Tips on How Entrepreneurs can Raise Funds for Their Businesses from James River Capitals Paul Saunders

After you’ve conceived the business idea, the big task is often how to fund the business. Having a great idea doesn’t mean you will be successful at starting the business and sustaining. One major factor that determines the success of a business is funding. Luckily, there are many funding options that can help your business get started. This article focuses on tips for entrepreneurs to fund their businesses from Paul Saunders.


  1. Bootstrapping



This is a form of funding which involves using money from your savings, borrowing, or credit cards. This is among the best paths entrepreneurs take. However, it is unlikely for you to raise the full amount required to start a business using bootstrapping. It is a good place to start because it demonstrates that you’re serious about the business to other investors. It is also a good source of capital because you will not have to give out equity or control in exchange. As Paul Saunders, the Founder and CEO of James River Capital Corp., says, some people fail to raise money this way because some investments requires huge capital.


  1. Crowdfunding



Crowdfunding involves people coming together to support someone’s idea without expecting anything in return. They give their support through campaigns. The campaigns often offer some incentives such as T-shirts. For this method to work, you must do a lot of marketing to get your idea out there. Mostly, entrepreneurs use social media platforms to market their ideas and mobilize funds through selling of T-shirts and other incentives.


  1. Business loans

Business loans


Entrepreneurs go for bank loans or small business administration loans to start businesses. Mr. Sanders would tell you bank loans come with lower interest rates as compared to SBA loans. You need a great credit score to get a loan from either a bank or SBA. You could also go for a business line of credit which gives you more funds for your business.


  1. Local loans

Local loans


Local loans is also another viable option recommended by Paul Sanders. You can get more information about local loans in the Chamber of Commerce. You will get to meet entrepreneurs who will introduce you to their investors and guide you through how to apply for local loans.


  1. Angel investors

Angel investors


These are investors who are always looking for great business ideas to invest in. Apart from providing direct loans, angel investors can also connect you to other potential investors.


  1. Venture capitalists

Venture capitalists


Venture capitalists invest money from their clients in businesses that promise high returns in a relatively short period of time. Paul Saunders advice entrepreneurs who are considering to take this route to prepare well because the investors are looking for concrete proof your business can make the high returns.

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Can Press Releases Still Assist With Your Search Engine Optimization?

Can news release still aid with your online search engine positions? This is among one of the most debatable and also one of the most frequent questions that are being asked by a great deal of online marketers as well as digital advertising and marketing experts today.

Regrettably, this question has no straightforward response. To answer this, we need to go back to know what a PR distribution service is, its benefits, and how Google transformed the formulas because of just how marketing experts previously abused its use.

What is the news release?

A news release is a method made use of by businesses to spread the word concerning their brand-new items, grand opening, new team, cooperation, or anything that makes a newsworthy product. When it mixes a passion for one or a few reporters, they can compose a story concerning it.

Nonetheless, with the introduction of newswire solutions, the fashion whereby they distribute the launches altered that significant the begin of info overload. Ever since releases were released like hotcakes. The business began launching tales that are not even newsworthy.

The very easy submission resulted in backlinks to the firm that was syndicated by multiple news and media electrical outlets. Marketing experts began overdoing it to gather highly appropriate links. Google understood it promptly as well as penalized sites that carried these web links.

To today, newswire companies that distribute press releases, use nofollow web links. It means that launches can no more aid with the business’s Search Engine Optimization.

Does It Mean Press Releases Are Pointless For Search Engine Optimization?

News release might have lost its power to maximize your site, but it still functions as a fantastic way to get the press focus. Whenever a brand has a remarkable story, it’s still an excellent way to generate the media rate of interest, when journalists blog about these tales, it after that causes much more stories, shares, meetings, and links- which is still great for maximizing your website.

The method called web link making technique is the means marketing experts make their relationships ethically. Visitors who such as the release will undoubtedly share it to their social media sites channels, which leads to earning links. This strategy is a better means to make high-quality links from good material than from spammy links.

Distributing a press release is a cheaper technique to market your organization, create website traffic and also optimize your SEO effort than a paid marketing campaign. You obtain the most out of one story because the ROI is high for a little investment.

How Can Media Coverage Help With Search Engine Optimization?

Do you know that also small companies can garner considerable attention? It’s just an issue of exactly how you develop your tale.

Keep in mind the viral story of Roman Originals that gathered enormous limelights because of the controversial dispute on the shade of the gown? It is one proof that favorable media protection can impact backlinks as well as natural web traffic.

Below, the story was released by significant media electrical outlets, such as Wired, Gawker, Time and other magazines. Several influencers and also celebrities likewise considered in their viewpoints on the social networks. Due to the element of “surprise,” the story ended up being viral that it earned 17.5 K percent rise in press points out as well as a 2.3 K percent boost in new backlinks.

Writing an SEO-press launch starts with picking the keyword phrase that individuals utilize to search for something. Google Keywords Organizer is a tool that can aid in identifying the search volume of targeted keywords.

The key phrase will after that be incorporated in the headline, recap as well as web content. Make sure not to position a lot of search phrase on the material to avoid being penalized by Google. Another tip is to make use of LSI keywords to stop using the keyword phrase over and over.

Isabel dos Santos- A Prominent Investor

There have been many allegations about Sonangol wanting to acquire a stake within a particular Portuguese oil company. Sonangol was sad to hear that the position was not up for grabs. Isabel dos Santos issued these remarks when talking to VALOR. She had also been asked about considering a negotiation with Sonangol so that they may participate in GALP. Isabel dos Santos went ahead to say that those were news that did not have any basis of truth.

Expresso is a popular newspaper, and they went ahead to note that the Sonangol administration talked about the matter being resolved. However, there must be a pre-condition, which entails the issuance of $70 million; this is the amount that the Angolan oil company invested so that they may participate in the Portuguese multinational oil company.

Isabel dos Santos came forth to talk about the matter, and she said that they have never been approached by Sonangol. She went ahead to note that only American companies had expressed an interest in participating in the Portuguese oil company. The entrepreneur also said that the $70 million was paid in full. There is a copy of a bank statement, and it serves as proof of payment. Additionally, Sonangol had signed a letter which showcases that they had received funds. Carlos Saturnino is the PCA at Sonangol, and he was being blamed for the whole tragedy. He was the person who passed the information about Sonangol having received payment. Isabel dos Santos did not talk about whether the money was refunded or not. Visit on her twitter for updates.

As a leader in the world of business, Isabel dos Santos has diversified her investment portfolio. She was able to succeed in a society where males and females are not accorded equal opportunities. As a result, she has been focusing on empowering women so that they may also get a breakthrough. Over the years, she has also gained some popularity in the international community. She has also showcased that she can build and develop corporations globally. While working as an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, she has gained a lot of insight into how the business world operates.

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Is Regional Banking The Best Route

Earning, storing, and growing wealth is something that most practical people do. Keeping your money in a safe in place is what traditional banks do the best. In most cases, dealing with financial institutions is the way to go, but in other cases, not so much is expected. Regional/Community banking has exploded as of late and it’s now giving the larger national banks a run for their money. Regional banking offer some of the most innovative products and services to store and grow your wealth while offering much lower rates and that’s what give it an advantage over it’s competition. John Holt, whom is President and CEO of NexBank Capital is running one of the most successful regional banks in the country. Last year he was chosen to be a guest panelist at the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans.


This event is held every year and it’s a great place for industry participants to get “in the know” when it comes to this style of banking. Consultants, bank leaders, and advisers come here to share perspectives and to discuss any challenges that regional banking may be having. John Holt represented well as he spoke on reinvention, organic growth, and branching. The event was a hit as expected and (CB) customers can expect bigger and better things in the future. NexBank is the perfect example of a regional bank as it provides some of the highest of quality of services besides it’s specialty of investment, commercial, and mortgage banking.


As of 2016, this affluent bank had an estimated $4.0 Billion in assets and it provides treasury management, credit services, public funds, warehouse lending, agency services and many more. The future of regional banking is looking great and NexBank is the leading the charge.

IC System- Best collection agency in America

There are many collections agencies in the world. Each of them claims to have the best services, but the fact is that majority of the collection agencies in business today do not offer professional services. Very few commit to giving quality work to the clients and the consumers. However, amidst all these companies that we see today is one firm which stands out for its exquisite job in offering collection services. The firm is known as IC System. IC System is an account receivable company that has a long history of providing great services in the collection industry. The company can claim to have been in the industry for over 80 years.


IC System was founded in 1938 by Jack and Ruth Erickson. The headquarters of the company is in St. Paul, Minnesota although its operations are all over the country. The company has been permitted to perform searches in all the states. So, it does not matter where a consumer has moved to; they can still be located. The founders of this company had the goal of making it a top company in the industry by establishing strong ethical values that would make it easy for the consumer and the clients to reach financial resolutions faster.


Because of the strong foundation that was established by the Ericksons, the company has passed through three generations, and it is still one of the top collection agencies in the country. Independent organization has approved of the services which are offered by the company. The company has been nominated for various awards for its efficiency in the delivery of services.


IC System leads and others follow. It was the first collection agency, for instance, to transition from typewriters to use of computers. When it comes to abiding by the latest trends, IC System is at the top. It also a strict adherence to the rule of law. At no point has it ever had to deal with the challenges that face the industry.


IC System has also prioritized giving back to the community. The company runs a number of philanthropic initiatives which aim at helping the poor in the community.