Serge Belamant: Top Lessons that Upcoming Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Experienced Entrepreneur

There are very many people who have been involved in various businesses where they have recorded huge success. One of such business experts is Serge Belamant, who has been entrepreneurship since leaving school. The experienced innovator joined various companies working in the industry with the aim of making a name for himself. However, after working for several years and amassing the necessary knowledge, he moved out and started his own company that has recorded huge success.

There are several lessons that other investors can learn from Serge Belamant, who has had a stellar business career. One of the most important lessons that investors can learn from Belamant is that innovation is the key towards achieving success in the business world. Any person who wants to record success in what they do must be able to understand and harness the current technology for his own benefit. More about Serge Belamant at

Serge Belamant is not an entrepreneur who is interested in incorporating technology but is somebody who comes up with innovative ideas. His businesses are tech-based franchises that have had huge success in the industry. One of the companies that he established is Net1 Technologies, which has grown and operates in various parts of the world, including the United States. This is the company behind debit and credit cards, the same cards that people use today or financial transactions.


Another iportant idea that all business leaders should copy from Serge Belamant is that leadership is the core of the business. A company might have all the necessary resources but fail to succeed because it does not have experienced and knowledgeable leaders. It is the role of the business leaders to make decisions affecting the operations of the company on a daily basis. Leaders should develop an alternative cause of action and prevent their business from failing.

Lastly, leaders can learn that operating a business is not for the faint hearted. There comes a time when the business experiences extreme negative forces that lead to extreme losses and sometimes collapse. Despite having a stellar career in business, Serge Belamant has faced huge challenges but he has remained relevant by fighting hard and being passionate about his business idea.

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1. com is a Chinese online retailer. Recently, the firm announced that they were willing to assist other companies in meeting their procurement needs regardless of their size. The online retailer has a procurement channel known as JD Business, and it is focused on helping other corporations to purchase office supplies and services. Jingdong’s main aim is to ensure that they have come up with a one-stop shop solution. Many companies have gained greatly from JD Chain. Some of these companies have been able to improve procurement efficiency. At the moment, Jingdong has over seven million enterprise clients.


In the traditional procurement process, various companies need to have an individual relationship with each of their suppliers as a way of meeting their business needs. At times, these companies may have to employ a procurement team that will be tasked with meeting the suppliers in person before the working relationship commences on an official note. JD Chain has been formulated to simplify the procurement process thus making sure that companies can access different products from the same platform. Since Jingdong has a positive reputation and they only deal with purely authentic products, the corporation will also ensure that there is transparency when dealing with JD Chain.

JD Business is meant to offer its services to all enterprises whether big or small. Although small and medium enterprises are unstable, JD Business will make sure that the procurement channel is transparent. As a result, it will be easier to read through invoices and pricing information.

Jingdong will also be working with more than 5,000 large corporations, and JD Business can be a part of the ERP systems. A huge percentage of the companies that are present in the Fortune 500 list in China has partnered with, and they are utilizing the services being offered by JD Business to cater for their procurement needs. The online retailer has also spent a considerable amount of time trying to learn more about how they can serve their clients accordingly. Fortunately, Jingdong can meet the demands of each of their clients since they have a good relationship with most suppliers in China and their logistics network is also advanced.

Jingdong’s: Facebook Page.

Diversification Is Key For Investor Igor Cornelsen

The investment sector is one of the most competitive in the financial markets as traders attempt to find the best ways of making a huge amount of money as quickly as possible. Veteran Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen believes one of the major problems facing those looking to learn about trading stocks is the nature of the modern markets. Sitting back and trusting one has made the correct investment is a radical idea in the modern investment sector. However, Igor Cornelsen believes this is the best option for earning a large return on an investment portfolio and allows the investor the chance to enjoy their rewards after completing the correct research.

After more than four decades in the financial sector, few experts have the skills and experience of Igor Cornelsen when it comes to exploring the options available in improving a portfolio. The banker who joined Unibanco in the 1970s believes there are great rewards to be made using his passive income approach to investments. The key factors for Igor Cornelsen are research and a thorough understanding of the stocks being invested in which allows a great level of trust to be achieved.

Finding success in the markets means keeping abreast of the global economy and any changes which may occur in the nations where stocks are being purchased. Igor Cornelsen believes there are major gains to be made through investments in developing economies in South America and across the world. An investor must, therefore, be a follower of news shows and Websites to ensure they have the knowledge of when a nation is suffering from an economic depression. Alternative investment opportunities are now a major part of the financial markets despite Igor Cornelsen believing this to be one of the best ways of earning a passive income for many decades.