Doe Deere, a Dream Come True

We as humans all have a similar gift, and that is to dream. Whereas most people sit on their ideas, others work hard to achieve them. Doe Deere is the perfect example of a woman who amidst all odds has found a way of realizing her childhood dreams. With much success, Doe is the proud owner of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that has helped many women gain confidence in life. Due to her achievements, Doe has been forced by circumstances to adapt to a schedule that maximizes her efficiency each day. Doe Deere not only loves working but also spares enough time for a good night’s rest. It is at 8:30 am that Doe’s day starts and she engages in a quick workout session. Deere treasures these sessions mainly because they help her stretch her tendons and muscles readying her for the challenges ahead. She then takes a glass of water to keep her body hydrated. Hydration also keeps her skin moist and tender.

Shortly after, Doe goes to prepare herself a scrumptious breakfast. Many a time she prefers to feed on grits, but from time to time might substitute her favorite dish with a glass of yogurt, fruit salad, or fresh juice. As Doe unwinds on her day’s activities, she takes the time to communicate with members of her team through a custom company platform as they help her plan for the day. It is at this point that meetings are scheduled. Doe also takes the time to go through her emails and even responds accordingly. As it approaches 10 am, Doe rushes to the shower and takes a quick bath. Although the session involves a quick body wash, it is in the evenings that Deere prides herself in taking full baths.

Although Doe Deere cleans up incredibly well, she has learned to take the time to apply makeup. With a profound sense of fashion, Deere has makeup for regular and extraordinary occasions. For office meetings, Doe dresses up lightly and puts on a little makeup. However, a party or late night dinner calls for much preparation. For special occasions, Doe Deere spends close to an hour preparing, with the outcome being magnificent in nature. By 12 pm, Doe is in her office barking out orders to staff. Thanks to her excellent managerial skills, Lime Crime has been able to thrive. After going through a long day of meetings, Doe Deere sees it fit to leave for home. 6 pm is the exact time that Deere leaves her office and rushes home so as to take a full body bath. She then dries her hair, makes dinner, and heads to sleep. She then wakes up at 8:30 am the following morning, and the cycle continues day after day. By sparing time for her two cats in the morning, Doe has created a bond with the pets that can never get broken. Hence, Doe has adopted a daily routine that has contributed largely to her successes. It is a template that we can emulate to achieve greatness.

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