Colbeck Capital Management: A Strategic Solutions Provider

Colbeck Capital Management LLC. is a privately held capital management company founded by Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman in January of 2009. The firm’s headquarters is located in New York City. There is also a west coast office in Los Angeles, California. Colbeck Capital strives for relationship based credit and asset management solutions. It is one of the company’s goals to form partnerships with entrepreneurs and business executives to find the best strategic solutions that provide risk adjusted returns. It is through building long term relationships that they are able to provide solutions unique to the business needs of their clients.

Colbeck is a multi-faceted capital management solution provider that can assist with Debtor in Possession (DIP) and Exit Financing. The definition of a DIP is a sole proprietor or a corporation that has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but still holds property to which creditors have a legal claim under a lien or other security interest. Exit Financing is the liquidation of financial or physical assets and is included as a part of an exit strategy once certain predetermined criteria has been met.

Colbeck Capital Management can also assist industries or companies that have very limited banking and financing options. The leadership team and its members can also assist with distressed debt as well as strategic lending and multi-constituent-restructuring Flexible covenants are possible with certain lending products. A covenant can be defined as a debt to equity ratio or the maintenance standards of physical assets agreed to in the terms of a loan. Through established relationships, Colbeck offer advisory services. Several of Colbeck clients do utilize the advisory services offered in business operations, loan underwriting and loan origination. The team at Colbeck also have the expertise to manage non-traditional assets.

One of Colbeck’s most recent multi-constituent restructuring deals took place in early 2019. Colbeck assisted their client Limbach Holdings Inc. with a $40 million term loan, fully-drawn at closing and a $25 million delayed draw term loan totaling $65 million dollars with terms of a three-year maturity and bear interest at LIBOR +800 bps. Limbach holdings Inc. is a mechanical engineering solutions corporation. This multi-constituent restructure helped Limbach Holdings free up capital to take on other projects, acquisitions and provided a boost to its revenues. Limbach Holdings said that the deal was a success in a Business Wire on line article back in April, 2019.

The leadership team and their members do not shy away from complex strategic or financial needs and can work with tight time frames. Colbeck Capital Management pays attention to the underweighted risks such as high leverage, low asset coverage and poor structuring while not neglecting attention to significant idiosyncratic risks. Attention to these factors is what made the company successful in serving the undercapitalized market place.

You may contact a representative at (212) 603-2800 or send an email to [email protected] to discuss solutions customized for your business finance or strategy needs. Please visit their website at