Peter Briger: Getting Excellent Investment Advisory

Peter Briger is a highly regarded professional. He has been in the investment field for many years and has provided services to a wide variety of clients.

Perhaps you don’t understand how investments and asset management work. Maybe you need someone to help you understand how things work in this field.

If you are an investor or entrepreneur looking for a reliable advisor, it is crucial that you do your research. There are many financial and investment advisory firms promising to guide you towards your goal but you need to be certain you make the right choice.

With the financial solutions provided by Peter Briger, ambitious individuals can take the right steps and achieve the success they desire. He is a clear choice for entrepreneurs and investors who are serious about taking their venture to the next level.


As an experienced investment and wealth building advisor, Peter has access to excellent resources which enable him to meet the needs of his clients. He has deep knowledge of alternative asset management and is the Principal of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment.

As a renowned firm, Fortress Investment Group has a team of highly qualified investment advisors and financial planner. The company’s team also includes wealth building advisors and some of the leaders in the industry.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers. The professionals at this reputable firm have a good understanding of the industry and cater to both beginners and veterans.

If you are searching for a firm or professional that can help you understand the process of alternative asset management, you need to consult Peter Briger. He is passionate about advising and working with ambitious individuals and he can guide you.

Financial or investment management is not something to be handled lightly. And choosing an advisor for your needs is an important decision. Fortress Investment Group is well equipped to handle its clients’ needs effectively.

Peter is committed to sharing industry strategies, tips, and techniques that work effectively and will ensure that you are on your way to reaching your goal.

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New Residential Investment Corp: All that you need to know

New Residential Investment Corp. is a well-known firm that specializes in investing in and managing, investments regarding residential real estate. The firm aims to drive strong risk-adjusted returns mainly via investments in Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights, Non-Agency residential mortgage backed securities as well as associated call rights. The company’s main objective is to work and improve their proven investment expertise in order to provide enthralling returns that will result in better dividends to their shareholders.

New Residential Investment Corp targets assets that can produce better cash flows and also put in place conservative capital structures, which can produce returns throughout various interest rate environments. The complexity of the mortgage loans within the United States has been increasing in the last few decades. It is true that the unfolding developments in the 21 trillion U.S. dollar residential housing market, is producing significant investment opportunities.

After the end of the financial crises, several changes are being experienced within the residential mortgage industry. The main structure changes are improving the manner in which mortgages are serviced, owned, and originated. These changes have created several attractive investment opportunities. New Residential Investment Corp is actually one of the few market participants with a combination of industry experience, capital as well as the key business relations with the capability of taking advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

More about New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is actually a high quality income vehicle that has highly diversified investment portfolio as well as significant interest rate. Although the market in which the company operates is not doing very well, its shares have remained up there. The firm has invested in a huge range of mortgage assets: call rights, servicer advances, residential & consumer loans, residential securities, and mortgage servicing rights. The Mortgage servicing rights commonly referred to as MSRs takes the largest portion of the firm’s investment portfolio. Sometimes back, it represented approximately fifty-one percent of the company’s investments. The firm gets interests income from these especially when the amount paid for the Mortgage Serving Rights is above the basic amount.

Gareth Henry is a Rising Star in the Corporate World

Since his graduation in 2001, Gareth Henry has stayed focused on the financial industry. With a degree in actuarial mathematics and graduating at the top of his class, Gareth had no trouble finding a position in the financial field right out of college. He first position after leaving Heriot-Watt University was at the Insitute of Actuaries in the UK, where he was appointed as a fellow. Along with the Insitute of Actuaries, Gareth joined the Society of Actuaries as well, which is the same type of organization just in the United States. After four years of residing as a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, Gareth had the opportunity to join up with Schroders in England, a company that is more than 200 years old today and is one of the leading financial firms around the world.

While still working in London, Gareth Henry was approached by Fortress Investment Group to take up a position at the company as the head of international investor relations, which he took in 2007. As a leading investment company in the United States, this was a great opportunity for Gareth to build his experience in top-level positions and improve his portfolio. Gareth was even chosen as one of the speakers for the Alpha Hedge West conference that is held annually. His knowledge of marketing, investing, and sales made him the perfect candidate to speak on behalf of the company.

These days, Gareth Henry is working for Angelo, Gordon as a top executive, overseeing the same department he directed at Fortress Investment Group. As the global head of international relations for Angelo, Gordon, Gareth is consistently working with clients from around the world, especially throughout Europe and Asia. Gareth Henry already has a good portfolio to work with given that he was in executive positions just a few years after entering the workforce and the Angelo, Gordon team believes he will help the company reach new heights under his leadership as CEO.