Doe Deere- Express Yourself Unapologetically

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is Russian born but raised in New York where she decided to bring her cosmetic vision to life. Her mission is not to conceal and perfect individuals, but to give them a way of self-expression. It’s a way to show how you feel rather than cover up or fit in. Lime Crime does just that with its bold, cruelty-free, and intensely colored cosmetic lines.

Doe knows what it is like to start small and make a name for yourself. Thus, she is an avid supporter of small women-owned businesses and is often found speaking at events to encourage entrepreneurship amongst women. Deere lives by passion and tells others that it should be what drives you. Another tip she gives is that you should really know your customer. It is important to really get to know the industry you want to be a part of and to walk a mile in the shoes of your target audience.

Take some risks and put yourself out there. It is the only way to know if what you are selling will work and if it is received positively. Doe found her passion for giving others a way of self-expression through vivid colors. She feels that color makes people happy, more noticeable, and confident. Lime Crime is a testament to that. She found a manufacturer that was willing to take a risk with her not-so-traditional concept and within a week of distribution, was sold out.

After a 10-year success story with Lime Crime, Deere and her husband decided to sell in order to put more focus on another business venture called Poppy. Deere’s concept and beliefs continue to resonate with every business she is involved in. According to her, the best thing she receives from her entrepreneurship are the letters from people who use her products and thank her for giving them a way to be themselves. In the end, when your mission becomes fulfilled, you truly feel successful.

Brazilian Fashion Star DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles is a famous fashion star in the Brazilian fashion industry. Donata has over 30 years of experience as a fashion designer. Donata grew into a big name through Doslu that gave her fame as an international buyer making her be featured in a French magazine as the best buyer in the world.

Donata is among the renowned fashion directors in Brazil, due to her perfect role of holding TV programs and as a former director of Daslu. She acquired her career at the University of Columbia where she majored in sales after obtaining a scholarship and later she in 1990 she started running Daslu and later in 2005 she was appointed as the chief editor in Brazil due to her outstanding performances in her career.

The global influence of Donata led to her present job as a style director. She has been supportive in the publication featured trends globally, and therefore her contributions have been of great value to the fashion industry in Brazil. Her efforts in fashion have influenced the whole country, and this has made her a familiar figure in the fashion household in the entire Sao Paulo. Back in her home town, her efforts and handwork has also been echoed for his outstanding work with the Brazilian fashion industry. See more of Donata Meirelles at

DonataMeirelles has also been starred in the mansion she lived in Casa Amarilla. She is a wife to NizanGunaes who is the chief executive officer of ABD company and business person. He has sported Donata in her career, and this has enabled her to become a star in her field. He always created conducive atmosphere for her that made her work easy and achievable.

Donata has been a fun of Vogue Brazil, and she contributed significantly in the creation of personalized and unique materials that were handed to Vogue Brazil to add fragrance to the fashion to make it more stylish. The effort promoted more partnership with Vogue Brazil that has seen it grow up to date.she has also been recognized for her efforts of fighting HIV aids and her humanitarian dedication.

In conclusion, DonataMeirelles makes use of the natural and refined materials around her to create fashion. On her usual day outside her busy schedules she loves shopping, she is a lover of accessories due to her career that rotates around way. Her features have made her famous and featured in Brazilian magazines that are published regularly on fashion styles and achievements.


How Doe Deere Makes Her Day Always Work

Being one of the world’s most creative cosmetologists, Doe Deere always finds ways to make her Lime Crime brand find new appeal. She’s proud of how she came to start this cosmetics line, but what’s made her more confident in what she can do with it is the routine she goes through each day. She gave a summary of what her day looks like to Savoir Flair, a Dubai-based cosmetics news magazine.


Doe Deere is always up on her own by 8:35 AM and is ready to start by having a glass of water and going through a stretching routine. Her favorite breakfast she always makes is grits, and she makes sure to get her dose of fruits among her foods, which includes her own homemade orange juice. From the breakfast table, Doe Deere makes her way to the makeup vanity and begins to apply each layer of makeup. Among that makeup is Lime Crime’s own colors of Matte Velvetine.


Prior to arriving at the office, Doe Deere checks in on Instagram and online video chat software to see activities already going on there. Then once she arrives there, it’s a day of rolling out new product ideas, hosting meetings, and taking calls. Her day could last anywhere from 7 hours and a quick trip home, to beyond 12 hours if she feels the need to accomplish a great deal.


Doe Deere is actually a native of Russia where she was born even in the days prior to the Soviet Union’s fall. But after communism did come to an end and Russians began awakening their entrepreneurial spirits, Doe Deere did the same at only age 13. She loved art and creating fake tattoos, and she also sang and loved music and decided alternative rock was where she’d try to live out her dream. She came to the US at the age of 17 and joined an indie rock band in 1998, though it never produced a top-selling album.


Around 2004, Doe Deere turned aside from music to go into cosmetics. Just a couple years later she was taking advantage of eBay to sell her own custom-made brand makeups and hair dyes known as Lime Crime. Doe Deere decided to turn Lime Crime into something even bigger, and after connecting with several expert marketing agencies, she was making news. Soon Lime Crime became a big business and Doe Deere moved to LA where it became an even bigger hit. Today, Lime Crime is sold all over the world through ecommerce.


Follow Doe Deere on twitter @doedeere.


The Rise Of Fabletics In The E-commerce Fashion Industry.

Fabletics is a unique clothing line that offers stylish and high-quality fitness apparel comprising of gym workout clothes, running, and yoga clothes. It was launched by the renowned Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson after she identified a market niche for luxury active wear. The market was flooded with many luxury brands that were not able to provide the consumers high-quality gear at affordable price ranges.


Kate Hudson created Fabletics with a mission of ensuring customer satisfaction by providing a versatile range of high-quality clothing that inspired individuals to remain active. This was backed by trending designs and various means of purchasing the apparels. Fabletics is committed to enhancing the needs of the customer’s experience by coming up with marketing strategies that stand out from the traditional stores.


Although Fabletics started out as an online subscription retailer, it has progressively grown and come up with showrooms that avail a platform for customer interaction. In just over three years, Fabletics has grown to over $250 million in business and has over sixteen stores in locations such as Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, and California. There are plans for more stores underway.


Fabletics Rise To Success.


In this digital era, it is tough to succeed in fashion with Amazon currently controlling about 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. Emerging e-commerce companies such as Fabletics have risen above the challenge and surpassed Amazon by rebranding the business with data science, creative based media, exclusive products, and enterprise technology.


Historically, high-value brands have been defined by quality goods, services, and the price range. Fabletics has been set apart from their competitors by offering personalized service and high-quality fashion at half the price.


Fabletics has been able to create a unique customer experience by actively engaging the consumers on their online platform which automatically attracts them to purchase their products. Their strategy of positioning themselves as a fashion membership brand is paying off because they have been able to successfully develop a remodeled version of the ‘high-value brand’ and bring in more customers.


Using online data has been integral in their success. By enabling consumers to register for membership, the individuals can take an online survey on their preferences through social media and real-time sales. What this ultimately means is that the physical Fabletics stores will be stocked only with items that are requested by the customers and can easily be modified in response to their changing tastes and trends.


The success of Fabletics is mainly attributed to their commitment to ensuring there is a balance between comprehensive consumer education, focus on culture, lifestyle, and the ease of access to their customers. By investing in the physical retail experience, Fabletics is ready to give its customers an interpersonal experience and immediate access to customer support.


Fabletics Reviewed.

Fabletics is a fast rising brand that is steadily revamping the concept of the modern apparel store by adapting innovative means of ensuring overall customer satisfaction and global brand recognition.


It has significantly understood and accommodated the new crop of high-value consumer needs, and thereby effortlessly rival other brands.

Fabletics Rocking the E-Commerce Biz

The JustFab subsidiary company Fabletics is taking the e-commerce world be storm. The Just Fab company runs on a strong e-commerce plan, so it is not shocking that Fabletics is the same way. Whereas Just Fab runs on shoppers joining as a member with a monthly charge, the Fabletics store does allow customers to shop as a guest or as a member. This unique way of handling customers helps the company to retain customers.

The big problem in today’s world is that it is so easy to shop from anywhere. Customers can be distracted by a mere click of their mouse or by a fun advertisement that will lead them to a new product. The fashion world is so competitive that it is completely worth it to attempt to retain customers if possible. By having customers become members of their company, Fabletics is out maneuvering their competition. If a customer is paying for a monthly membership to a company so they get bargains on athletic gear, of course they would buy all of their work out gear with their membership.

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Fabletics additionally saves customer information when they fill out their membership form. This allows purchasing to be that much easier for the shopper. Customers can easily select the item or full outfit that they want to purchase on The item or item will head to their Fabletics shopping cart. Since the membership requires you to add a credit card to be charged for the monthly membership fee, you do not need to fill out your payment option every time you shop. It is automatically saved in the Fabletics protected customer data base.

Fabletics setting themselves apart from JustFab to allow guest customers is another positive of the company. Allowing customers to shop from their e-commerce site as a guest, gives customers a shot to try it out. This gives customers a kind of “trial” of the products. In this way, they do not need to commit to a membership immediately to shop from the Fabletics store. Some fashionistas have complained that they wish Just Fab would allow customers to shop as guests, so it is a positive that Fabletics chose to permit it. Guest shoppers who have a positive experience at Fabletics may also end up getting a membership from the Just Fab company if they were pleased enough.