Empiricus –Understanding One of Brazilian Most Popular Consulting Firms

With a specialty in selling information via newsletters, Empiricus Research is a Brazilian consulting company formed through a partnership of The Agora(an American firm) and three Brazilian entrepreneurs namely, Felipe Miranda, Caio Mesquita, and Rodolfo Amstalden. The firm’s newsletters currently boast over 180,000 subscribers.

Together with Mario Sabino and DiogoMainardi, the company owns half of the site O Antagonista. Before founding the firm, Caio Mesquita worked in the financial sector, while Felipe Miranda worked as a distinguished professor at FGV. Rodolfo Amstalden worked for the International Paper as a consultant. He also served as a lead professor at the Faculdade Casper Libero. Find Related Information Here.

Empiricus, as it is popularly known, gained popularity in 2014 after it released the video- The End of Brazil. The firm sponsored the video for Google ads and social media views, where the firm’s founders predicted a catastrophic result for the Brazilian economy and further criticized the then government of Dilma Roussef. Among the firm’s main promotion strategies include Facebook and Google ads.

The firm crafted themes to attract clients, which were often politically motivated. One of the popular themes used by the firm includes “Protect Yourself if Roussef Wins”. The firm’s advertisement pieces had a huge electoral impact during the Brazilian elections, and were judicially suspended. The suspension was nevertheless withdrawn following a directive from the Supreme Court. Empiricus Research provides free bulletins and monthly subscriptions that include paid bulletins. Its subscription has been growing each year, particularly from 2014 after its video went viral.

Besides offering consulting services, Empiricus also runs a network of prominent publications touching on health, finance, travel and other important topics. The firm also has a special interest in newsletters. It has released multiple newsletters since its inception and it is expected to release even more newsletters in the near future.


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