The ways in which Mikhail Blagosklonny has influenced the world of science

One of the things that have been giving researchers headaches for the past few decades is cancer. The issue with the disease is the manner in which it affects and individual kills off all the healthy cells of the area where it occurs and if not caught on time, leads to deterioration and eventual death. Oncotarget is a science journal that is published every few years. The editors accept articles about areas of research such as oncology, Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Cell Biology and Pharmacology. The aim behind the work that they do is to foster the sharing of materials and discoveries among the people that work in research and if possible, ease the process that is taken to get cures for some of the lifestyle diseases.

One of the editors and main contributors for the magazine is Mikhail Blagosklonny. He is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Institute of Cancer. He has been working in the research fields for many decades now. He got his MD and PhD in medicine from the First Pavlov State University. Other places where he has worked in the past include the first job that he got as an associate professor at the New York Medical College. Then, he moved to the Ordway Research institute before getting his current posting. He has been researching on how inflammation of the cells that surround cancerous ones can be prevented using some of the drugs that have been in the market.

The therapy that he recommends involves the use of Rampamycin, which has for a long time been used in the treatment of cancer. He believes and advocates for the fact that when the therapy is used in the right manner, it will be possible to prevent the cells that are yet to be destroyed by cancer from getting inflammation. Other magazines and publications that he has either published or is an editor to include Cell Cycle, Aging, Cell Death and differentiation and many others. His goal is to see that people know enough about the current research on longevity and cancer through these medical journals.

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