ClassDojo Is Teaching Emotional Intelligence To Children

There is an eclectic mix of drugs on the market now, in both the United States and around the world, and they seemed targeted at an medicating and increasing number of very young children. It does seem that where pharmaceuticals reign supreme, holistic solutions to a child’s perceived behavioral problems are hard to find.

The internet has spawned such a great atmosphere of bringing millions together, on a single mission, that it is nice to see “ClassDojo” utilizing this power for good. Recently, ClassDojo celebrated a “global mindfulness lesson” across the world in May 2019. They brought together students from the all around the world to enjoy mindfulness exercises and breathing activities, which both teachers and families largely agree are lacking and necessary in traditional educational delivery methods.

The idea is to help children think about the sources of their anxiety and to teach them to deal with these feelings is a different way, inspiring transformative paths for young people in need of something more than a pill. This will teach the all-important emotional intelligence, in the fullness-of-time, and if similar efforts are made globally and on a regular schedule. Pills can be one small part of a more comprehensive overall holistic approach to helping our children be better and to feel better about the way they manage their emotions.