Betsy DeVos Visits Schools with First Lady Melania Trump

It’s been a long road for Betsy DeVos. She started out at Calvin College, getting interested in politics at an early age. She also wanted to learn about education reform and began to look at alternative paths for underprivileged children. While this started in the 1990s, DeVos had already been working with Republican party leaders before that. In the early 2000s, she led a movement in Michigan to change the state’s policies towards educational choice.


Educational choice has been a polarizing topic for many families in the United States. Betsy DeVos is a huge proponent of the programs, and she has spoken about it in several interviews. She recently talked to Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” about the success of these programs, indicating that she had seen the most growth in two states Louisiana and Florida. These states have the most educational choice programs, much to the dismay of many in the public school system.


So why don’t people like educational choice and Betsy DeVos?


For one, educational choice seems to be a catch-all program to help students go to the school of their choice. However, many students and teachers have spoken out that it’s actually taking tax dollars to send students to private schools. To this, Betsy DeVos shakes her head. She stated in her interview with Stahl that this isn’t how the program works nor does it seek to take away any funding.


In fact, educational choice is funded through philanthropy and donations. DeVos has some of the biggest backers in the tech world on her side, such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft. She even has donors like Sam Walton on her list. She has also donated over $35 million to the cause.


So what is educational choice?


Educational choice is the option for students to pick where they want to go to school instead of going to school where they are zoned. The problem is that some states are providing programs for students to go to private schools. While DeVos contends the funds are not public tax dollars, it’s easy to see the confusion. In fact, many of the programs are paid for with funding and help from the DeVos Family Foundation.


It’s clear that DeVos is just trying to help students and has made it her goal to prioritize students first. She spoke out about how students have been affected by failing schools and former policies of previous administrations, such as Common Core. However, there has been little done to improve other areas of education, and now she has less than two years to figure out how to incorporate educational choice in more areas.


DeVos will continue to work on educational choice until 2020.


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Betsy Devos: Education Secretary of the United States

Have you seen Betsy Devos in action? She’s an incredible lady. In fact, she has been in the political circle for some time for education reform, and she believes in her platform wholeheartedly. She was questioned by Leslie Stahl in a recent “60 Minutes” interview, where she was asked to state what programs she found exceptional during her time in office. As she explained, results don’t happen overnight.


Devos has only been in office about two years. It’s been a difficult position to hold as many don’t agree with educational choice. Devos says that they don’t understand how it works to be so quick to judge. While the main concern is that public funding will be used for private education, Betsy points out that many of the funds were sourced from philanthropists like herself, as well as donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


However, the truth is that Devos is dedicated to students and has been working hard to keep students out of failing schools. While she knows that this is not a long-term option, it’s something that can help students get into better schools today. Devos has always been concerned more about the welfare of children, and it shows in the way that she has campaigned in the past, creating bills like “Kids First! Coalition.”


In addition to school reform, she will be taking on security and child safety as new security regulations go into effect for American schools during the next school year. Now students will have new evacuation plans and may have to be prepared at a moment’s notice to leave their desk behind.


When asked what she believed were the most successful parts of the program, Devos pointed to Florida, stating that the state has the most educational choice options out of any in the state. Many have criticized Devos’ background, but she says that it is in her blood to be this passionate about educational reform. In fact, her mother was a public school teacher.


As a philanthropist, Devos has devoted her time to donating to different schools, including one of her own. She is the co-founder of an aviation school located in Grand Rapids.


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End Citizens United: Creating Better Quality Elections

End Citizens United: Promoting better campaign management

End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to improving the way that political campaigns and elections are funded. Since the Supreme Court decision to favor Citizens United, there has been entry by unfavorable organizations and individuals into the political process. Dark money or untraceable donations have surfaced among the campaigns of multiple political candidates. The End Citizens United initiative hopes to restore integrity in the political process by promoting fair and safe elections.

There are a lot of ways that End Citizens United favors better political campaigns. They have consistently been funded by individuals and private organizations to a great degree. Last year they had spent more than ten million dollars in the two thousand and sixteen campaign elections. They raised more than twenty five point five million that year as well. Their goals for 2018 are even greater, at approximately thirty five million dollars anticipated, and what End Citizens United knows.

The funds received by Citizens United are an important way that democratic elections and campaign management can be established in our country. This is because of the way that End Citizens United investigates individuals and groups that may require examination. Four political figures in California are on a list because of these aspects.

The four politicians who have been selected are important because they speak to a larger problem in the state of California. The executive Director of End Citizens United advocates that this state in particular needs greater attention to detail and surveillance. Multiple candidates and political figures have cultivated a culture of unique political campaign spending that is not in line with legal suggestions or claims, and

Overall there are a lot of ways that End Citizens United can help the people receive a more fair and pragmatic election process. They have favored the development of multiple strategies such as campaign evaluation, management and finance reform. These are just some of the ways that End Citizens United creates national change and helps create incredible results, and

End Citizens United is an investigative and versatile part of efforts to improve campaign and election processes. They have discovered the valuable strategies that can be used when evaluating candidates. They have also been able to gain a following at multiple levels of government. In order to meet their ultimate goal of legislation reform, End Citizens United needs to have more acceptance of their suggestions in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

There are a lot of advantages to the way this organization operates. By creating awareness with the public, End Citizens United has significantly advanced the way that people perceive election processes and political campaigns. Their hard work has also contributed to large amounts of grass roots funding. With more widespread acceptance, End Citizens United will be able to make a lasting difference in American history, and more information click here.