David McDonald Steering OSI Group to profitability

The OSI Group has been experiencing remarkable growth over the last few years. The current COO, David McDonald is one of the men behind this tremendous growth. During his three decades of working at OSI, McDonald has risen from a Junior Project Manager, his first job college, to his present position as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President.

The OSI Group Company is an international pioneer in the food industry. The firm started as a local butcher shop that was being run by a German immigrant in Chicago in the early 20th century. Luckily, during the mid-century, the company became one of the significant regional meat suppliers to McDonald’s restaurant chains. Later, the company became the corporation’s major global supplier for the remainder of the century. During the last quarter century, the enterprise has branched out aggressively creating new ventures within the United States and beyond.

David McDonald ventured into modern food processing from the supply chain. He was brought up in a farming family in Northeast Iowa and joined the prestigious Iowa State University where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. His dedicated efforts earned him the coveted Wallace E. Barron Award. The award recognizes outstanding seniors who demonstrate excellent skills and tremendous achievement in academics and community activities. To know more about him click here.

Today, David McDonald is the President of one of the country’s most successful privately owned companies. David is committed to the community of Iowa State by being actively involved in the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program. He generously offers his financial skills and supports several community programs, which have earned him respect in the community around him.

Today, the OSI Group is an international business running different programs around the globe. The company has employed over 20,000 members of staff within its 65 facilities located in different countries. It was in position 58 in Forbes ranking in 2016 with a total net worth of $ 6.1 billion.