Why Waiakea Water Company Will Remain The Leader In Human Water Purification

It is not a hard thing to know why a lot of people are turning to bottled water. There are many reasons including availability, the packaging, and taste among other reasons. But even if people have reasons to take bottled water, lit doesn’t mean that they consume any water. Many people are very selective. In recent days, there has been an increasing demand of Waiakea Water. This has compelled us to dig deeper in order to know why many people now love this company’s water.

Excellent Packaging

To start with, Waiakea Water is nicely packaged. Even if you do not prefer bottled water to tap water, if you look at how nice the bottle is, you will love for its contents. But this is not even the main reason. Let’s delve further at Waiakea Water. The company, under the stewardship of Ryan Emmons who is the founder and at the same time the company’s CEO, dedicates its time to producing quality water that clients love.

The company’s strategic location is also another reason why people love its water. The company is based at the slopes of the mountain. This is where it draws its waters from. The combination of rain and snowmelt from the peak of Mauna Lao volcano in Hawaii’s Big Island is in itself a factor to consider. Waiakea Water ph of about 8.8 is not easy for other water companies to achieve. For those who know volcanic water benefits, they will tell you that so far, this is the best water not in Hawaii alone but also in other parts of the great USA.

Waiakea Water comes in handy with health benefits. A recent report on a medical journal, The Animals of Otocology, Rhinology, and Laryngology said that taking water that has been thoroughly purified and has a ph of 8.2 and above greatly reduces the chances of contracting acid reflux. The journal went on to say that most traditional bottled water does not even have a ph that is close to pH 8.2. This, the medical journal concluded that is unfit for human consumption.


Waiakea Water: The Call to Drink Ethically isn’t Just a Saying

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company that encourages those who enjoy their bottled beverages to drink ethically. If you’ve bought just one liter of the Hawaiian volcanic water, then you’ve already done your part in drinking ethically. Global News Wire reports that every time someone purchases one liter of bottled water from Waiakea water, 650 liters of water gets delivered to African villages where clean drinking water is inaccessible.

This is made possible through a partnership between Waiakea Water and Pump Aid. This is just one of the many ways that Waiakea is operating in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Waiakea is a company keenly focused on health, sustainability, and charity initiatives. There are over 2,000 stores in the US that have this premium bottled water on their shelves. This distributor listing even includes Whole Foods.

As of recent the company has witnessed a 5,00% growth only three years after they even began. Their latest company valuation is on the upside of $10 million. They’ve accomplished all of this while being certified Carbon Neutral. That says a lot for a business in an industry that has come under fire for the way that their products and processes have been creating problems in the environment as a whole.

So where did all of Waiakea’s socially responsibility come from? Look no further than their CEO, Ryan Emmons. According to Ladisco, from the inception of Waiakea water, he has established a firm foundation rooted in what he truly believes in. Much to the satisfaction of those who have been seeking a company such as Waiakea for years- a bottled water company that you can feel good about.

Their website Waiakea Springs even shares more information about the pure source of this water that makes it so good. The work that Waiakea does in Hawaii and abroad is changing the way that the bottled water industry will be seen in the not so distant future. Look at what happened for the new company in just three years. Imagine the heights that they’ll experience and share with the world further down the road.

Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://gust.com/companies/waiakea