Tips on How Entrepreneurs can Raise Funds for Their Businesses from James River Capitals Paul Saunders

After you’ve conceived the business idea, the big task is often how to fund the business. Having a great idea doesn’t mean you will be successful at starting the business and sustaining. One major factor that determines the success of a business is funding. Luckily, there are many funding options that can help your business get started. This article focuses on tips for entrepreneurs to fund their businesses from Paul Saunders.


  1. Bootstrapping



This is a form of funding which involves using money from your savings, borrowing, or credit cards. This is among the best paths entrepreneurs take. However, it is unlikely for you to raise the full amount required to start a business using bootstrapping. It is a good place to start because it demonstrates that you’re serious about the business to other investors. It is also a good source of capital because you will not have to give out equity or control in exchange. As Paul Saunders, the Founder and CEO of James River Capital Corp., says, some people fail to raise money this way because some investments requires huge capital.


  1. Crowdfunding



Crowdfunding involves people coming together to support someone’s idea without expecting anything in return. They give their support through campaigns. The campaigns often offer some incentives such as T-shirts. For this method to work, you must do a lot of marketing to get your idea out there. Mostly, entrepreneurs use social media platforms to market their ideas and mobilize funds through selling of T-shirts and other incentives.


  1. Business loans

Business loans


Entrepreneurs go for bank loans or small business administration loans to start businesses. Mr. Sanders would tell you bank loans come with lower interest rates as compared to SBA loans. You need a great credit score to get a loan from either a bank or SBA. You could also go for a business line of credit which gives you more funds for your business.


  1. Local loans

Local loans


Local loans is also another viable option recommended by Paul Sanders. You can get more information about local loans in the Chamber of Commerce. You will get to meet entrepreneurs who will introduce you to their investors and guide you through how to apply for local loans.


  1. Angel investors

Angel investors


These are investors who are always looking for great business ideas to invest in. Apart from providing direct loans, angel investors can also connect you to other potential investors.


  1. Venture capitalists

Venture capitalists


Venture capitalists invest money from their clients in businesses that promise high returns in a relatively short period of time. Paul Saunders advice entrepreneurs who are considering to take this route to prepare well because the investors are looking for concrete proof your business can make the high returns.

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Marc Beer -The Phamaceutical Leadership Guru

Marc Beer is the CEO of Renovia Incorporation which he founded in August 2016, and was recently appointed as the chairman of LumeNXT. The company’s major goal is to provide the best digital therapy and diagnosis. The company has digitalized devices that give best services to patients especially women who have pelvic floor disorder. Before starting up Renovia, Marc Beer had other business startups and was the chairman of Minerva Neuroscience Incorporated.


The company takes particular interest in treating patients with Central Nervous System disorders. The company, in clinical stage, conducted multiple trials and most investments made in the company were based on innovating researches to come up with therapeutic compounds that would be able to cure some of the mental disorders e.g. insomnia, schizophrenia, and depressive disorder.


Marc Beer has had a solid leadership background in the biopharmaceutical field. This role has helped him put the pharmaceutical companies that he run on a global scale and thus has been able to successfully launch commercial gatherings that has helped him courteously address the issues of these mental and other rare disorders, on a global platform.


Marc Beer, with his proficient leadership skills, has been able to exert authority in administrative posts and has held over the years. With his ability to start up pharmaceutical businesses successfully, Marc Beer has been the founding chairman of many companies which include; Aegerion Pharmaceutical, which mainly focuses on the commercializing and developing of innovations that would be able to help patients with infirming rare conditions and disorders; he was also the Chairman and founder of the board of Good Start Genetics; CEO of ViaCell which was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007; he was also in the Board of Directors of the Erytech; etc. With his dire interest in the pharmaceutical field and a passion for making a change in that area, Marc Beer became a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was in the Board of Directors that governed emerging companies in the in the Biotechnology Industry Organization.


With over 25 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, Marc Beer has been able to make tremendous changes towards development of the companies that he was leading. He has also been involved in various philanthropic activities; he was recently able to raise about 42 million dollars to sponsor emerging pharmaceutical innovations that will focus on the health of women; Renovia Inc. the funds will also be allocated to finance research and the testing of new products. The company will also be able to offer the therapeutic and diagnostic services, with the new biotechnological devices implemented, and Biotechnology be able to treat the pelvic floor disorder in women. This forms the main goal of the Renovia Inc. Learn more:

“Marc Beer’s Renovia Development for Women Health Products “

Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc. company in 2016 which was meant for the development and commercialization of biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical products. The health products were to help women with urinary inconsistence and other pelvic floor related problems. Working over 25 years in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic fields, he has had a wealthy experience in the industry. Marc Beer was interested in helping women with these problems which has always troubled women in the past few decades. Through his ability to foresee these problems he came up with Renovia. Before founding the company, he also started up ViaCell that also dealt with health products.


Recently the prolific CEO successfully closed a Series A financing fund. These would help in raising funds for women healthcare. Later on Marc Beer, closed another series B financing where he raised $42M for the women healthcare products- $30M and $10M in debts. His commitment to trading these problems has made him gain sponsors for funding the startup. According to researchers, approximately 20 million women in the U.S. and over 250 million in the world are affected with urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor related problems. Therefore, Renovia Inc. will continue with other new health products closing both series rounds.


Renovia is developing products in the treatment of millions of women within the world. Pelvic floor related problems has been a major unaddressed problem in the health sector. The Boston based company is therefore coming up with an app and other proprietary medical technologies that would help women to maintain and visualize their own pelvic moment. Aside from this, the company has invested in pipeline products that have a better potential in diagnostic and treatment of urinary incontinence problems.


Using The Pelvic floor muscle exercises, women are able to track their own health without necessarily going to the hospital. They have been widely accepted as one of the best in treatment of pelvic floor related disorders. Other disorders associated with the pelvic floor are stress and other urgency that are based in the Urology and other Physical therapy. All these problems have been addressed by Renovia and will help millions of women worldwide. Apparently, most women may not have the ability to track down the problems within their muscle contraction. The problem of remembering to do the exercises is common hence the development of Leva.


Leva app is designed in training muscle within the pelvic floor. Being an FDA cleared device, the it has helping women to track down, maintain and share their problems with other women online. Through the visualization technology, the women can target the continence maintaining muscles responsible. This device has been revolutionary since they have coaching sessions and real time interaction hence optimizing pelvic floor muscles. Women has always wanted to have nonsurgical means of maintaining their health systems hence the development of Leva and the product pipeline products. Renovia has designed these devices to work simultaneously that has helped to represent the changes in the pelvic floor. Learn more:


Is the Country Headed Towards Economic Recession?

The world financial market is facing instability and turbulence which has resulted in people seeking other means of protecting their assets which involve buying gold coins. Gold has a proven history of stability and maintaining its market value in times of financial security. The US money reserve released a recent forecast on the balance of the dollar and that of the gold.

Economic instability

Even after the economy survived the 2008 crisis, economists are worried that we are headed to hard recession times. The prediction at the moment, however, might seem as being unintuitive since the economic performance in 2018 was not badly off.

The year witnessed an increase in stock prices, an increase in house prices and consumers spending as well as rising in GDP. Economists fear that there might be signs of recession such as an increase in the levels of household debt, tensions surrounding matters of trade drop in stock prices and stagnation of home sales. The gold prices however in the previous year was quite eventful.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Volatility might arise due to political instability, financial instability, and trade. Members of Wall Street and Capitol Hill has started seeking to increase the level of risk resistance by acquiring gold to protect their assets.

One risk factor that is projected to contribute to the concerns of a stagnating economy is the amount of debt taken which is approximately $1 trillion in deficit and $22 trillion in total debt in the marketplace. From past economic records, it can be noted that high debts and deficits within an economy might severely affect the economy. Increase in interest rates reduces the rate of buying by citizens as it increases the cost of borrowing by firms. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | PR Newswire

The importance of interest rates

The central government plays a ver important role in economic growth; this is through lowering of the interest rates to enable businesses to borrow money. The Federal Reserve, however, has hesitated to keep the prices low for a long time after the last recession as it fears that it could lose the ability to low the interest rates lower in case of future recession hits the economy.

The Federal Reserve took upon itself to increase the interest rates in 2015, and since then the prices have been increasing, and the Fed still projects to improve the interest rates in 2019.


According to the perception of the economist increase in interest rates would be an indicator of a creeping recession. The rate has direct effects on different factors in an economy such as mortgage interest rates, loans, borrowing and repaying of debt.

As the financial market is predicted to go through hard times, it would be wise to invest in gold which is more stable than the dollar to save the market value of your assets.

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New Residential Investment Corp: All that you need to know

New Residential Investment Corp. is a well-known firm that specializes in investing in and managing, investments regarding residential real estate. The firm aims to drive strong risk-adjusted returns mainly via investments in Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights, Non-Agency residential mortgage backed securities as well as associated call rights. The company’s main objective is to work and improve their proven investment expertise in order to provide enthralling returns that will result in better dividends to their shareholders.

New Residential Investment Corp targets assets that can produce better cash flows and also put in place conservative capital structures, which can produce returns throughout various interest rate environments. The complexity of the mortgage loans within the United States has been increasing in the last few decades. It is true that the unfolding developments in the 21 trillion U.S. dollar residential housing market, is producing significant investment opportunities.

After the end of the financial crises, several changes are being experienced within the residential mortgage industry. The main structure changes are improving the manner in which mortgages are serviced, owned, and originated. These changes have created several attractive investment opportunities. New Residential Investment Corp is actually one of the few market participants with a combination of industry experience, capital as well as the key business relations with the capability of taking advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

More about New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is actually a high quality income vehicle that has highly diversified investment portfolio as well as significant interest rate. Although the market in which the company operates is not doing very well, its shares have remained up there. The firm has invested in a huge range of mortgage assets: call rights, servicer advances, residential & consumer loans, residential securities, and mortgage servicing rights. The Mortgage servicing rights commonly referred to as MSRs takes the largest portion of the firm’s investment portfolio. Sometimes back, it represented approximately fifty-one percent of the company’s investments. The firm gets interests income from these especially when the amount paid for the Mortgage Serving Rights is above the basic amount.

Marc Beer: Prioritizing Womens Health

According to the latest statistics, millions of women around the world experiences diseases that are exclusive only to their gender. In developing countries, women have a high mortality rate, especially during childbirth. Scientists have been working together to discover new ways on how to improve women’s health and protect them from diseases that put their lives in danger. Entrepreneurs around the world are also working with research facilities to study these diseases that commonly target women, and try to find out how they can eliminate these threats to give them a healthier life.


Marc Beer, an American businessman, is slowly becoming known around the world because of his initiatives to develop a treatment for various diseases targeting women. He focused his research on the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, which affects 250 million women. He also worked with scientists to study the disease and established a startup firm where the treatment will be released. His company, called the Renovia Inc., created Leva, which has been approved by the FDA since April 2018. According to patients who have used Leva, it drastically decreased the effects caused by the pelvic floor disorder, and some were even treated, eliminating the disease from their systems.


Many investors have seen the potential of Renovia Inc. to grow exponentially after positive results about their treatment options started to reach major broadcasting networks. Marc Beer persuaded a lot of business people to invest in his company, and he was able to raise $42 million. He said that the money he received from interested investors would be used for research, and they will develop more treatment options that would save a lot of lives. Marc Beer also revealed that their priority in the present would be creating innovative treatment options that are affordable and has a higher chance of success.


March Beer, along with the researchers that he worked with, was received positively by groups and organizations who are pushing for the betterment of treatment options for women. They said that the discovery of a treatment for the pelvic floor disorder would deliver relief to millions of women around the world. The research conducted by Marc Beer and his team would also influence future researchers to play around what they have discovered, and he said that new treatment formulas could accidentally be created from the information that they published. Renovia Inc. continues to provide hope for women around the world, promising that they will eradicate other diseases that threaten their lives. Learn more: