Squaw Valley Statement Commits to Improving Quality of Drinking Water


In a November article in the Sierra Sun newspaper, it was reported that the drinking water in the Upper Mountain part of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort was not safe for drinking. Citing bacterial contamination, the Placer County Environmental Health agency conducted daily testing of the water and allowed the ski resort to open for the season under restrictions. But continued monitoring of the drinking water in the upper mountain was necessary for public safety.


In latter November, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort issued an extensive statement. This statement was meant to explain the contamination and ensure the public that it is being resolved.


Over the summer the resort upgraded its water system to improve service to its facilities. Part of that upgrade resulted in a relocation of the resort’s well-heads from below ground to above. Supply lines were replaced to prevent surface water intrusion. When complete, the entire system was certified and ready for the season to open on schedule. Unfortunately that fall an unusual amount of rainfall overwhelmed the newly updated system and contaminated the water supply.


The resort states that it took responsibility for the problem and contacted Placer County Environmental Health to work on a resolution. With their help, the Squaw Valley resort began to address the contamination, testing rigorously and continuing to work closely with the proper water safety experts to bring the water back to within normal levels. By the time of the November statement, the water supply was still not within safe drinking levels. Squaw Valley took the necessary steps to ensure safe water was available to its customers while keeping them insulated from the contaminated public supply, offering free bottled water for consumption.


In their statement to the Sierra Sun, Squaw Valley Ski Resort intended to assure its customers and the community that public safety was a priority. The resort remains committed to cleaning its water supply and ensuring its safety for all.