The Real Story Is CVS And Amazon Says Drew Madden

You may choose to be distracted by the latest headlines in the news no matter what they may be, but the real story to watch right now according to Drew Madden is the saga of CVS versus Amazon.

Drew Madden is someone worth listening to on these matters. He has proven that he is a brilliant individual by working his way up from being a lowly employee in the healthcare information technology sector to being an entrepreneur in that same sector. He did not take no for an answer as he continued to climb his way up the ladder of success.

These days, Madden watches the actions of companies like Amazon and CVS to see how they react to one another when they are in direct competition as they are today. He has been surprised by some of the moves that each has taken, and he has also been less than surprised by others.

The main thing that CVS has been doing since news was released that Amazon might enter their market is protecting themselves against customer loss. The way that they have done this is to offer some of the same things that they anticipate that Amazon will offer. This includes increasing the number of guaranteed next-day delivery products that they have on offer. This may help to keep Amazon at bay a little bit as that next-day delivery guarantee is something that so many of the customers of Amazon’s have always been interested in having. CVS has seen that and has reacted appropriately to make sure they can keep those customers who might otherwise be swayed away.

No matter what, it is going to be a tough hill for CVS to climb as they try to ward off Amazon. That being said, they are taking some very appropriate actions to at least make that a possibility. That is a far cry from what some others have been doing.

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