Highland Capital Announces New Fund Dividend Payments

Highland Capital Management has recently announced a new investment option that it uses to help clients. The firm announced that its Floating Rate Opportunities Fund will now pay monthly dividends to all shareholders. The shareholders will get payments by the end of each month starting on January 31, 2019. With this new fund, the firm will be in position to help clients invest their funds with less risk. They will be getting a monthly income which will compliment their assets. As a result, more clients are likely to use the Floating Rate Opportunities Fund to help improve their financial situations. It will also help Highland Capital Management serve their clients better as well. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

The new Floating Rate Opportunities Fund is a closed end fund which means that is used to invest in assets such as financial securities and loans with floating rates. This allows investors to acquire assets that may fluctuate but also provide good returns on a consistent basis. Highland Capital Management has a separate entity that currently manages the fund. The Floating Rate Opportunities Fund is currently managed by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Whenever investors are looking to take advantage of the new Floating Rate Opportunities Fund, they will need to keep a few things in mind. They will need to be aware of certain risks that will affect their returns. These are also parts of the fund that they will need to consider in order to maximize their returns. Investors who are looking to invest in the fund will need to consider things such as credit risk, senior loan risk, illiquidity risk and also closed end fund risks. By knowing about the risks, investors will have the ability to better assess investment opportunities and get the most out of them. So far the Floating Rate Opportunities Fund has helped many investors build wealth and better manage their financial assets.

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