Dr Rick Shinto: Redefining Leadership At Innovacare

It is one thing to have a strong vision and another to have leaders who push for the achievement of the vision. Most companies that have failed have not learned how to align the two. However, those that have grasped the art of aligning and communicating the vision to the employees enjoy utmost success. Innovacare Health is one of the few companies with a strong vision and an even stronger team that works tirelessly towards achieving the goals. The company is widely known for their innovative Medicare Advantage Plans to their clients that are carefully and thoroughly thought through. The company has credited their success to their leaders Dr Shinto, Peneloppe Kokkinides and their staff. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

At Innovacare Health, customer satisfaction is one of their greatest priorities. To ensure that this remains a top priority, the company obtained Dr Rick Shinto an award winning CEO to come on board. With more than twenty years of experience in administrative and medical sector, Dr Rick Shinto brought with him skills and adequate knowledge on how to push Innovacare to reach its goals. He uses his leadership to encourage his staff to maintain a free flow of communications in order to increase innovations at the company.

Dr Shinto, together with his team have increased Innovacare’s revenue and sales. So far, the company has expanded their operations to North American countries. Patients are guaranteed of dependable and pocket friendly Medicare plans. The success of the company is highly attributed to Rick Shinto’s devotion and vision for the company.

With a bachelor’s degree in science, Dr Rick Shinto began working at in southern Carolina as a pulmonologist. He went further ahead and worked with other big companies in the medical sector. He worked for NAMM, Medical Pathways Management Company and Aveta. In all the companies, his efforts and commitment to the firms’ success. He uses his master’s degree in business administration to help guide Innovacare improve on its customer satisfaction and employee management. Read this article at openminds.com

In addition, Dr Rick Shinto is a widely known author. He uses publications and journals as an avenue for him to share his research findings with others. He has written plenty of clinical and medical journal that are widely covered. He also covers business issues in his journals, where he writes on management giving business people solutions on management and administration. The leadership at Innovacare have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their CEO and principal Rick Shinto.