Honors Continue To Arrive For Judge Marco Antonio Marques De Silva

The honors which have been arriving at the door of Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva continued recently when a new building was named for the Brazilian legal expert. The newly opened auditorium at the PUC-Sao Paulo Perdizes campus was named in honor of the legal expert from the Brazilian city who acts as a Professor of Criminal Law at the academic institution. A graduate of Pontificate Catholic University, Marques de Silva has been building a popular and respected career as both a teacher and legal expert presiding over the court of appeals.


In receiving the honor of the teaching auditorium being named after him, the judge has completed a remarkable journey from his home city of Itapetininga in the state of Sao Paulo to the highest offices in the land. As a leading figure in the judiciary, Marco Antonio Marques de Silva began his career path towards becoming a lawyer and later a judge at the age of 15 when he made the decision to work towards a legal career. Graduating from PUC-Sao Paulo, the legal expert made his way to the academic institution to extend his career with graduate and doctorate qualifications in the law which concluded with his awarding of a tenured position at the school.


The ceremony designed to show appreciation for the work and career of Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva which was attended by many of the luminaries of PUC-Sao Paulo. Among those who attended was the former President of the Court of Appeals, Dirceu di Mello who is also the President of the college; many of the colleagues of Marques de Silva also stepped forward to give their thanks to his work and career including legal professor Ricardo Sayeg. Although Marco Antonio Marques de Silva was honored for his career and commitment to learning at PUC-Sao Paulo he was also a key part of the fundraising and planning team for the new auditoriums which now bear his name.