Todd Lubar – Passionate and Dedicated Mortgage Expert

Todd Lubar graduated first class from the Syracuse University with a degree in speech communication. He knew from the very start that he would love his work in the real estate industry as he had a passion for real estate and loves to help others in finding properties that they like. But, he did not straight away start a career in the industry. He started out as a loan originator for the company called Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He learned about different conservative mortgage banking that has helped him in the real estate industry. The job also allowed him to interact with insurance agents, real estate agents and also financial planners. Today, they form a referral base for Todd that has helped him provide exceptional service to his clients.

According to patch, it was not until 1999 that Todd Lubar took a position in Legacy Financial Group that allowed him to hone his skills further. Here, he started to broker loans to investors and even lend loans. After working with the company for a few years, he began to work with Legendary Properties LLC. The company is in the business of real estate and offers a broad range of services to their clients that range from purchasing, selling, rental and investing services. He went on to start his real estate company and also an investing company called the First Magnus Financial Corporation subsidiary to aid in his real estate business.

During his stint in the real estate industry, he understood that there was a large group of people who are often overlooked by the traditional lending companies. He named the company Legendary Financial LLC that formed an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Over the years, he has been involved with more than 7,000 real estate transactions due to his ability to think practically in every situation. He also went to start businesses in different areas of real estate like automatic scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition as well. For more info about  Todd, visit his account on Linked In.

While the real estate business in the Baltimore area was slow for a few years, it has started to catch up. More people are coming in to invest in properties in the area. If you are looking for the best person to help you towards this step, there is no one better than Todd Lubar. His real estate industry expertise along with the loan knowledge has helped his clients find great deals and fulfill their dreams of becoming the owner of their house.

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