Jorge Moll’s Research on the Link between Neurology and Morality

Heading a neurology study at the National Health Institute was Jorge Moll, a top-notch neurologist and the President of D’Or Institute for Health and Education. Alongside his team of specialists, Jorge Moll came up with interesting findings. The study that was conducted in 2006 was designed by Jordan Grafman, another renown neurologist, and Jorge Moll. The study was aimed at finding out how the physiology of the brain affects one’s morality and altruism.

During the study, the participants’ brains were scanned as they were presented with different scenarios regarding how they keep the money to oneself or donate it to a charity organization. When the research was carried out, those that chose to help others, primitive parts of their brains were activated. It means that giving is associated with the part of the brain where pleasures are felt. It indicated that people give because it makes them feel better.

Through the findings of the study, Jorge Moll reached a conclusion that empathy is an integral thing when it comes to shaping one’s morality. The fact that one can recognize another creature’s internal state is a key evolutionary leap in developing social behavior. This development of social behavior is linked to one’s awareness of wrong and right. All in all, the research conducted by Jorge Moll and his team is an important step in the quest of comprehending human neurology.

With vast experience, Jorge Moll has been able to make a name in the global scene when it comes to neurology, but it did not come easily. Jorge Moll’s journey to the top began at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil. He studied Neuroscience and graduated with an MD.

Having had a passion for neuroscience, Jorge Moll went ahead to further his studies at the Sao Paulo University. It was from there that he graduated with a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. His skills and experience is a clear indication of his prowess in the field of neuroscience. It is the drive he had to transform people’s lives through neuroscience that made him start D’Or Institute for Health and Education.