Oren Frank Talks About Talkspace

Along with his wife, Oren Frank founded Talkspace, a revolutionary online platform for connecting licensed therapists with people seeking therapy, in 2012. Since that time, Talkspace has made it possible for over half-a-million people to participate in therapy sessions, many living in remote areas and reduced circumstances who would not have had the opportunity to … Read moreOren Frank Talks About Talkspace

Talkspace – Is Text Therapy for Real?

Reading through reviews from those who have tried Talkspace Reviews as an alternative to traditional therapy, there is a consistent theme: a successful and helpful therapy platform that allows the anonymity of texting from a licensed mental health worker who is available every day. The intake seems to appear as an automated “bot” with answers … Read moreTalkspace – Is Text Therapy for Real?

Talkspace Pricing Review

Talkspace is an online therapy client. This means that the site is focused on providing affordable and accessible mental health care to all, regardless of location or insurance. This is a groundbreaking change to occur in the mental health industry and it helps break a lot of stigma around seeking treatment. Talkspace is routinely rated … Read moreTalkspace Pricing Review

Roseann Bennett Meeting Mental Health Where It Lives

Mental Health is one of the largest stigmas to plague culture in the United States. It has been highlighted not only in the psychiatric world but is now becoming known as the cause of many physical ailments that are common in our society. Roseann Bennett has been influential in bringing assessment and treatment to those … Read moreRoseann Bennett Meeting Mental Health Where It Lives