Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Supports Educational Opportunities Throughout The World


Vinod Gupta is the founder of two companies. The first of these is InfoGROUP. This is a b-2-b marketing firm that he eventually sold for $680 million. His second company is Everest Group. Acting as the managing director, he invests in tech startups. Gupta also buys tech firms that are not doing well and need outside assistance to get things back on track.

Vinod Gupta is from India and is a graduate of the Indian Institutes of Technology. With just $58 in his wallet, Vinod Gupta traveled across the world to the United States so he could attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After earning a master’s degree in agricultural engineering, he relocated to Omaha.

Vinod credits his access to educational opportunities for the success he has had as a businessman. Vinod Gupta wants to provide these opportunities to others. One way he does so is by funding scholarships for college students around the world. A big believer in the circle of life, he says that by helping students become successful professionals they will, in turn, do the same one day for others.

In India, educating girls is an afterthought. It’s for this reason that he supports girl’s schools there. He created a $1 million endowment that is used to pay for supplies at a girls’ school in Rampur Maniharan. This endowment was also used to buy school buses. This village is in a very rural area so many of the girls need to be bused to school or else they wouldn’t be able to attend. Go To This Page for related information.

Supporting women’s education, he developed the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic School. This school, established in 2000, provides post-graduate degrees. Women can earn one of these degrees in 24 months. This opens up career possibilities for the women that attend it, opportunities they might otherwise not have had without a safe place to learn.


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