a few major hedge and mutual funds. Essentially, Buffet bet that he could earn a better return on investment by investing in a low-cost index fund than he could by investing in a mutual fund. The fund managers took Buffet up on his bet as each side promised to donate a sum of money to charity if they lost.

Ultimately, Buffet won the bet as the global stock markets had a great year and outperformed most mutual and hedge fund managers. Buffet pointed out that this was just the latest example of why it is better to invest in low-cost funds, as opposed to actively managed funds.

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While Buffet clearly won the bet, some are not so sure that his investment theory is always the best option. Tim Armour, who is the head of portfolio management at The Capital Group, stated that Buffet was partially successful due to the fact that the overall stock market had a great year. The true value of actively managed funds comes during down years when the stock market could lose more than 20%.

Armour, who has been the head of The Capital Group for more than 20 years, also stated this his company has a great track record.

Discover The Benefits Of Long Lasting Makeup With A Leading Cosmetic Line

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of a popular cosmetic brand that caused her to be recognized as female entrepreneur of the year. Her unconventional way of thinking has led her to create an amazing assortment of colors and the first time manufacturer of a particular brand of cosmetics. Indeed, her line of makeup is long lasting and admired by the top celebrities in the industry. Her makeup is cruelty free and hypoallergenic causing it to be safe on the skin. Her rich colors causes women to be bold about their makeup choices while being completely unapologetic.


How Doe Deere Got Her Start?


As a child, Doe Deere would try on her mothers clothing and makeup. She was never satisfied with the dull boring colors of the late 90’s. Later, as a teenager in Russia she aspired to sell novelty tattoos to her friends, but first making them popular by wearing them herself. It wasn’t long before her friends would be buying temporary tattoos and they became very popular among her friends. Ironically, Deere got her marketing start at the tender age of thirteen. Shortly after, she would relocate to New York City.


The Birth Of Lime Crime


After staying in NYC for a while, she decided to join a rock band. She recalls the people that would show up for her events and extends her gratitude. She admits that a lot of her confidence in marketing came from the support that she received from her fans. She understood the value of having something that people admired and truly wanted to be a part of. She later left the band and married a soloist. However, design school sparked her creative talent and shortly after, Lime Crime was born.


Lime Crime is a velvetine matte and superfoil based cosmetic line that is completely waterproof. They have an exclusive line of eye shadows and lipstick products. Their rich line of products is 100% organic and easy on the skin. You can get bold colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Her rich line f delectable cosmetics allows you to be creative and make a statement with your makeup. Deere was amazed at how thousands of women were craving her color choices for a brighter, fuller look with their makeup. Visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for more details and promotional offers.

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Brian Bonar; exceptional financial leadership and entrepreneurship

Brian Bonar has a stellar track record in the field of executive financing. His excellence has been displayed in his remarkable success over the years. Brian has an experience that may be termed as exemplary in entrepreneurial innovation.

His experienced has been profoundly enriched by the various leadership roles he has taken in different organizations. His commitment to quality has seen him provide outstanding leadership to firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. His excellent leadership skills are further complimented by an incredible background in various fields.

Currently, Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman at Truecept. This is a company that was previously known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. Brian also still holds his executive leadership role at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His unparalleled love for design process complemented by his unmatched attention in detail execution makes his services incredibly competent. He has a rich educational background having graduated from the Stafford University with a Master’s degree; and another bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College.

Before his role as the Director of Engineering at QMS, Brian Bonar served IBM as the procurement manager. He also served Adaptec as a sales manager where he gained enough knowledge to help him found his company known as Bezier Systems.

His rich experience also includes serving as president at Tradeshow Products since 2008. Other substantial roles in his remarkable career include serving as the Chairman as well as the secretary at Warning Management Services Inc. not to mention his role as the Chief Executive Officer at the same company.

Brian’s career has gotten better over the many years in service, developing to become one of the most reliable figures in his line of work. His startling reputation as an efficient leader with an ultimate dedication to providing world-class services cannot be overemphasized. He has helped numerous clients actualize their goals.

He has also given his team members and the extended project managers the necessary support to realize their full potential. Brian’s portfolio is remarkable which includes achievements in fields inclusive of Commercial, K-12 Education Projects, Multi-Family Housing as well as retail and aviation.

Brian boasts diversity regarding experience; this is due to his service in various industries. With his remarkable and well-polished skills, he has been able to come up with astounding projects with above satisfactory results.

With the help of a great team of qualified professionals, Brian has been able to attain great customer relationships. He has an empathetic, bold, strong and an active personality which has helped him leave remarkable marks in all the fields he has indulged in.

Brian has maintained his repute and respect with his unmatched dedication and focus. Brian has also been named as one of the popular Who’s Who Executive of the year in finance.