Nicolas Krafft Redefines Elegance At Paris Fashion Week

The Paris fashion week is typically held at the end of September. The biggest names in fashion, beauty, and entertainment can be seen all over the city, which is spectacular at this time of year. On September 30 one of the largest names in beauty, L’Oréal, held its second annual fashion and beauty show not only next to the river Seine but actually on it. This year’s catwalk was a floating platform perfectly aligned against the backdrop of the City of Lights. L’Oréal is dedicated to making fashion and beauty more accessible and the stage they set for this year’s event provided the perfect platform to launch that message. Vice President of Global Business Development Nicolas Krafft was responsible for spearheading the event.

The major theme highlighted by L’Oréal this year was diversity in women’s beauty. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful surroundings in Paris, L’Oréal used the floating runway to present some of the world’s top models including Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin. Nicolas Krafft wanted to make sure that projecting the brand’s mission was the job of the talented models. Stars such as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Marie Bochet were just some of the names that were there to provide support as well.

Nicolas Krafft was also responsible for bringing L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Artist Val Garland and Global Hair Artist Stephane Lancien to the event. They were chosen because of their unique talents and diverse backgrounds to help bolster the message of being able to bring beauty to everyone in the world. The pair created dozens of new hair and makeup looks for just for this particular event. Other models for the event’s 13 partner fashion brands made special appearances, including Sonia Rykiel and Isabel Marant. Wearing the very latest in French Haute jewelry from the iconic house of Chopard, citizens and passing tourists alike seated along the banks of the Seine were able to see the action either close-up or on many large screens adjacent to the charming Parisian streets flanking the stage. Nicolas Krafft remains determined to exceed all expectations again for next year’s event.

Brazilian Fashion Star DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles is a famous fashion star in the Brazilian fashion industry. Donata has over 30 years of experience as a fashion designer. Donata grew into a big name through Doslu that gave her fame as an international buyer making her be featured in a French magazine as the best buyer in the world.

Donata is among the renowned fashion directors in Brazil, due to her perfect role of holding TV programs and as a former director of Daslu. She acquired her career at the University of Columbia where she majored in sales after obtaining a scholarship and later she in 1990 she started running Daslu and later in 2005 she was appointed as the chief editor in Brazil due to her outstanding performances in her career.

The global influence of Donata led to her present job as a style director. She has been supportive in the publication featured trends globally, and therefore her contributions have been of great value to the fashion industry in Brazil. Her efforts in fashion have influenced the whole country, and this has made her a familiar figure in the fashion household in the entire Sao Paulo. Back in her home town, her efforts and handwork has also been echoed for his outstanding work with the Brazilian fashion industry. See more of Donata Meirelles at

DonataMeirelles has also been starred in the mansion she lived in Casa Amarilla. She is a wife to NizanGunaes who is the chief executive officer of ABD company and business person. He has sported Donata in her career, and this has enabled her to become a star in her field. He always created conducive atmosphere for her that made her work easy and achievable.

Donata has been a fun of Vogue Brazil, and she contributed significantly in the creation of personalized and unique materials that were handed to Vogue Brazil to add fragrance to the fashion to make it more stylish. The effort promoted more partnership with Vogue Brazil that has seen it grow up to date.she has also been recognized for her efforts of fighting HIV aids and her humanitarian dedication.

In conclusion, DonataMeirelles makes use of the natural and refined materials around her to create fashion. On her usual day outside her busy schedules she loves shopping, she is a lover of accessories due to her career that rotates around way. Her features have made her famous and featured in Brazilian magazines that are published regularly on fashion styles and achievements.


Nicolas Krafft Leading L’Oreal Fashion Brand to Greater Heights

L’Oreal Paris world leading fashion brand that is led by Nicolas Krafft among others held its second annual fashion show on September 30th, 2018. The spectacular event that was to showcase beauty and seasons new looks was graced by top industry players including top models, fashion gurus and leading film actors and actresses. The event was open to the public and was one of a kind as it was uniquely designed with models cat walking across 60 meters floating runway that was placed on top of river Seine which is located in Central Paris. The team behind

The fantastic team that organized the event was led by none other but L’Oreal Paris Global Business Development VP Nicolas Krafft. Top models that graced the events include Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin among others. The function was so magnificent and full of creativity and diversity an accurate reflection of what the city of Paris portrays. Diversity in women’s beauty is what stood out at the event. The celebrities from the film and sports industry that were present in the auspicious occasion include the game of thrones movie star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau whose stage name in the movie was Jaime Lannister and Paralympics ski champion Marie Bochet among others. L’Oreal Paris new ambassador was also present in the function.

The annual event that is organized by L’Oreal Paris is in line with the brand’s vision of bringing beauty closer to everyone and also aims at showcasing the latest fashion trends as well. Over seventy new hair and makeup look that was developed by Val Garland L’Oreal Paris Global Makeup Artist and Stephane Lancien of Global Hair were showcased at the event. The models were adorned with the latest collections including Jewelry from Chopard. Big screens were put in place to cater for members of the public who wanted to have a glimpse of the event at the banks of river Seine. The event was also broadcasted live to over 30 countries.

Nicolas Krafft has spent more than a decade in L’Oreal serving in different senior capacities that include Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe, General Manager and Marketing Director in Asia among others. He holds a Business Management degree from the University of St Gallen.