Everything You Need To Know About MAGFAST Chargers And How Co-Founder And CEO Seymour Segnit Brought Them To Market

Since you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you know how to use a computer, tablet, smartphone, or another modern device through which the World Wide Web can be accessed. One problem that we users of these devices almost universally face is battery life. Another related issue is how long such batteries take to charge – most of us would agree that the answer is “way too long!”

With the constant stream of technological developments since the advent of the Internet, it was inevitable that more user-friendly batteries and chargers would eventually hit the market. Within the past few years, this dream has, in fact, come true.

MAGFAST Charger Technology Has Contributed to the Improvement of Chargers

One of the most popular lines of smartphone and laptop chargers available today is the family of MAGFAST chargers. Made by MAGFAST, LLC, co-founder Seymour Segnit piddled with the idea of an enhanced charger for a few months after leaving a California-based tech startup that specialized in USB charger improvement in Aug. 2016.

Upon the start of 2017, Segnit took the prospect of bringing his own design of improved chargers to market. By late March 2017, Seymour Segnit had created a crowdfunding request online. Thanks to good marketing, investors helped the inventor reach his funding goal of $300,000 within 15 minutes.

About the MAGFAST Family of Chargers

The current line of MAGFAST chargers includes six models, spread across four mediums of electronic current transmission: wireless, standard wall outlet, USB-A, and USB-C.

Not only do MAGFAST chargers replenish rechargeable electronic devices’ batteries quickly – they’re carefully made with high-quality components by well-trained manufacturers, making MAGFAST chargers better than other companies’ charging devices because they contain no more carbon-footprint-creating inputs than necessary and seldom require replacement.